A Basic Guide to Build a Storage Building: The Roof


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A Basic Guide to Build a Storage Building: The Roof

  1. 1. When you build storage building it is crucial to pay close attention to the roof. Look, not surprisingly, a shed is a building built to protect the things you decide to store in it. A garden shed stores garden tools and equipment. Asimple storage shed may be home for holiday decorationsfor all seasons. Storage implies that the items you store inthe shed are protected from the ravages of the elements. Rain and snow must be kept on the outside, not flowing into the inside. In truth, it all begins with a sturdy, waterproof roof.
  2. 2. Building a sturdy, durable roof is an investment well worth the initial coat. Remember, your shed roof is exposed directly to the weather. It must shed rain, protect from snow, keep out dust and dirt and generally act as the first line of defense against the elements. By building a sound roof means that youll spend far less in roof repairs over the years saving you a ton of hard earned cash. Youll also provide powerful protection for the contents of the sheditself. Of course, building a strong roof means youll need awell thought out plan for this aspect of the construction of your shed.
  3. 3. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right approach to roof construction:
  4. 4. • Your roof design must have a built in slant. Even aflat roof has a 2 to 3 degree pitch to one side. A peaked roof relieves pressure, especially from the weight of wet, heavy snow and is better for colder climates.
  5. 5. • Make sure that your roof design complies with localbuilding codes. Once the design is approved it may pay tohave your roof trusses prefabricated for you. Many lumber yards will do this for a small fee.
  6. 6. • Once the walls of your shed are up and the trussesare fabricated, mark the top of the walls where the trusses will be placed. Remember to measure twice and cut but once.
  7. 7. • Place the trusses on their marks and nail them inplace. If your design calls for a ridge board, install it now making sure that everything is plumb and sturdy.
  8. 8. • Now it is time to place the roof decking. Nail your decking in place. Your roof is now structurally sound.
  9. 9. • Install your roofing shingles according to the manufacturers instructions. Place any underlaymentmaterial on the decking first and then apply the shingles.Be certain to have metal flashing in place where required.
  10. 10. Make certain you follow safety procedures. Working on a roof can be dangerous. It is best to have a helper when working on your roof in order to make the job go smoothly. As you build the storage building, it pays tofocus your attention on the roof in order to assure your long-term investment.
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