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Dharamshala Resorts- Amusement Park Dharamshala, Disco Dharamshala


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Visit at for luxury and excellent services in Dharamshala with Amusement Park Dharamshala, SPA, BAR, Restaurant-ZAYAKA North Indian, South Indian cuisine to satisfy the taste of its wide range of customers from every walk of life.

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Dharamshala Resorts- Amusement Park Dharamshala, Disco Dharamshala

  1. 1. Wonder World Resort Where Fun & Food Never Ends
  2. 2. Wonder World Resort......A unique river side vacation resort in the valley of Gods Wonderland resort is paradise in DhauladharMountain ranges. With a combination of luxury andexcellent services, it has the most beautiful interiorsthat our customers like to cherish with their experience The Wonder World Resort has situated on theNational Highway, 6 kms from the Kangra airport, isthe ideal retreat. For a dream of holiday, far away fromthe madding crowds and the pressures of city life. Be it a family, longing for a holiday, or a coupleon honeymoons or a business The Wonder WorldResort has something for everyone. The wonder world Resort offers a choice of newrooms and suites that stand above all Hotels & Resortsin Dharamshala. All rooms enjoy a spectacular view ofthe mountain ranges, forests and the river. All suites have independent balconies and fireplaces. There are high mountains covered with snowand deep boulder strewn gorges. There are thickforests full of cool breeze and bird songs. There arefields of wild flowers, small picturesque hamlets andfruit laden orchards.
  3. 3. Amusement Park The fun begins when you reach the first terrace wheremini train, swan boats, hara kiri and children rides are waitingfor you to offer a memorable fun. First Terrace has following funthings:MINI TOY TRAIN: Offers you an exciting ride around thelake.SWAN BOATS: After passing over the arched bridge youland up in the island. There are ample numbers of old treestumps for you to sit while you are waiting for your turn toembark on the swan boats. Taking a ride in a pedaled boat is anunforgettable experience by itself.KARA KIRI: on the far end is a long trough on the cliff thatbrings you sliding down from the mountain with such a speedthat your breath is stuck in the throat till you touch the groundwith a splash.CHILDREN RIDES: The first terrace has plenty ofchildren rides with snacks counter nearby. Just stuff few tenrupees notes in their pockets so that they too have theenjoyment of becoming adults or the time being.
  4. 4. TWISTER: Carries 16 persons in a circular anddiagonal movement.FRISBEE: A unique ride having tall tabular supportson which swings the entire structure along with its loadof about 20 persons. You will enjoy the motion so muchthat you will like to repeat it over and over again.BREAK DANCE: The dance is performed by theride itself while you are sitting on it and enjoying thecircular and tangential movement.STRIKING CARS: Believe you me. Here weprovide you the car which you can strike against eachother or against the embankment to your heartspleasure. You will certainly not like to have even asingle scratch to your own car, but here you can enjoythe thrill of striking against each other and without fearof an injury to you, experience the awe of an impact.40 PIGEONS: It is one of the biggest rides on whichsuch a large gathering is taken for a ride on the back ofthe pigeons in one go. There are two circularmovements taking place independent of each other.While the base moves parallel to the earth surface, thearms moves separately in the four directions.REVOLVONG TOWERS: The circular baserises up against the tower with you on it. When itreaches the full height of the tower, the base reels downin one go and rests on its pedestal.THE ROPE WAY: While you are on the thirdterrace, you may find to your dismay that a trolley ispassing over your head and stops right in front of youreyes. This trolley is slung on a steel rope and startsfrom across the river from the main road side.
  5. 5. FacilitiesSWIMMING POOL: The outdoor swimming pool at The Wonderworld is an oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of a busy city. Drinksand snacks are available at the poolside bar. Use of the pool is free toguests. Wonder world offers you the perfect option to unwind in the lapof nature. The rocky swimming pool with artistic floor tiles offers aunique opportunity to spend perfect holiday time. We also have avariety of snacks/mock tails/beverages available at the pool deck.Barbeque arrangements on special days along with events like Firedance and cultural programs are a real treat while you are around.SPA: At Wonder World Spa and Health Club, we offer an experience.An opportunity for each and every guest to create their Ultimatejourney to wellbeing, relaxation or rejuvenation. Each treatment and service we offer has been hand selectedand exclusively developed to ensure that your journey with us providesyou with exactly what it is you are searching for. Offering body scrubs,facials, beauty treatments ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenationpackages. Blending ancient Indian wisdom with contemporary therapies,Wonder World Spa offers the best in Indian rejuvenation therapiesranging from Indian aromatherapy massages, time - honored Indiantreatments, body scrubs and wraps.BAR: Wonder World resort bar Promises to keep you in the highestspirits, with a selection of well-concocted cocktails, finest scotch andmatchless service makes the most memorable moments. The bar of Wonder World offers an unparalleled and widevariety of International & National Spirits. Wonder World Bar serves itscustomers with exotic Cocktails and Mock tails with delicious snacks tosweep them off their feet. We can also arrange theme parties and get together as peryour demand. The most rocking bar of Dharamshala City invites you toenjoy its tempting atmosphere.DISCO THEQUE: Reputed to be the first discotheque inDharamshala, Party Zone at the Wonder World Resort has maintainedthe lead. Open twice a week (Friday, and Saturday), it is frequentedmore by the teenage young crowd, especially on weekends. Wonder World Discotheque makes up in punch, being one ofthe most popular hangouts in Dharamshala. Designed a littledifferently with sparkling lights symbols over, it has a well-stocked barto keep your spirits up. A secluded outdoor seating area has beenprovided for those wanting to catch some air and dig into snacks.
  6. 6. Rooms ofStandard Class A room of "standard” class is economical roommeant for one or two persons. Such a room is equippedmarginally, but it has all necessary things: a bed, awardrobe, a TV set, a telephone. Accommodation Roomsprices in standard class rooms are not high, as a rule. All our Rooms have modern requisites for the tourists and facilities such as Telephone with STD facilities, Multi Channel Satellite, TV,Perfected Rooms Modern Washrooms with Hot & Cold Running Water with Tubs (Bath Tubs In few Super There is usually a high-quality room of this Deluxe Rooms)& Showers, 24 Hour Efficientcategory; they are more comfortable and equipped with Room Service, Housekeeping & Laundryeverything needed for a long-term residence. There is Services, maintaining a spacious refreshingcustomarily one room intended for simultaneous garden.accommodation of two persons. A client can choose aroom with a single bed or a double, and they can bringan additional cot at an extra cost. Accommodation Room Facilities All rooms in the hotel are en-suite andprices in hotel rooms of this category are also usually come complete with a private bathroom. Othernot very high. hotel/room features available include: Ÿ 24 hour reception serviceDeluxe Rooms Ÿ Continental breakfast Ÿ TelevisionDeluxe rooms are mainly reserved by well-to-do peopleused to high level of comfort in the place of their stay. Ÿ Direct dial telephone with voicemailSpacious suites of deluxe class are perfectly furnished, Ÿ Tea/coffee facilities within roomand also equipped with an air-conditioner and a set of Ÿ Iron facilitiesaudio- and video-electronics. There is the widest rangeof services at call of the guests, beginning with satellite Ÿ Same day laundry servicetelevision and Internet access.
  7. 7. Zayka Wonder World, a renowned resort in Dharamshala, boasts of a multi-cuisine restaurant-Restaurant ZAYAKA with large windows displaying the beautiful natural surroundings. The restaurant is famous for its All our Rooms have modern requisites authentic North Indian, South Indian cuisine to satisfyfor the tourists and facilities such as Telephone the taste of its wide range of customers from every walkwith STD facilities, Multi Channel Satellite, TV, of life. You will be presented with mouth wateringModern Washrooms with Hot & Cold Running delicacies prepared by our experienced chefs andWater with Tubs (Bath Tubs In few Super serviced by friendly stewards.Deluxe Rooms)& Showers, 24 Hour EfficientRoom Service, Housekeeping & LaundryServices, maintaining a spacious refreshinggarden. China Town An open air Chinese restaurant with the river view which have capacity of more than 50 persons. We also offer you the choice of enjoying a special Candle Light Dinner with your loved one in the lap of nature. Chatkara The “chatkara" is our fast food corner where we serve golgappe,chat ,south Indian dishes and much more in open air sitting with river view.
  8. 8. Places Visit to Near DharamshalaDAL LAKE: 11 km from Dharamshala andsurrounded by deodar trees, the lake fills a mountainbowl, on the motor - road, this is an enchanting andserene picnic spot.ST. JOHNS CHURCH: 8 km from Dharamshala,between Forsythganj and McLeodganj is the charmingdressed- stone church of St. John in the wildness.Under the shade of deodar branches, a memorial hasbeen erected over the body of the British viceroy, LordElgin who died at Dharamshala in 1863. There is a walltended old graveyard on these grassy slopes.MCLEODGANJ: Often called the Little Lhasa at1770 m, this is the residence of His Holiness the DalaiLama. The Tibetan government-in-exile has been herefor over three decades. The impressive monastery haslarger than life images of the Buddha,Padmasambhava and Avalokteshwara. The largeTibetan community and the presence of traditionalarchitectural designs drawn from Tibet have enhancedthe area. A host of Tibetan handicrafts, curios andgarments are available on sale and every Sunday, aflea-market appears.BHAGSUNATH: Close to fresh water springs, thisancient temple is 11 km from Dharamshala. It is apopular picnic spot and the famous slate quarries areclose by.KUNAL PATHRI: 3 km levels walk from theKotwali Bazaar leads up to this rock temple.DHARAMKOT: On the crest of a hill this attractivepicnic spot presents a panoramic view of the Kangravalley and the Dhauladhar ranges. This is 11 km fromDharamshala.TRIUND: Based at the root of the Dhauladharranges,Triund is at a height of 2827m and is 17 km fromDharamshala. The snowline starts at llaqua 5 km fromhere. This is a popular picnic spot and trek route, withspectacular views of the mountains and valleys. Thereis a lovely forest rest house here.
  9. 9. Places Visit to Near DharamshalaCHINMAYA TAPOVAN: 10 km from BAIJNATH TEMPLE: The BaijnathDharamshala on the banks of the rivulet Bindu Saras, temple has been continuously under worshipis an ashram complex established by the late Swami ever since its construction in 1204 A.D. by twoChinmayananda, a noted exponent of the Gita. The local merchants named Ahuka and Manyuka.complex includes a 9m high image of Lord Hanuman, The two long inscriptions in the porch of thea magnificent Ragunath Temple, a meditation hall, a temple indicate that a temple of Siva existed onschool, and a health and recreation center. the spot even before the present one was constructed. The present temple is a beautifulMASRUR: 13 km south of Kangra is this large, example of the early medieval north Indianmonolithic temple, similar to the temples of Ellora. With temple architecture known as Nagara style ofrich ornamentation, this is the only shrine carved out of temples. The Svayambhu form of Sivalinga islive rock in north India. Images of Lord Rama, Laxman enshrined in the sanctum of the temple thatand Sita are installed here. has five projections on each side and is surmounted with a tall curvilinear Shikhara. The entrance to sanctum is through a vestibuleANDRETTA: 13 km from Palampur, the famous that has a large square Mandapa in front withartist S. Sobha Singh lived here for several years. A two massive balconies one each in north andgallery houses some of his major works. Also, there is south.a pottery centre at Andretta.
  10. 10. Places Visit to Near DharamshalaCHAMUNDA MATA TEMPLE: Located atabout 15 kms from Wonderland resort, this ancienttemple is 700 years old. Also known as ChamundaNandikeshwar Dham; this sacred temple is an abode ofShiva- the destroyer God and Shakti- the goddess ofpower since the saga of Puranas.The temple comprises of a big complex with a Kund(pond) in it. The devotees take a holy dip in this pond.Due to its utterly sacred importance, the main deity ofthe temple is not accessible to the visitors, being keptunder cover. A cave-like scoop at the back of the templerepresents an embodiment of Shiva, the stone lingam.BRAJESHWARI MATA TEMPLE: TheBrajeshwari Devi temple, located in the old KangraTownship at an altitude of 615 m.the Kangra town isaround 11 km away from Wonderworld resort.Thisshrine, once renowned for its great wealth, has beenplundered relentlessly over the ages. The first of theplunderers was Mahmud of Ghazni, who looted it in1009. A mosque was built on the ruins and a garrisonwas left behind. 35 years later, the local king regainedits possession. The shrine was repaired and a replica ofthe idol was enshrined. The temple was filled with gold,silver and diamonds only to be ransacked again in 1360by Firoz Tughlaq. Later Emperor Akbar visited theshrine with his Dewan, Todar Mal and restored it to itsformer grandeur.DALILAMA TEMPLE: This temple is the mostsacred monument in Mcleod Ganj. Simple inappearance from the outside, the temple houses largerthan life statues of the Buddha, Padmasambhava andAvaloktwshwara. It is the largest temple outside Tibetand also houses one of the largest collections of sacredTibetan texts. McLeodganj is steeped in Buddhist culture –you can find anything from Tibetan food, good luckcharms and thangkas to Enlightenment. In fact, manydisenchanted foreigners come here seeking solace,meditation or to champion the Tibetan cause.
  11. 11. Rs. 6999/- Membership Offers Wonder world Resort offers special promotions designed for the travelers who may not have theopportunity to get away on a weekend and needs to find an "escape" during any day of the week.Package Inclusions:Ÿ Accommodation for 3 nights / 4 days.Ÿ Free amusement park entry for family (valid for one year)Ÿ 1 dinner for family (2 adults+2 kids)Ÿ Flat 20% discount on tariffs of Restaurant, Bar, Rooms and Spa(valid for one year)Ÿ 1 Spa sitting for 1 member.Ÿ Complimentary use of DiscothequeŸ 1 Complimentary anniversary/birthday cake 1kg.Ÿ Four guest families allowed with member in year.Ÿ Extension on pro-rata basis, subject to availability.Conditions:This voucher is transferrable i.e. (one can gift it to some other person)Either a family can stay consecutive 3nights or they can stay on alternative dates, subject to the conditionmaximum stay would be of 3 nights.
  12. 12. Wonder World Resort It gives us great pleasure towelcome you to our uniqueamusement park on terraces which isfirst of its type in India. Its splendor liesin its bird view from the highway. As yougo through the resume, the variousfacets of amusement that have beenmade available in this park shall be ofimmense interest to the fun-lovingvisitors who may decide to make it theirdestination. Believe us; we have madetireless efforts to provide you thescenic splendor of Himachal Pradeshpacked in to a picturesque hillinterspersed with gigantic stone wallswoven into terraces on which theThrilling Rides have been erected. As you walk over the tiled pathway, you and your children shall havethe pleasure of going along theCascading River, Running Mini Trainor self pedaled Swan Boats floating ina lake with an island. Hold your breath;we have a Rope way also which willgive you the thrill to go over the riverand the park itself to the other side toland you in a valley. It is your fun place.It can be your favorite destination forstaying in peace of Himalaya, It can beyour unique conference venue, It canbe your favorite amusement park forhaving fun in pure fresh air ofHimachal, It can be your best familygateway, It can be the best place foryour fun loving children, It can be yourfavorite indoor or terrace restaurant. Wonder World Resort Where Fun & Food Never Ends Gaggal-Dharamshala Road at Chetru, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh Email at | Ph. : 01892-203632, 09736288723, 09736288724 For Membership Enquiry : +91 9736288725-26