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  • So let me take a second, and just make sure you get to actually know who we are. NetSuite has been around since 1998 and since our founding our focus has been on offering a complete business management solution allowing you to run your entire business in the cloudWe’ve been public since 2007 andexperienced dramatic and consistent growth since our founding.We are the largest fully integrated public saas company operating across the world with over 190 million in revenue and over a 1000 employees. But the most important thing is that over 10000+ organizations trust NetSuite to run their mission critical applications and for 3 years in a row we have been named the fastest growing financial management solution by Gartner. As the #1 cloud business suite, Netsuite offers a complete solution including ERP, CRM, Ecommerce all built on a single unified platform. I’ll talk more about the offering later but we’ve been recognized over and over again for having the leading solution in the market – whether its SIIA naming us as the best financial management solution for 2011 or the Institute of Management Accountants naming us a leading solution in the market – NetSuite’s solutions are recognized as world class by the market and the industry. we are widely recognized as the most developed & complete hosted business management suite in the manufacturing industry today
  • And this software hairball results in real pain where manufacturers are faced with an incomplete business view across these multiple countries, operations and locations. The efficiencies realized from lower cost operations often gets outweighed by the increase in business complexity and inefficiencies that result. And the lack of timely necessary information leads to increased costs, lower productivity and delays. All ultimately resulting in the cost of business being too high for what is required.
  • NetSuite’s suite really enables the 21st century manufacturing business. Providing a complete business view across the entire business in real-time allowing you to make decisions based on the entire business. We enable companies with streamlined dynamic processes going across the company from finance to sales to marketing to inventory providing for the 21st century manufacturing business to operate in today’s ever-changing environment. And through anytime, anywhere access, netsuite can be accessed from your browser from any computer, mobile phone or tablet computer. And by providing a low cost of operations manufacturers can focus on the business not the infrastructure.
  • As NetSuite built out our solution key for us was to ensure that we focused on the elements that satisfied the needs of manufacturing companies. Starting with the running the business – NetSuite has been designed to support all business processes including integrated inventory, work orders and forecasting. Key to most Manufacturing businesses is ensuring profitable growth and as such, the netsuite solution integrates demand with inventory while reducing IT expenses and providing effective pricing and cash management. In ensuring that manufacturing businesses can achieve manufacturing excellence, NetSuite incorporates functionality to enable effective demand planning, integrated MRP and standard costing and backflush. As a manufacturing business you already know that the customer is critical to the business and NetSuite enables you to focus on the customer, by providing a 360 degree view of the customer and allowing you to focus on renewals and retention while understanding who are your most profitable customers and products. And last but not least, NetSuite wants to allow you to focus on your strategic business goals by providing real-time dashboards, complete information about your business and industry best practices.
  • NetSuite provides a complete manufacturing suite in the cloud providing for the ability to have global multi-plant, multi-site management, production engineering, demand planning, materials requirement planning, costing, project based accounting and managing the shop floor.Key of course is it not just for small manufacturers, NetSuite is scalable for large manufacturers as well including thousands of customers who manage multiple locations, hundreds of customers who manage tens of thousands of skus and customers maintaining over 250,000 items in the system.
  • And for customers that need to extend NetSuite or connect to existing systems, NetSuite is easily extended through a comprehensive partner network providing advanced functionality where appropriate.
  • But don’t’ just take our word for it, In an independent study conducted by Nucleus Research and over 20 manufacturing companies, they discovered that Netsuite delivers real tangible benefits for manufacturing companies.For example, in the area of inventory managementCustomers using NetSuite reported inventorycarrying reductions of an average of 20 percent.In terms of purchasing productivity - Manufacturers using NetSuite were able to improve the productivity of purchasers by an average of 35 percent.In terms of reducing IT costs , NetSuite often displaced at least two on-premiseapplications and their related support costs.Manufacturers on NetSuite reported sales increases of up to 25 percent as a result of improved e-commerce capabilities, increased customer satisfaction, and more productive, informed salespeople. In terms of margin improvements - Visibility into pricing, availability, and demand, and the ability to quickly make price adjustments by product or class, enabled customers to actively manage margins, both in purchase negotiations and sales
  • NetSuite has helped hundreds of manufacturing customers as a few examples – Richard Osborne, Co-OwnerCountrypet NaturalsSince upgrading to NetSuite’s integrated business solution in 2002, Countrypet Naturals has increased its yearly revenue from $500K to $5 million, and has been able to handle this growth by adding just one new employee during that time.Or David Stover the CFO of Asahi Kasei - We were spending 3% of our revenue on SAP. By switching to NetSuite, we reduced that cost to 0.1% of revenue.Or the CFO of Mountz - We have upwards of 40,000 item masters with hundreds of thousands of transactional records and yet the performance of Netsuite remains every bit as good as when we began with significantly fewer records. And, the TCO is less than we were paying when we were using Microsoft Dynamics. During that era at Mountz we maintained a database manager and software developer on staff at a high cost, not to mention the necessity of regular upgrading of hardware and software and the annual maintenance tax from Microsoft.
  • Can NetSuite help your Manufacturing business? I appreciate you taking the time today to learn a little more about NetSuite. Please feel free to click on the link to learn more.Thanks.
  • Netsuite for Manufacturing Companies

    1. 1. Managing a ManufacturingBusiness With NetSuiteTransforming Your Business With theCloud
    2. 2. Who is NetSuite? NetSuite ERP Fastest Growing Top 10 Cloud Top 10 FMS Vendor Companies to Watch
    3. 3. The Evolution of a Manufacturing Business MRPWarehousing Sales Accounting Order Management
    4. 4. …Leading to Pain for Manufacturers Incomplete Business View Business Complexity & Inefficiency Lack of Timely, Necessary Info Cost of Business Out of Control© NetSuite for Manufacturing 4
    5. 5. The Suite Solves Issues Created by the Manufacturing Hairball Customers CEO CFO MFG SINGLE CRM+ DATA SOURCE Shipping Sales Rep/ Manager Manager FINANCIALS / ERPProduction Ecommerce Manager Manager Vendors Partners
    6. 6. NetSuite Enables the 21st Century Manufacturing Business Complete Business View Streamlined, Dynamic Processes Anytime, Anywhere Access Low Costs of Operations© NetSuite for Manufacturing 6
    7. 7. Manufacturing Requirements Driving Profitable Growth of Your Business Strategic Business Goals  Real-time dashboards  Complete information  Industry’s best practices Focus on the Customer o  360 view  VMI and fulfillment Manufacturing Excellence  Renewals and retentions  Demand planning  Integrated MRP  Actual costing and backflush Profitable Growth  Pricing and cash management  Integrating demand and inventoryRun the Business  Reduction of IT expenses  Support for all business processes  Designed for mid-size and fast-growing Manufacturers  Integrated inventory, work orders, forecasting © NetSuite for Manufacturing 7
    8. 8. Handle Your Complete ManufacturingComplete Manufacturing Suite in the Cloud Global multi-plant, multi-site management Production engineering with ECC Demand planning/forecasting Materials requirements planning (MRP) Costing Subcontract Project-based Shop FloorScalable for large manufacturers Over 3,000 customers who manage multiple locations Over 100 customers who manage over 50,000 SKUs 20 customers have over 250,000 items in the system© NetSuite for Manufacturing 8
    9. 9. Platform Drives Rich Vertical Solutions Self-Service SFA Ecommerce Marketing Automation Payment Processing SINGLE DATA Commissions SOURCE MRP Order MFG Costing Warehousing SINGLE CRM+ Management DATA Fulfillment SOURCE Inventory FINANCIALS© NetSuite for Manufacturing 9
    10. 10. NetSuite Delivers Tangible Benefits for Manufacturers Improvement area Business ResultImproved Inventory Customers using NetSuite reported inventory carrying reductions of an average of 20 percent.Improved Purchasing Manufacturers using NetSuite were able to improve theProductivity productivity of purchasers by an average of 35 percent.Reduced IT Costs NetSuite often displaced at least two on-premise applications and their related support costs.Improved Sales Manufacturers on NetSuite reported sales increases of up to 25 percent as a result of improved e-commerce capabilities, increased customer satisfaction, and more productive, informed salespeople.Improved Margins Visibility into pricing, availability, and demand, and the ability to quickly make price adjustments by product or class, enabled customers to actively manage margins, both in purchase negotiations and sales 10© NetSuite for Manufacturing Source: Nucleus Research
    11. 11. NetSuite’s Manufacturing Success Powering Hundreds of Manufacturing Customers© NetSuite for Manufacturing 11
    12. 12. ‘‘ Within the first year after deploying NetSuite to manage our multi-national manufacturing business, we were able to reduce excess inventory by ‘‘ over $1 million. David Duff Chief Financial Officer Xtellus
    13. 13. Learn More About NetSuite© NetSuite for Manufacturing 13