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Technology Around Us


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Technology Around Us

  1. 1.  Technology is important in everyday life. Imagine what will happen in our life without technology. Look at some examples of techonology shown.
  2. 2.  There are limitations to what humans can do. We cannot hear or see things which are tiny, too soft or well-hidden.
  3. 3.  We cannot fly or walk very fast or too far without the aid of technology.
  4. 4.  However, humans are able to overcome their limitations. Devices are used to overcome the limitation and problems faced by humans.
  5. 5. Magnifying glass Telescope Microscope
  6. 6. Telephone Megaphone Microphone
  7. 7.  Night vision goggles can be used to see humans in the dark. X-ray allows us to see what is in the body. Metal detectors detect objects below the ground.
  8. 8.  Humans develop technology for the betterment of mankind. This development has made the world a better and more comfortable place to live in.
  9. 9.  A long time ago, simple devices were used to dig holes, and loosen the soil.
  10. 10.  When humans discovered metal, they invented devices to plant crops. Later, animals were used to plough the land.
  11. 11.  As the population increases, humans need to plant more crops. Work need to be done more quickly. Tracators were invented to replace the work done by humans and animals.
  12. 12.  How did humans send messages a long time ago? Drawing Beating drums Smoke signal
  13. 13.  Telegraph and other devices being used to communicate with each other in far away places. Today, these devices are known as telecommunication technology. computer televison mobile phone
  14. 14.  Besides land transport. humans also develop better and faster water and air transport. These devices shorten the travelling time. They allow humans to travel to far away places.
  15. 15.  A long time ago, humans lived in caves and built houses from clay and parts of plants. However, these shelters were not safe. They were not strong and were easily destroyed.
  16. 16.  Today, most houses are built using bricks, concrete and steel. These materials are stronger.
  17. 17.  Humans are now able to build bigger and taller buildings.
  18. 18.  The construction of bridges has undergone many changes.
  19. 19. THE END