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About Trust Banks

a few slides to explain trust banks, based on info from Opportunity International Australia, part of my voluntary ambassadorship between now and June 09

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About Trust Banks

  1. Trust Banks, Women, Poverty & Microfinance a wonderwebby project her story
  2. This woman lives in poverty in the Philippines To get ahead, she could start a business but... dreaming of a better day
  3. ..she has no collateral to get a bank loan and a loan shark could charge her 100% interest per day stuck in poverty
  4. one day a microfinance loan officer gives an information session about Trust Banks. She applies to become part of a Trust Bank with other women from her village hope
  5. She is accepted into the program along with 15 to 30 others and joins in training with the loan officer for a few weeks joy
  6. Her trust bank chooses a name, a leader, treasurer and person to collect payments. Her initial loan is $70 to $300. She sets up a fruit stall, or bakery, or perhaps a shoe store . new day
  7. The money she receives helps her to buy products in bulk, increase her variety of products, or buy a bigger cart for her stall big dreams
  8. She meets weekly with her Trust Bank members, learning about business , making payments, receiving training and advice freedom
  9. The money she earns helps her to provide nutritious food for her family, better health care, education and housing improvements . impact
  10. She is encouraged to become an agent of transformation in her community, to help combat poor sanitation & violence stronger
  11. Six months later she has paid off her small loan, and she qualifies for another , bigger loan. The whole cycle takes two years. empowered
  12. Once her loan is repaid, the money is recycled to a fund a new loan for a new, poor entrepreneur REinvest
  13. You can help finance a Trust Bank in the Philippines by making a tax deductible donation of $2 or more @wonderwebby Women’s Opportunity, Opportunity International Australia the real face