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Communities have different personalities and ways to communicating. Spreading interest in OpenStreetMap around the world takes different approaches for different groups. This talk is a look at characteristics of certain existing OSM communities and why some of those approaches won't work elsewhere.

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  • We talk about this a lot, but what does it really mean? I mean let’s think about the US, it is a big place. Is that local? Probably not. Is there something cohesive about the group in some way though?
  • So I asked the wiki. I mean we talk about local community a lot.
  • Do you have to meet each other? Do you have to be interested in the same geographic area.
  • Language, interests, specific communities. E.g. hiking groups. Do we all have to like the map for the same reasons?
  • Over 100,000 Russian Posts on the OSM Forums. Only other country with near that many is Germany
  • OSM Stats so lets look at the top 10 countries from the 12th of October.
  • Compare this to forum posts
  • Or in Indonesia our biggest ourreach is Facebook.
  • Zoo Mapping
  • Atlanta Mapathon
  • Mapping with Kids
  • I mean I guess it depends on what you are defining as local. For example we were doing a project where we needed between 5-70 people to come help with mapping in Jakarta. The same 4 girls showed up to everything. I didn’t think much of it until someone told me why.
  • Gender, culture, interest, language. “level of geekiness”
  • Onemanys local is another mans invasion
  • Let’s think about the potential of brothel mapping depending on where you are.
  • Maybe, this sort of thing freaks people out
  • Do what works for your community, if people are on Facebook cool, if mailing lists are your thing. Just important to think about who you are reaching out to.
  • Local Outreach, Local Communities, World Map

    1. 1. Local Outreach, Local Communities, World Map Kate Chapman @wonderchook © OpenStreetMap contributors
    2. 2. What is local? © OpenStreetMap contributors
    3. 3. What is local community?Does the wiki know?
    4. 4. What makes the outreach local?CC-BY-SA Flickr User somayalangley
    5. 5. Maybe I just mean localized outreach
    6. 6. Communities differ by region, culture, language, interest
    7. 7. Mailing List Posts as of October 12th Country Posts Germany 105,289 Russia 121,423 France 791 United States 125 United Kingdom 262 Italy 76 Spain 0 Poland 10,101 Japan 0 Austria 0
    8. 8. As much as local communities differ, they adopt from others © OpenStreetMap contributors
    9. 9. © OpenStreetMap contributors
    10. 10. CC-BY Andrew Turner
    11. 11. How do we get local?CC-BY NASA Goddard Photo and Video
    12. 12. You know yourlocal community best CC-BY Flickr User DonkeyHotey
    13. 13. Or do you…..?A Alexandre Dulaunoy
    14. 14. ultiple definitions of localCC-BY Flickr User greeblie
    15. 15. Image: http://segrev.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/704/
    16. 16. What about ambassadors to different parts of local?
    17. 17. brothel=yes
    18. 18. Dude, that’s my mom’s house! (actually the tag is amenity=brothel)
    19. 19. Mappy hour…
    20. 20. Hey, I saw you weremapping in the area and I just wanted to say “Hi.”
    21. 21. You don’t havedo everything CC-BY Flickr User AMagill
    22. 22. Thanks!Kate Chapman@wonderchook © OpenStreetMap contributors