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English Oral Presentation Slide


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English Oral Presentation Slide

  1. 1. Future City Group members: Thomas Ting Shii Kai Yew Wing Kee Wong Yun Teng Wong Mei Xin Tey Cheng Fern Tay Siew Wen
  2. 2. 1. Cable car - It takes longer time to reach your destination. - Admire the beauty of nature. - Enable you to gaze the beautiful plan of city. 2. Superconductor transport - Moves in a very high speed compared to the cable car. - Designed in aerodynamic shape. 3. Lift pole -“Transport” access to other levels of my city. - Can stand for 1500kg. Transport
  3. 3.  Solar -the whole city will be using solar energy to generate electricity. -use for road sign. -solar panel roadway will be built. Energy management Biofuel -used to replaced gas -derived from plants Wind Power -produced electricity.
  4. 4.  Emergency tunnel link to the exit.  The city will be sink into the water to protect the citizen from disaster.  Shield cover around the city to protect the city.  Transport will always be prepared outside the exit. Disaster Relief
  5. 5. Water and Waste Management  Water Purification requires a lot of Energy.  Their goal is to find a low-energy-required treatment technology.  Desalination incorporated into microbial fuel cells, a new technology that can treat waste water and produce electricity simultaneously.  Ships and their crew need energy generated on-site as well as fresh drinking water.
  6. 6.  Third Zone Automated Waste Collection Plant  Trash is sucked into underground pipes, and is automatically sorted and recycled, buried, or burned for fuel. These pipes connect all apartment buildings and offices;. Waste Management Landfill fumes to Energy and Renewable sources When compressed, landfill gas can be turned into a fuel that, for instance, can replace gasoline in the refuse truck.
  7. 7.  Waste inlets – are the points where the user deposit their refuse bags.  Pipeline - The main network typically comprises 500 mm diameter steel pipes that are hermetically welded.  Waste Station - Typically, the waste station is located as far as 2 km from the waste collection points.  Benefits – Pneumatic waste collection systems provide notable long-term cost savings. Pneumatic Waste Collection System
  8. 8.  Police Robots are designed to allow access to situations that are inaccessible or dangerous for first responders.  Police robots can provide better services without hiring more people.  The robot has four 360 degree vision HD cameras. Security Robot Police
  9. 9. Hospitality & Tourism ●Underwater world ●Hotel and Resort ●Central Park ●Digital Museum ●Research Laboratory
  10. 10.  Green building refers to both a structure and the using of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle  In other words, green building design involves finding the balance between homebuilding and the sustainable environment.  WHY GREEN BUILDINGS?A Green building focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource.  Green Buildings should be designed and operated to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on its surroundings. Green Building
  11. 11. Thankyou!