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SDev.Pro Company Brief


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Published in: Business, Technology
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SDev.Pro Company Brief

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Core Business Lines Solutions samples The Team Contacts
  3. 3. Corporate SolutionsTechnologies:SharePoint 2007-2010, Silverlight, MS SQL Server2008, Oracle Db 9-11, WCF, WPF, COM, ASP.NET, MS SQLReporting Services, ADO.NET EF, ActiveDirectory, cryptography (RSA/GOST) and PKISolutions :Large intranet portals, corporate large databasemaintaining solutions, reporting solutions, GIS
  4. 4. Web SolutionsTechnologies: ASP.NET, C# and VB.NET, MSSQLServer, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTMLSolutions: several e-commercewebsites, presentation websites, communitywebsites
  5. 5.  Multimedia SolutionsTechnologies: Windows Media, DirectShow, AviSynth;Solutions: multimedia presentations, entertainment solutions, videoediting, stereovideo, audio-video streaming, formatconverting, virtual DOM-cameras (fish-eye cameras) 3D SolutionsTechnologies: OpenGL, OpenCV, MS XNASolutions: measuring and visualization systems for oil miningindustry, alarm graphics for security systems, virtual realitysolutions, surface reconstruction from several images
  6. 6.  System ToolsTechnologies: Windows 7, ActiveDirectory, Drivers, WIASolutions: collecting information about thesystem, user spy solutions for computer retailshops, streaming scanning and recognition
  7. 7.  Mobile SolutionsPlatforms: Android, iOS, Windows PhoneSolutions: SEO mobile clients, Zunegames, Windows Phone 7 games andapplications, Android games andapplication, iPhone games and solutions
  8. 8. Customer: One of the largest mobile operatorGoal: video and information graphicspresentation at videowall (12-16 displays inmatrix) for maintain mobile networkTechnologies: C#, ASP.NET, Silverlight, OracleDb 9
  9. 9. Customer: geological-technological control ofdrilling and well testing companyGoal: integration with drill controllinghardware (inclinometer), visualize the currentstate of drilled wells, predict the intersects ofwells.Technologies: C#, WinForms, MS XNA (3D-engine), WCF
  10. 10. Customer: Russian 3D-video content creationstartupGoal: create hardware and software solutionfor stereo video shooting, editing andrendering.Technologies:C#, C++, WPF, DirectShow, WindowsMedia, h.264, VC1, HD-video, signal processing
  11. 11. Company: CMS (it’s our out-of-the-boxproduct)Goal: create own out-the-box product andsupport services for audio and videoadvertisement distributionTechnologies: C#, Windows Media, distributedfile storage
  12. 12. Customer: large financial companyGoal: create reporting system for e-workflowcorporate systemTechnologies: C#, MS SQL Server 2008 R2Reporting Services, WCF, large DB
  13. 13. Customer: One of the largest Swedish furniturecompanyGoal: scan, optical recognize and store hugeamount of documents with search featuresTechnologies: C#, Abbyy Flexy Capture(streaming scan and recognize) and AbbyyFineReader, SharePoint2007, WCF, WPF, Silverlight
  14. 14. Customer: UK e-commerce websites netGoal: design, develop and deploy 7 e-commerce websitesTechnologies: C#, VB.NET, MS SQLServer, ASP.NET, integration with the paymentgateway
  15. 15. Customer: CMS (it’s our internal project)Goal: create and patent new surfacereconstruction algorithms from several imagesTechnologies: microscopy, web-camera, DirectShow, OpenCV, C#, Fouriertransformations, correlations, optical flowrecognition methods etc.
  16. 16. Customer: By RequestGoal: create GIS solution for transportinfrastructure managementTechnologies: ASP.NET MVC, Oracle11g, GeoServer, OpenStreetMaps, OpenLayers,Oracle APEX, WCF
  17. 17. Customer: Big UK consumer electronicsretailerGoal: create app for Android phones forrotating marketing videoTechnologies: Android, Java
  18. 18. Customer: By RequestGoal: Personalized news app with trafficencodingTechnologies: iOS, Object C
  19. 19. Customer: By RequestGoal: create service for highlighting wordsfrom glossary at any webpageTechnologies: ASP.NET, JSON, JavaScript, MSSQL Server
  20. 20.  Windows 7 administration package for retailers Video/Audio encoders/decoders And many others
  21. 21. SDev.Pro Location: Moscow, Russia Email: Skype: Igor_Podsekin