Mig33 brand partner engagement presentation


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It's fun!
Are you?

Find out how one of the hottest social entertainment brand is able support your brand in driving share of voice through our 70 million users worldwide.

PS: This is not a sales pitch. This is a Brand Collaboration.

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Mig33 brand partner engagement presentation

  1. 1. Content & Brand Presentation
  2. 2. What is the brand of mig33?
  3. 3. Passion and engagement
  4. 4. mig33  Mobile centric social media entertainment brand offering chat, groups, games, miniblog  70 million registered users with over 1million daily active users  Global brand  Popular in developing markets from Asia to Africa to the Middle East  Indonesia is No.1 market with 35m users
  5. 5. We offer a world where people entertain each other socially. Chat Games Miniblog Avatar Virtual Gifts Social Entertainment
  6. 6. FUN Serious Emotional Functional
  7. 7. Platforms Statistic
  8. 8. Evolving Target Market Emerging markets with INDONESIA as a focus 14 - 25 Years Old Primary Urban Female 4 % Smartphone Users
  9. 9. Community engagement
  10. 10. What it looks like
  11. 11. User profile
  12. 12. The users
  13. 13. Chat with friends
  14. 14. Find new friends
  15. 15. Chat groups
  16. 16. Mini blog
  17. 17. Play social games Command & Conquer Domination: Command your army, conquer your enemies, and claim victory in the Tiberium War! Acquire stronger units through dedicated research. Complete Covert Missions to win fame and resources.
  18. 18. Costume Fantasia: Raise an army of cute girls and fight to become the best costume maestro in the world! Compete with others for strength and beauty while collecting hundreds of artistically stunning cards. Targeted games
  19. 19. Play chat games
  20. 20. More engagement than nearest rival social media platforms
  21. 21. Engaging through content
  22. 22. Partnerships - a passion for sharing
  23. 23. Artist of the month: am:pm
  24. 24. Content engagement
  25. 25. How we could work with you  Create branded miniblog and group page  Create  user  engagement  throughout  the  mig33’s  platforms  Create and run platform promotions  Marketing on platforms to promote association/competitions through micro site/pop ups etc  Use mig33 community managers and brand ambassadors to promote your brand/promotions  Run branded chat games  Run social branded games  Create and give away/sell virtual goods/gifts/emoticons/stickers  Work with your partners to promote their association/there offers through you
  26. 26. Official mini blog
  27. 27. Chat Games – Customisation Possibilities
  28. 28. Virtual gifts, stickers, personalise avatar
  29. 29. Mini blog community engagement
  30. 30. Micro site
  31. 31. Mobile pop up
  32. 32. Internal Marketing Channels Android Web WAP Midlet Blackberry Login Popups YES NO NO YES YES Chatroom Popups NO NO NO YES NO migWorld Posts YES YES YES YES YES Official Miniblog Posts YES YES YES YES YES Community & Group Messages YES YES YES YES YES Chatroom Announcements YES YES NO YES YES Games List - Featured Game Banner NO NO YES YES YES New User Discovery Feature (YES) NO NO NO NO Internal Ad Banners NO NO NO NO NO
  33. 33. External Marketing Channels Android Browser / Client PC Browser Feature Phone Browser / Client Blackberry Browser / Client mig33 Blog YES YES YES YES mig33 Corporate Facebook YES YES YES YES mig33 Corporate Twitter YES YES NO YES External Digital Ad Platforms YES YES YES YES External Gaming Communities YES YES YES YES Press Releases YES YES YES YES Other External Ad Platforms n/a n/a n/a n/a
  34. 34. Next steps  What do you think?  What would you like to do?  Timings?  Discuss mutual win-win agreement  Discuss creative execution
  35. 35. Thank you
  36. 36. Contact:  Chris J Reed  Chief Marketing Officer  Mig33  Chris.Reed@mig33global.com  Mobile: 9026 1966  111 North Bridge Road, Peninsular Plaza #26-01, Singapore 179098