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the blogger


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some of the key points from my guest spot on the Greater IBM Event "all about blogging" August 28 '08.

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  • As shared at the Greater IBM Event - blogging over the last year and discovering other blogs gave me a great opportunity. I was able to contribute to The Age of Conversation II along with 237 other authors- with all proceeds of the book going to the Variety Children's charity.
    The tips in this slide are just some of my own observations on how blogging has worked for me this time around...
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the blogger

  1. 1. the blogger Jasmin Tragas / wonderwebby
  2. 2. discovers: learns and shares
  3. 3. innovates: inspires with a-ha moments
  4. 4. stamps personality: interests + ideas
  5. 5. is authentic: keeps it real + has fun
  6. 6. participates: group projects + comments
  7. 7. discover innovate personalise be authentic participate Leads to… The Age of Conversation II