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Espresso Presentation FINAL

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Espresso Presentation FINAL

  1. 1. Case Study: Making room in the market for another tablet computer.
  2. 2. Introducing…
  3. 3. Car te Blanche.
  4. 4. The goal: An integrated launch strategy that will position Carte Blanche as the obvious choice for cost-conscious, tech-savvy urban youth.
  5. 5. Oh, and ideally support the brand’s master plan of total market domination.
  6. 6. … or at least 15% of the market share.
  7. 7. That’s a .15 batting average. It’s doable.
  8. 8. The Challenge: The Apple iPad has everyone’s attention right now.
  9. 9. Carte Blanche needs to differentiate itself enough from the iPad to be its own brand, but still capitalize on the current tablet hype.
  10. 10. Products that lack their own brand image risk losing to the competition.
  11. 11. The Concept…
  12. 12.
  13. 13. jail·break [jeyl-breyk] -noun • To escape from prison.
  14. 14. jail·break [jeyl-breyk] -noun •To unlock a device in order to maximize its potential.
  15. 15. I.e. run any/all code. I.e. unrestricted access to content. I.e. total freedom.
  16. 16. Pwned.
  17. 17. Who is Carte Blanche targeting?
  18. 18. This guy.
  19. 19. Um, who? • Tech-savvy, urban individuals 18-26. • They hang out here:
  20. 20. These people have held out on buying a tablet computer for lots of potential reasons: • $$$ • Not sure what to use it for • Incompatibility of current model with certain applications. • Not crazy about the name “iPad”
  21. 21. Carte Blanche will change their minds. •$ • Open source operating system • Unlimited potential for application • It’s not called iPad.
  22. 22. The Strategy: Use social media and personal engagement to create momentum and interest for Carte Blanche’s June 2010 launch.
  23. 23. Tactics: • Microsite designed to inform and excite consumers about the product • Social media activity - use Facebook and Twitter to drive people to microsite • Contest to encourage social media participation
  24. 24. And a kick-ass launch party to enhance brand image and encourage trial usage.
  25. 25. The First Step: A compelling and informative product microsite, and a targeted social media strategy to direct the right people there.
  26. 26. ™ The microsite will serve Carte Blanche in two ways: From April 1st-June 1st • Offer product information and exciting features • Offer content, eg. blogs on “jailbreaking yourself” that can be shared seamlessly on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. • Offer contest rules and entry for the Jailbreak Yourself contest.
  27. 27. ™ From June 1st onwards: • The site will offer product information, easily accessible user guides, technical specs, and where-to-buy info.
  28. 28. ™ The site will also feature a section for Carte Blanche customers to participate in forum discussions with app developers and product experts.
  29. 29. This will encourage two-way discussion, making for a better customer service experience. It will also encourage consumers to participate in the app development process
  30. 30. Prepare to launch: Leading up to the June 1st launch of Carte Blanche, social media users will be encouraged to Jailbreak themselves as part of a contest to win entrance to a super exclusive launch party. Winners from several Provinces will be selected.
  31. 31. Twitter: Users will answer the question: How do YOU ™ Tweets that answer the above question using the hashtag #jailbreakyourself will be entered to win tickets to the Carte Blanche launch party, and/or a Carte Blanche tablet. They’ll be allowed to enter once per day.
  32. 32. The Carte Blanche Facebook page will also act as a platform for people to connect with the brand and “like” the concept of Jailbreaking themselves. Fans will be entered to win tickets to the launch party as well as other swag, including Carte Blanche tablets.
  33. 33. Obvs. Launch Party Because it wouldn’t be a launch without a party, Carte Blanche will have the best one ever, featuring a venue that’s as buzzworthy as the product itself……
  34. 34. … the Historic Don Jail
  35. 35. Why the Don Jail? • It’s thematically relevant • It’s out-of-the-box • Venue rental funds go directly to Bridgepoint Health (hello, Corporate Social Responsibility!) • Ideal venue size of approx 400 • It has the air of exclusivity/secrecy to it.
  36. 36. The launch party: Invitees will consist of a mix of contest winners, local media, and targeted social influencers, like bloggers.
  37. 37. The hero of the party will be Carte Blanche. • Hostesses will be using tablet to check people in • Celebrity DJ using the tablet to spin • Product demos/trial kiosks that will project to a screen • Everyone will be given a glossy Carte Blanche brochure that looks like the tablet.
  38. 38. The Result? Everybody walks away from the party not saying “that was a great party” but “I want a Carte Blanche… and that was a great party.”
  39. 39. Follow Up What happens after the party? How do we keep people engaged, coming back to the microsite?
  40. 40. My Jailbroken Life • Use key influencers to generate content for the microsite • Blog using Carte Blanche exclusively (I.e video, pictures, music)
  41. 41. Campaign Timeline Campaign Components
  42. 42. Budget.
  43. 43. Budget Breakdown
  44. 44. Project Component Dollars Allocated Event $100,000 Media Monitoring $10,000 Social Media Monitoring $10,000 Web $20,000 Design/Development Social Media Staffing $10,000 Contest $5,000 Microsite Maintenance $20,000 Staffing/Admin Costs $25,000 Total $200,000
  45. 45. Evaluation (ROI) Qualitative: • Number of click-throughs to microsite • Rate of return visits to microsite • Social media monitoring, both number of mentions and sentiment metrics • Number of Facebook fans • Launch party attendance • Positive media mentions
  46. 46. Calculating ROI When it comes to calculating ROI in terms of sales, it’s all about monitoring trends. For example, does a high level of social media activity correlate to higher sales?
  47. 47. Quantitative: Sales - Investment ($200 000) $200 000
  48. 48. $ Value of exposure/impressions -$200 000 $200 000 Eg. If each click-through to microsite is worth $1 $1000000 - $200000 $200000 ROI = 400%
  49. 49. With a unique brand message and an image that’s says “I don’t just follow the herd”
  50. 50. Carte Blanche is in a position to become the next big thing in tablet computing.
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