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book of my poems

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  1. 1. Index (click the poem name to go straight to it)Ray of hope 1 Mind Made Up 20Karma 2 Comparison 21Shooting Stars 3 What a Waste 21Saybre 3To mum 3Xmas 4What’s the point 4The Bitch 5-6Wishful thinking 7Wedding day 8Teddy bear 9Azazel 10Time to go 11Get over it 12Friendship 13Amy 14Crying out 15Bye for now 16The day it died 17Stay or Go 18I’m not right in the head 19
  2. 2. Ray of hope In the darkened dense of night there is a light that shines out bright A light that leads you like a guideand gives you help when you want to hide It catches your eyes and makes you see the destination where you want to beA place that once seemed empty and dull yet in the light is happy and whole Just like the star up in the sky Karmayou are the glimmer that catches my eye The thing that makes the day ok Wasted talents, failing pride when nothing else will go your way mixed emotions built up inside just as life starts to seem too tough Happy places been and gone you were my diamond in the rough the life of someone that must of done wrong You picked me up and made me see Days seem empty, foods losing its taste not everything’s what it seems to be Karmas letting a good guy just go to waste But some things are sincere and true So what I’m a fuck up that’s let my life go just like the fact that i want you I’ve been in the limelight and now really know so when the other lights go out It’s not about possessions or things that you do and no one seems to hear you shout its more about the smiles that’s caused by a few there is a switch that you can flick They may not even notice the smile on your face to have a search light find you quick but that’s because you wear it whenever they’re in the place to help you out when lifes unfair I know that it sounds stupid but when their smiles keep you pleased and appreciate you being there you know you’ve found the thing where the juice is worth the So flick the switch and turn it on, squeeze and do it before the power is gone
  3. 3. Shooting stars Shooting stars up in the sky Xmas why do my wishes just pass me by I don’t ask for much there’s just one thing I’d like Christmas is a time of joy that’s someone to love and hold through the night for every little girl and boy I know I haven’t earned it so I shouldn’t really moan A time of greetings a time of fun so let’s raise our glasses to dying alone the time for a big meal provided by mum A time for the queen to bore us once more and when tone death kids will knock at the door Saybre What’s the point? In our memories you’ll always last, like barking at planes as they go past. As the years go flying past, we all miss you and think were great, theres many things that never last. and sheena is sad due to losing her mate. The things that keep you happy and sane, you chew our bottles, you eat our stock. will end up being gone again. but we don’t mind as we love you lots So dont get attached just go with the flow, be prepared to let happiness go. Coz when youre unwanted you cant really moan, To mum coz there are some advantages to being alone. No one to stir things or fuck with your head, Fed up with fake smiles people wear them all the time no one to hold you when tucked up in bed. or if someone asks if their ok they tell them that their fine Your money goes further you can live without care, It’s a world of lies where things aren’t fair that you have to battle its nice to have cash but its better to share. through You choose your own channels theres no one to moan, but life is made much easier thanks to the likes of you or no one to find you if you die in your home. The one thats always been there no matter what I’ve done At least it must be better then feeling like this, I may not always show it but I’m thankful you’re my mum coz the less that you love the less you will miss. Coz without you I’d be nothing but a stain upon a bed Dont want to be selfish but think that its time,but you helped me grow, looked after me and put knowledge in my forget about others hearts and focus on mine. head So of course I’d like to thank you for everything you do and I’m hoping that you realise just how much I love you
  4. 4. The Bitch Get your bloody facts right you spiteful little girl When you kissed a cheek, gave them a hug, then placed your hand coz sooner or later people will realise the made up shit you tell upon their balls You say that I’m a stalker and just turn up where you go You’re like a bitchy princess you always must be right but I have had enough now and think people should know and if someone would disagree you’ll start a stupid fight You used to tell me everything we were always going out Amy you’re a black boy, ms tate you selfish bitch you’d invite me places then you’d go and spread all lies about Hayley you’re a push over and it was Luce who said all this You’d say I just turned up or I won’t leave you alone Don’t listen to Sabrina she’s a two faced gossip whore but the truth as you well know is you wanted taking home and if Luce would say the word to Steve he’d kick his girlfriend out You say I turned up at the club and just started coming in the door but tell the truth you invited me, so you made that begin Georgia you call menstrual and says she don’t trust you You talked me into joining both the pool team and the club but who can really blame her with the selfish things you do so stop with all the bullshit that I just one day turned up You told me Shan’s a lier, spoilt and a thief You’re full of lies, you’re selfish, you treat people like crap but at least that girl has grown up and turned another leaf you’re lovely when you’re happy but people see through that Unlike you miss Marley you’re not right in the head You invited me to football, parties and the pub and when someone’s there to much for you you treat them shit you’d come with me for random drives, lunch, dinner and the club instead So lets now clear things up and let out some home truths If I was out and you turned up I would not give a fuck you wanna act a bitch, well I can be one to but if I turned up where you were you’d start a little ruck You slag off your whole family apart from a select few That’s not right as I ain’t done wrong its you that told the lies everything they do is wrong and this was said by you and I wanted to sort them out before we said our last good byes Moira’s a cunt and so are her girls you’ve told me this a lot I haven’t mentioned everyone as that would take all yearand the trust you should have for your dad you’ve told me you’ve not but all the things I’ve mentioned I think your so called mates should got hear Your sister and your mother the word you use is bitch so to anyone who’s listening this girl is a prick and dave should buy your mum a house seeing as his so rich she mugs off all her mates, then she drops them like a brick Me and stone were there for you we tried hard to cheer you up She has a shitty attitude when things don’t go her way but then you found some new mates and no longer gave a fuck and if you something wrong your friendships gone within a daybut you cause rifts in some friendships and now that they’re repaired Not that she has ever really seen people as mates you seem to come back on the scene to cause another tear she’ll just pretend to like you so she can get all she can take Annie is a nice girl so please don’t lead her on Now i did try to be civil, but you just waved that past and sending sexts while you’re with G is well and truly wrong so this is my last message saying you can kiss my arse So is being down the club whilst going out with George
  5. 5. Wedding day Your happiest moment should happen on this day, it may be over quick but the memories will stay the flashing of the camera’s, the cutting o the cake the making yourself look foolish on the dance floor with your mates the weathers not important ant because come rain or shine once this day is over you’ll eternally be mine so raise your glasses and make a toast have a happy life with the one you love most I want you to know you’ll be in my heart, forever and ever till death do us part Wishful thinking From the moment that I met you I knew it wouldnt be, coz even thou I fell for you you couldnt full for me. But I really would do anything to keep you in my life, I love everything about you and even love your wife. The silly faces the the cold heart words the subtle small dance moves, and you seem to keep me smiling even in your quiet moods. The clumsy little moments that makes me go aw bless, or if you stood next to a model Id still think you looked best. The silly little comments when you just dont think, your quietness when sober and your loudness when you drink. I love you playful temperament thou it dont come my way,theres just something about you and I could watch you every day.I love your eyes I love your smile theres just one thing I could hate, and that is just a stupid thing and its that we are only mates. Your taste your sense of humour I hope they never change, and perhaps one day something could happen if I stop being so strange.
  6. 6. Azazel Tyranny and evil Selfishness and pain The traits of something spiteful and youve used them once again Quick to pull the trigger and punish ones that care Teddy Bear That’s how to spend a life in hell by having no one there I wish I was a teddy bear that lay upon your bed You feel out of the heavens so every time you reached for him you’d cuddle me instead Banished by the lord I’d be there through the dark times, I’d keep you warm all night to be punished for the stupid things I never will complain, I’ll just hold you till its light you do when you get bored it may not seem like much but it’s the best that I can do You used to be my angelwhile you’re asleep I’ll stay awake and keep the boogie man from you you couldnt do no wrong You really tried to stitch me up but i miss you now youre gone
  7. 7. Get over it Another day another pain The same mistakes are made again The ones that tear your life apart And last forever in your heart As time goes by the memories last And makes you really hate your past They make you think and bring you down When you’re missing something that’s not around You fake a smile everyday You say to people you’re ok They believe it coz they think its true And cannot see inside of you But that’s ok its for the best To keep some secrets from the rest Coz not many people will understand Unless they have experienced it first hand That depression is a slippery slope It makes you really give up hope But don’t give up, keep your pride Wipe the tears out of your eyes The past is the past so just let it be Time to go Put right what you can then set your mind free So much talent, so much love But hated by the man above One minute of happiness causes hours of pain The story of my life over and over again The harder you try the harder you fall At times six foot under seems the best place of all Don’t wanna go to heaven, don’t fancy hell Reincarnation can go fuck as well Karma is bullshit and I never do learnSo could make myself useful and be food for a worm.
  8. 8. Friendship Amy People come, people go Another day without you. Loves always there but anger may show. More memories of guilt. Most stand by you, some do not You left my world in tatters. But if you are happy then keep what you’ve got. Like a roses when it wilts. Don’t hold grudges coz time gets lost Our friendship was a god send. Hold on to the good mates no matter the cost. Under your spell I’d full. Just take a step back and realise who’s true I’m really gonna miss you. Don’t let people kill what’s important to you. So would come running if you call. Let them know they matter, let them know you Everyday is torture. care Pretending I’m ok.Make sure that they realise that you’re happy being Everywhere seems empty. there. Right from when you went away. Pick the most important, keep them by your side Really I am sorry it won’t happen again.Don’t be scared of showing love just coz you’re full You really are the main person I want as a close friend of pride.
  9. 9. Crying out Bye for now Was always in the limelight always up on stage the one who tries to help youbut self respect and confidence are vanishing with age who comes running when you call Always making effort yet constantly alone whos in the background when youre happy it must be time for this ole life to chuck its dog a bone who tries to catch you if you fall I cant help being different, cant help it that i care the one that asks for nothing yet the more i try to do, the less people i have there who just enjoys to hear you speak So Ill take a look at what Ive got the one who wants to talk to you What I am and what Im not every day of every week Think about the things you do the one with all the compliments and things that get returned to you the one whos always cared Remember all the good times gone the one who would take so much shit what youve done right what youve done wrong yet still always be there It isnt hard to figure out the one who will correct you that people dont want you about if you get something wrong They just pretend theyre there for you the one thats missed you everyday to see what favours they can get you to do from the moment youve been gone I know this coz lately for help I have asked the one whos happy place but in everyones eyes I seem to come last is where they see your smile I bet if I died I wouldnt be found you may not even see it coz no one would care that Im not around but youve helped them for a while So with this in mind Ill leave you all be so was quick to do a favour just dont bother asking for favours from me it never cost me to be nice so dont take for granted the people that care but niceties get forgottencoz once theyve had enough theyll no longer be there and Im now paying the price i never really thought that it would end again i think you are amazing but Ill see you soon my friend
  10. 10. The day it died Stay or GoFaces all around me but feeling all aloneLiving in my own town confused in life and lost in thought and not feeling at home. am learning things that cant be taught Always get the feeling, that ive done something wrong always wanting never got Cannot help the feeling that I no longer belong. might as well forget the lot Nothing feels the same no more, everything has changed Im gonna lose i know the score The things I loved are different and wont be the same again Ive seen it many times before the evenings seem much longer, the sun dont seem to shine why start climbing just to fall i swear the meaning of my life is just to waste some time but values have now altered, and the eyes are open wide why chose love to lose it all trust for people vanished ever since you left my side shouldnt be bitter, shouldnt get mad ive burnt some bridges, pushed people away should remember all the good times had not wanted closeness since you left that day make a decision make up my mind got no time for users, they are all just dicks stick this path out or leave it behind? they pretend to be a good person but really theyre just pricks they fill you up with bullshit of what they think you want to here I’m not right in the headthey fill your head with happiness that will gradually disappeartheyre happy when theyre winning and hate you when theyre you can chuck me on a fire, poke me in the eye not or kick me in the balls yet you still wont make me cry theyll take everything the can from you and not realise what but take away my Perry and my head just does not cope theyve got i cannot seem to think and get a lump within my throat this dont apply to everyone there a select fewthat i have a lot of respect for but remind me of you know who theres not much that i care for, theres not much i would like but still Ill always be there and be a better mate i just want you to know that i HAVE TO put things rightbut i will not be round enough for yous to think of me with hate i hate my life i think its shit Ive thought this for a while to the one whos still stuck by me , i think youre fucking great except for times when youre around coz Im happy when you youre the person Ill tell anything, more then any other mate smile got others to sit with that will help me out so not like Im going "completely" without i admit i may be lonely and seem not to give a fuck but life is much more simple if you dont care quite so much
  11. 11. Mind Made Up What a Waste feeling like a spirit with long list left to do Dont need money, dont want fame, worried about feelings of a select amazing few The dreams from my teens are no longer the same. looking out for chances to put right past mistakes An expert at music a star on the stage,thinking of the last good deed thats owed to some good mates Was filled up with confidence but lost it with age. tying up the loose ends, Im setting up a plan Surrounded by friends if I liked them or not, theres a good chance a year from now I will not be around But as I got older I abandoned a lot I thought I was happy but I really had shit Comparison Multi talents are wasted with no one to share them with The one who means the world to you Compared to those who care One of them will text you but others are always thereYou can tell them all your secrets and for this you think theyre greatBut the real reason behind it is they "cant" speak to your mates You always go for distance, get to know them on the phone Then take away the distance and you end up on your own Some would give the world for you and if you asked theyd probably killYet others um and ar about seeing you yet will visit now youre healed You make all the effort youre always there for themYet when youre ill or need someone youre on you own "again" The ones that live at distance dont see the real you They just see 1 personality when really there is 2 When people get to see these they can get pushed aside Not coz you dont like them just because you need to hide But some of us will love you whether you happy, sad or irate But will never mean as much to you because theyre male or straight