Hypatia-in-the-Woods Newsletter Winter 2011


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Find out the latest on the trail and labrynth. Plus what is happening at Holly House - residents and workshops. We are residential retreat for women in the arts, academics and pursuing entrepeneurial endeavors.

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Hypatia-in-the-Woods Newsletter Winter 2011

  1. 1. HYPATIA- News from the IN- THE- WOODS A RETREAT AND Woods RESOURCE CENTER FOR WOMEN IN THE ARTS AND ACADEMIA Winter 2011Special Points of Interest Inspiration, Contemplation, Exploration…. The Labyrinth and Just as a walk through a labyrinth is a journey Woodland trails project to the center of yourself, to healing, self- Poetry trail signage knowledge, and peace, the journey toward the creation of Hypatia-in-the-Woods’ labyrinth in Holiday Decorations the meadow and Jim Holly’s Orchard, along with Fundraiser with Lynch walking trails through the property, has included Creek Farm a series of twists, turns, and minor setbacks, but Memorial Tree never a dead end. Dedication Ceremony In 2001 Melissa Hardie, of Cornwall, made a generous donation in memory of her mother. In 2002 the call went out for interested parties to The Vera Wagener Labyrinth takes shape Inside this issue: participate in creating the “Vera Wagener Labyrinth”. However, the project was waitlisted Labrinth and Trails 2 as money was raised for Holly House to be Developing renovated. When Holly House was completed and the Jeanne Lohmann 2 idea of the labyrinth surfaced again, Don Freas, Poetry Trail— of the Freas Family Foundation, made the dream Adopt a Poem! possible through a generous donation. A Workshops: 3 designer was located, plans were germinating— Writing and and Elspeth had the stroke. Wild & Wooly Thankfully, Carolyn Maddux took over, Yarn Works wrote the formal grant, did all of the investigation, sought volunteers, and has done A wheelchair accessible path will make Elspeth Goes to 3 it available to everyone . Ocean Shores a huge amount of physical labor herself. The creation is still a work in progress, but Holiday 3 wonderful progress has been made. Decorations In the spring of 2011, when we have our Fundraiser annual membership meeting, it is our intention that you will be able to meander back and forth Memorial Tree 4 through the labyrinth shifting your awareness Dedication with each change in direction, or bring family Ceremony and friends to take a walk, consider a decision, or say a prayer. As you walk, we hope you keep Residents Report 4 in mind all of the people who are making your journey possible. See the article inside by Carolyn… No dead ends here—just possibilities.
  2. 2. Page 2 News from the Woods The Labyrinth and Trails Developing By Carolyn Maddux With the aid of a Freas Family Foundation grant and a corps of volunteers, Hypatia-in-the-Woods hasdeveloped a meadow labyrinth and several walking trails through the cedar woods near Holly House. In March,a working party that included Allen Roth, Pat Edmondson, Mike Heimann and his chainsaw, Shelley Kirk-Rudeen,Allan and Norma Borden, and Carolyn Maddux cleared and expanded an existing trail from the back of HollyHouse to a viewpoint overlooking Hammersley Inlet. Next year we hope to install a platform and bench as aarea for working or contemplation. Mike cleared away mounds of fallen-tree rubble along the route. March also saw the beginning of work on an east-west trail running the length of Elspeth’s wooded property.Forestry consultant Guy Lusignan gave of his expertise in locating a long grown-over skid road from early log-ging days and also gave us advice about soils conditions in the meadow where our labyrinth was to be located.Later, landscaper Rhoda Pykonen also visited and advised, suggesting that we take advantage of the meadow’sopenness for the labyrinth walk. Norma and Allan Borden added to flagging on the east-west route. Once soilconditions became dry enough for work, groups of volunteers hacked and raked a way trail to the west end ofthe property, then veered south to the driveway to create a walking loop. Volunteers included Ed Aceto, BillYoung, Jean Busch, and David Snyder—all members of a local writers’ circle; Deb Wolslum, Peggy Hosford, andMike Heiman, cedar-finder extraordinaire. Bill Yake and Jeannette Barrecca spent a morning grooming the trailwaterward from Holly House. Stringers are in place on two bridges over watercourses on the east-west trail,and Mike Heimann plans to see those decked before spring. Meanwhile, after arrangements with a labyrinth designer fell through, we found that our own friend andsupporter, Shannon Klasell, had labyrinth-design experience. Shannon drew a suitable design and CarolynMaddux adapted it on the ground, winding through sun and shade in the meadow and Jim Holly Orchard. Ourcontractor has cut the sod, laid barriers, and placed gravel on the paths; as this article goes to press, a top layerof pathway bark is being placed to create stability and make it handicap-accessible. A loop path accessible from the labyrinth and the driveway has been cleared and will be graded anddeveloped for handicap-accessibility. This path, with poetry installations, will become the Jeanne Lohman PoetryTrail (see related story). Shelley Kirk-Rudeen, who has designed interpretive trails for the WashingtonDepartment of Natural Resources and other entities, worked with Jeanne on the poetry and with our crews ontrail implementation. Winter saw us working on signage and way-pointers. Spring will bring a new bout of trail work as we con-tinue to groom the paths and develop rest points, benches, and other improvements. We hope our friends andsupporters will visit Hypatia-in-the-Woods and enjoy these walking paths. Adopt a Poem on the Jeanne Lohmann Poetry Trail We are delighted to announce that we have embarked on the development of a trail system that includes the Jeanne Lohmann Poetry Trail. Jeanne Lohmann is an Olympia poet and teacher of poetics who has inspired emerging poets across the country through her writing and her workshops. An annual poetry competition was established in her honor by California friends in conjunction with the Olympia Poetry Network. She has personally chosen the six poems for the trail installations. A number of these poems are still available for “adoption”. A donation of $400 to Hypatia-in-the-Woods pays for the poem on a metal plaque with a metal stanchion. Several donors can combine forces, if they choose, to underwrite an installation. We are able to offer a dedication inscription honoring a special individual attached to the plaque at the end of the poem. Contact Carolyn Maddux at cmaddux@hctc.com to adopt a poem today. This spring the poetry pieces will be installed along the loop trail through the beautiful cedar woods near the Holly House. Visitors, workshop participants, and Holly House residents will be able to enjoy them in this spectacular natural setting.
  3. 3. Page 3 Workshops: Writing Deeply and Wild and Wooly Yarn Works In August we enjoyed a workshop at Holly In both July and October, Holly House was awash inHouse with Casey Fuller, whose focus was on yarns, hooks, needles, and people with a love of yarn arts.writing more deeply. He furnished us with a num- The knitters, crocheters, spinners, and felters came fromber of exercises and most of the writers there left all over the Puget Sound region to share patterns andwith some satisfying new poetry. stitches, make friends, and contribute to Holly HouseCasey, who earned his MFA in the Rainier Writing upkeep. In July, Myra Gomez of Fancy Image Yarn inProgram at Pacific Lutheran University, is an in- Shelton brought products, door prizes, and her Knit-A-sightful teacher as well as an inspiring poet; we Row project where each participant was invited to knit awere honored to have him lend his expertise for row onto a throw that will be donated to Turning Pointe,the Hypatia cause. Thanks, a shelter for abused women located in Shelton. Partici-Casey! pant, Rebecca, also led the group of 17 in non-wool knit- Coming in spring of 2011 will be a multi-genre ting projects, and another participant brought her spin-writing workshop. Children’s author and poet, ning wheel and handcrafted yarns for display.Terri Cohlene, who has presented workshops at In October there were projects for show-and-tell andWrite on the Sound in Edmonds and Write in the donated door prizes. Ideas were flowing and fingers flyingWoods at Olympic College Shelton, will lead this as everyone exchanged tips and suggestions.workshop in March; date TBA. Anyone interested In both July and October Peggy Giza added zip and vari-please contact ety with her demonstrations of felting.Carolyn Maddux at cmaddux@hctc.com to get on Special Thanks to Pat Edmondson for organizing thesethe list for notification of this & all workshops! two events. SIGN UP NOW FOR “APOLOGY AND FORGIVENESS”Workshop on Saturday, March 26th, led by Dr. Billie Ann Davis, a nationally acclaimed speaker, personalcoach, and consultant on reconciliation. This workshop is aimed at people who would like to free themselvesfrom issues of the past, reclaim their personal freedom, and find healing. Please contact Carolyn Maddux atcmaddux@hctc.com to register. Elspeth Goes to Ocean ShoresElspeth, along with board members Pat Edmondson, Vivian Bliss, and Allen Roth, attended a two day confer-ence in Ocean Shores this past October. The focus was helping non-profit organizations effectively findgrants. Please visit our Facebook page to check out the pictures from that event, and others. All reportedthat the conference was exciting. The four Board members left armed with information about what is possi-ble and a belief that some funding from grants can be in our future.Decorate & Donate: Help during the Holidays from Lynch Creek Board of Directors Lynch Creek Farms, a local firm that makes and ships wreaths and holiday deco- Elspeth Pope, Directorrations using fragrant Northwest greens included us in their fundraising program Vivian Blissthis year! Our supporters reached Lynch Creek’s Web site via a link they provided Pat Edmondsonus, and Hypatia-in-the-Woods automatically received 25% of the price of the prod-ucts that were ordered (which are beautiful). Shipping was free, Mary Ann Fraserproducts came in a fancy red box, and you were able to choose your delivery Robert G. Hollydate ,add a personalized message, and give a gift to us all at the same time! Colleen Keoski Watch for this opportunity for the holidays next year—what a great way to Susan Lawrencespread some cheer and support Hypatia-in-the-Woods at the same time. Carolyn Maddux Don’t forget to “like” us at Facebook, in order to get timely announcements Allen Rothabout this and other opportunities to support Hypatia-in-the-Woods.
  4. 4. How can I become that which I know I am? HYPATIA- IN- The Memorial Tree Dedication... THE- WOODS Those attending the dedica- tion included Cyndi Eaton, the artist who crafted the tree, A RETREAT AND and family of loved ones being RESOURCE remembered. Mike Holly CENTER FOR installed the leaf on which his WOMEN IN THE father’s name, James Holly, is ARTS inscribed. Elspeth watched AND ACADEMIA her beloved husband be re- membered. Colleen Keoski P.O. Box 58 helped install the leaf for her Shelton, WA 98584 husband, Joel. Allen Roth in- stalled the leaf for his daugh- Email: ter, Tammy, and Susan Law- director@ rence for her daughter Irene. We all shared, tears, laughter, hypatiainthewoods.org and memories. Everyone agreed that the Memorial Tree is a beautiful way to say “We Remember Leaves are available. Find us at Facebook Please contact us for Them”. and on the web at information.www.hypatiainthewoods.org Check out all of our photos albums at Facebook “Creative endeavor requires physical and mental space, without privacy, solitude, and time, it suffocates. It is impossible to pursue original thought in the scattered Fabulous workshops remnants of a day or of a lifetime.” -Judith Grochcoming up soon—see Hypatia-in-the-Woods was created to provide that physical and mental space. Facebook for a list. Our residential retreat and study center has been designed for women seeking to pursue their muse undistracted by everyday demands.Upcoming Events Our workshops and community programs are open to everyone.Heart Sparkle Players Report on Residents works full time in the field of engineering, workedspecial performance on her third collection of poems which explore theMarch 6th  TaraShea Nesbit of Tacoma, effects of war on intimate relationships.Mary Lou Sanelli, poet WA, worked on a series of  Alison Mandaville of Seattle, WA, wrote newreading/performance essays that explore the once poems sparked by her recent time in AzerbaijanApril 17th secret town of Richland, and shaped a book-length poetry manuscript Washington.  Ann Batcheler Hursey of Mount LakeBoth at GDP Studio  Lisa Wells of Portland, OR, Terrace, WA, plans to write new poems andin Shelton took time to complete two revise accumulated work to create her first fullWatch for details. manuscripts, one of poetry length manuscript. and another of short fiction.  In April Robin Smith of Littleton, Co, will be inThere are still openings  Marilyn Vogler of Chassell, residence MI, spent time journaling  In May, Judit Fay Pulman of Portland, OR, willavailable for residencies and reflecting on a variety be translating poetry of Joseph Brodsky andin 2011. Applicationsand instructions can be of changes in her life over starting a series exploring the story of Job.downloaded from our the past decade. Watch “What’s Up at Holly House” on thewebsite. Look under the  Jennifer Brown Lawrence of website and Facebook for updates and moreContact Us menu item. Poulsbo, WA, a poet who details.