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Evaluation Question 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation Question 1

  2. 2. During the research and planning stages, myself and my media partnerSammy identified the common pop conventions used in real mediaproducts and then chose how we could incorporate these into our ownmusic video and into my individual ancillary tasks. The research andplanning was very useful as I found that the conventions used in pop genrevideos are very different to other genres such as R&B, electro, dance, indieand many more. I was able to figure out and discover which elementswould work together in both our music video and my own ancillary tasksto demonstrate our chosen genre for our artist. The research that I tookpart in surfing the internet was very inspirational, I used original ideasfrom real media products to help develop my own ideas and to make it myindividual work. From exploring other example texts of media products itenabled me to challenge some conventions by adjusting current ideas todevelop and form new ones. Our music video is a mixture of bothillustrations and amplification as it brings in both elements of performanceand the actual signing on the track. This is an example of a commonconvention that is used in today’s pop music videos.INTRODUCTION:
  3. 3. ARTIST: MILLY EVANSFrom looking at real artists in media productsthrough sources such as YouTube it enabledme to think of ideas of who we could includewithin our music video. We thought it was beimportant to include beauty within our videodue to it being a big aspect of the genre popand after already choosing the song ‘Alfie’ byLily Allen, it allowed us to develop our choiceof artist from looking at how Lily Allen looksand her style. An artists style is a veryimportant convention when trying to reflect adesired image which is why we decided to usea glamorous girl. However, we did challengethis by adding in humour and making surethat our artist does not take herself toseriously to make it exciting in which ourtarget audience of young teens wouldthoroughly enjoy it. Adding in this humourand making our video fun is anotherconvention of the genre pop.
  4. 4. SHOTS:In our final video we included a lot of close up shotsof our artist, not only just to show her singing clearlybut to reflect her outstanding facial expressions asshe illustrates the lyrics. After researching throughreal media texts we found that it was very typical forpop music videos to have a lot of fast moving shotsto keep the target audience interested. However wedid not have as many as originally planned althoughthis occurred we were not bothered with this as wedid originally want to keep our video simple with theadded sped up humour parts to make up for this.This can demonstrate us challenging this conventionwhich involved using longer length in shots. As weused a variety of amplification and illustration itmade it easier for us to use longer shots so that thelip syncing wasn’t over complicated. As mentionedwe developed our video by adding in fun and quirkyshots as we like to call them ‘spoofs’ during themiddle course of the sound when the music starts tosound like a fairground. This we felt added in humourand to convey hat the artist is not taking herself tooseriously as well as the video.Gimmicky and humourshots we inserted.
  5. 5. COSTUME:In order to show continuity through my mediaproducts I researched the same artists for eachconvention so that I could match up my genrecorrectly. Choosing the right costumes for our artistwas a very important convention to think about as itdetermines how they may be looked upon by theaudience as well as how seriously they may be taken asan artist. We were inspired by Lily Allen’s retro fashionstyle of clothing for our music video, we did this as wethought it would match the narrative of the lyrics aswell as the props used such as a life sized puppet, giantplaying cards, bubbles and a retro old fashionedcamera. We can across some evidence that Lily Allenhas previously worn a polka dot dress which is a typicaltrend of her genre so we thought it would suit ourartist well. I had the perfect dress at home in which weput our artist into which was a navy blue and whitepolka dot bodycon dress. As we wanted to maintainthe glamorous look not only through our individualancillary tasks but also our music video, we combinedthis style of clothing with modern makeup to make ourartist stand out and be inspirational towards out targetaudience.
  6. 6. MISE-EN-SCENE:Mise-en-scene is known and arguably one of the most vital conventions of a music videoconstruction and can be demonstrated in a large amount of ways depending of what genrethe music is. Different themes and styles can be used in the category of ‘pop’ and they don’talways have to follow specific guidelines as the connotations of the track are taken intoaccount. After researching real pop genre music videos I was mainly inspired by artists such asLily Allen, Eliza Doolittle, Jessie Ware and Eliza Doolittle.During the beginning stages of our coursework myself and Sammy were drawn to Lily Allen’smusic video ‘Alfie’ due to the video incorporating a real life sized puppet and illustrating thenarrative of the track. From looking further into this music video in depth we decided to usethese exact conventions to make our own music video. Although we were following a directroute of the pop music video conventions not only did we restrict our chance to develop orchallenge any of these conventions but we also limited ourselves to be creative and original.However this negative impact when making our first video gave myself and Sammy both thechance to be more aware and alert of different conventions within pop genre videos and to bemore inspired by other products the second time round when filming in a different locationwith different shots, lighting and use of different camera angles.As the location of filming music videos is a very important convention when portraying anartist in a certain way me and Sammy decided to film within a white studio, this would thentherefore result in everything being stripped down plain and simple to just our artist and mainfocus on her and the props used throughout the video. From researching we came up withthis idea from being inspired by Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 Things I Hate About You’ and Jessie J’s ‘PriceTag’ who both belong within the pop genre of music. We thought this type of location wouldwork effectively with our song ‘Alfie’ by Lily Allen as our artist can still illustrates the lyrics byusing specific props as well as lip syncing the lyrics. In real media texts it is common forseveral locations to be explored and tested however we challenged this as we only used onelocation throughout the whole time of our music video. To overcome this we attempted usinga variety of different shots and interesting props to keep our audience interested even thoughwe only had one location throughout our video.
  7. 7. DIGIPAK:My digipak front cover was the main aspect of my ancillary texts which had a heavy influence from anothersource which was images found in the magazine ‘Dazed and Confused’. As well as images of pop artists such asEllie Golding. Particularly of the example located in the bottom right hand corner as it has a double image effectof a head shot. This is where two photos were taken then put on top of each other with the transparency of eachphoto manipulated with. In this respect my digipak conforms to conventions of real media products as if reflectsconventions that have already been used within real media texts. Another example would be the James Blakealbum also located to the right. From seeing these images, I really liked this effect with the image and believe itcan apply to nearly all different genres. I think that it was an effective way to grab the passing public’s attentionand be drawn to this digipak if it was to be seen on a shelf.Even though I used this double face illusion throughout my digipak and album advert, I feel that I havechallenged the typical pop style, as by using a bright colourful palette the artist is perceived as exciting andplayful which the audience likes to be associated with. This was clear in my research, for example I found indieand rock genres used darker grungy colour combinations whereas pop genres used bright combinations to reflectthe mood of the different genres. As a result of this I did challenge this, as you can see I used minimal brightcolours on both my digipak and album advert(located on the next slide) however I used bright red lipstick to dawattention to her lips and to have that element of bright colour in there somewhere.My final digipak
  8. 8. ALBUM ADVERT:As for my album advert I feel that it uses theconventions as it is comprehensively connected tomy digipak, through the theme of the illusion headshot and the use of the same fonts. This issomething that you would expect to find in realmedia texts as magazine adverts are inevitablyreflective of their album cover so that theconsumer can make the connection automaticallythrough visuals. Due to my advert not includingmuch information this could be classed aschallenging conventions as many pop magazineadverts appear more crowded that I discoveredwhen researching, to get a lot of information onshow. Despite this I wanted my advert to engagewith the audience by using a simple and notcrowed layout with an eye capturing appealingpicture which I think works due to my artist beingglamorous.