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Carp fishermen should read this..........

  1. 1. ==== ====If you fish for carp, youll like this..... ====So how do you come up with a homemade bait that will compete with all thoseexpensive ready made baits? This is a long piece on this subject that will give you a practicalinsight into the formulationand impacts of using highly successful economical homemade baits against more expensiveready made baits - so read on!Many anglers seem to get the completely wrong idea and actually begin with thoughts aboutflavours and ingredients insteadof the most powerful and obvious starting point, the one that will guarantee success! When yourstarting point is the fishthemselves you are thinking much more closely like a fish than like an angler who has all kinds ofpersonal preferencesabout baits which very frequently bear very little relationship with what carp senses most respondto in terms of feeding.For example if your bait actually performs better in water at pulling fish into your swim for instance,or at improving theamount of bait fish are willing to repeatedly swallow even beyond the amounts they would usuallyfeel full up. You mighthave palatability improving additives that increase the likelihood that your baits are actuallyconsumed instead of merelybeing mouthed.It is a fact that you can make your own homemade baits so potently stimulatory that carp willactually rub their belliesand fins on them to get even more of those goodies out of them. Such potent over-dosed baits areideal for pulling maximumnumbers of fish into your swim while you can use under-dosed hook baits that fish will devourinstantly. (Note in this exampleI am not referring to over-dosing using flavours.)There are so many incredible secrets about baits. The way baits interactwith water is absolutely vital and the leverage of the substances of your baits is severely limited byyour skills at feedingfree baits in the right volumes, regularity and patterns and so on to suit every fishing situation.
  2. 2. Altogether too many readymade carp baits are simply too indigestible to offer very many competitive advantages over betterdesigned baits and manyready made baits offer so many bog standard ingredients that carp have been force-fed on fordecades that they simply donot need to eat them as the essential requirements the supply has pretty much been permanentlysatiated.One of the biggestsecrets is to offer your carp something different and preferably unique to you alone. This might bejust one ingredientor additive or the actual omission of many of the more frequently used ingredients and additives.The fish really know thedifference and I know that this is a very strong reason for some of the big bait companies to use aproduct called CyprySpice from a bait company called Willis Worms in Wales to replace the old very familiar RobinRed.Just one way you canachieve this is in the unique and purposely differentiated ratios, levels and combinations ofingredients and additivesin both powdered and liquid forms that you apply in your baits (and ground baits) within digestibleand practicablelimitations. It is preferable to source unique additives and ingredients and natural flavourcomponents that all enhancethe impacts of each other as much as possible to induce repeated carp feeding for as long aspossible. Experiencing thisin action while actually fishing is such a great buzz of confidence and this is one of the mostexciting things aboutpreparing, making and using homemade baits. (On the lake bed odd shaped baits are very often standard round boilies whichhave been in the water a while, long enough for smaller fish to whittle them down in size andshape and which wary carpview with far less suspicion as they get hooke far less often than whole round baits!)By contrast though, hook baits anda proportion of matching free baits are of a totally different design and are super-boosted withnatural triggers and arerock hard. These baits can be a very small size and about as far from conventional machine-rolledshape, texture, densityetc that you could imagine. These baits in large sizes are used in PVA bags and a very hard pastein large sized pieces arealso used to very good effect.This might all sound like common sense and to some of you like hard work, but paying money tofish the commercial fishery
  3. 3. just the same as the other 15 anglers there but spending less on your bait will still produce betterresults despite themusing the most popular brands of ready made baits.You may not be into master antioxidants, metabolic stimulants, bioactive flavourcomponents or sorting the first to third limiting amino acids in your bait recipes. But I can assureyou that just a fewof the most powerful secrets will multiply your catches to the degree you will shudder at just howmuch time in hours andmoney in under-performing baits you will have wasted over the coming years in your possibleignorance. Having said thatno-one knows everything about baits and most bait company bosses appear to have certain gapsin their knowledge.There isare hard core of bait company bosses who by definition have been doing it for decades longerthan anyone else and knowfar more in theoretical and practical terms as a result but even these top guys often have tocompromise performanceaspects of their bait due to the actual sensory and practical preferences of their human customersand their pricesensitivity too! This gives the homemade bait maker enormous opportunities to out-fish very manypopular ready made baits;certainly many of the most successful homemade baits made could not be offered commerciallybecause buyers simply would notrelate to them as conventional carp baits at all and would not buy them; unfortunately such is thementality of the averageangler and shows just how much they have been conditioned as much as carp! Having an openmind about bait is a definiteadvantage!There are also very many bait company guys out there who are really just starting out with prettylimited actualworking knowledge of even a handful of recipes of ready made baits they might be offering.Certain further gaps inknowledge might be in connection with various aspects of carp senses operations and inmaximizing their exploitationpotential, or in regards to how certain sweet substances impact physiologically to change DNA,carp preferences and tastecells cross adaptation impacts, or what to include to actually regulate carp blood sugar levelsbeneficially.Significantly it might be some bait company bosses over-look completely the long-term (behaviour-forming) impacts of moreobscure antioxidant additives on carp preferences, or the deeper aspects of enhancing impacts of
  4. 4. certain non, semi-essentialand essential amino acids for various effects using any of a whole range of substances, or even inregards to exactly howflavours work etc! (Many of the best flavours work well beyond simple potentiation of nerve cells.Never forget that as carp detect certain substances down to as little as 6 parts per millionconcentration, every singlething you put in a bait and in the swim can have impacts on results to some degree even if youcannot smell it!)Everyaspect of your bait can be used as a competitive advantage so attention to detail is of vitalimportance because it isthis that can very seriously multiply your catches!As a couple of quick tips, even if you have been making baits for a while, why not try out very highlevels of CcmooreFeedstim XP powder in your baits with their awesome Odyssey XXX liquid, or why not be verydifferent and try this uniquecombination of premium grade salmon protein, high PC lecithin and pure Scottish salmon oil frommy CW Baitsand Carp fishing pellets.==== ====If you fish for carp, youll like this..... ====