Crowd-sourcing for Disaster Response Through OpenStreetMap


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Crowd-sourcing for Disaster Response Through OpenStreetMap

  1. 1. The  Humanitarian  OpenStreetMap  Team,  Crowdsourcing  for  Disaster  and  Humanitarian   Response   @hotosm  
  2. 2. What  is  OpenStreetMap?  A web project to create a free and open map of the entire world  
  3. 3. History  *  Founded  in  the  United  Kingdom  in  2004  by  Steve  Coast  *  Ordnance  Survey  Data  was  Expensive  to  Use  *  July  2005  the  First  Mapping  Party  Takes  Place    
  4. 4. Why  do  we  need  a  free  world  map?  
  5. 5. Why  do  we  need  a  Humanitarian   OpenStreetMap  Team?  
  6. 6. What is the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team?An organization working to promote theuse of open data and volunteeredgeographic information within thehumanitarian and development contexts
  7. 7. OSM and Crisis Response in Haiti Port-au-Prince Before 28 Days Later
  8. 8. High level imagery timely released under an “attribution only” license Google//GeoEye   DigitalGlobe   World  Bank  (ImageCAT   GFDRR),   SpotImage   CIA  Raw imagery processed into tiles to be made available in OSM editors (potlatch,merkator & josm)Hundreds traced 24/7 over base map features, humanitarian features (camps) & alsodamagesIncentive for sharing restricted vector data setsFoster quality of field collection activities
  9. 9. Database import compatible with OSM license (CC-SA. OdbL).PREPAREDNESS : only public domain data from UNJLC/LogClusterdeployment Sept/Oct 2008 Cyclone Response-Haiti REPONSE: Base map layers (MINUSTAH/ CNIGS), Health Facility(PAHO), Haiti damage assessment: ITHACA & UNOSAT….
  10. 10. Community 640 mappers 24/7 month Capacity building to other VCT through crisis camp; marginal
  11. 11. Coordination** Advise using OSM** Plan training/ surveys
  12. 12. Training-
  13. 13. Surveying
  14. 14. Editing with JOSM
  15. 15. Training/ Surveys and Community BuildingHaiti - Gonaives
  16. 16. Support materialsHOT Hardware kit, / OSM Kit / Guides/ Training
  17. 17. Communaute OpenStreetMap Haiti(COSMHA)
  18. 18. HOT/COSMHA & International Organization ofMigration (IOM) WMS:
  19. 19. Hurricane shelter and exposure mapping
  20. 20. Baseline mapping and capacity buildingin Saint Marc
  21. 21. Tap Tap Map
  22. 22. Soley Leve
  23. 23. hWps://  
  24. 24. How  to  get  data?  
  25. 25. Helping  Groups  Already  Mapping  
  26. 26. Mapping  2  Villages  in  a  week,     with  and  without  Imagery    
  27. 27. Mapping  with  Imagery  
  28. 28. With  GPS  
  29. 29. What  sf  Some  the  he  Data  Needs  to  be   What  if   iome  of   of  t data   private   needs  to  be  private?    CC-­‐BY  Ka^e  Tegtmeyer  
  30. 30. Each  has  a  Unique  Iden^fier  
  31. 31. hWps://­‐server  
  32. 32. Other  results  we  could  not  have  guessed!  
  33. 33. Con^nuing  to  Make  the  Technology  Their  Own  
  34. 34. hWp://kompe^  
  35. 35. >?,)7&/,,&@#?*A,#&%/,*.&&/0%&,*.&&/0%&,*!"#$%#&()*12#-,3*()*+,#$*4(/$3*5()3&()6*78(/,*(9*:;:*<,#)-*:8(//,8&:=* !"#$%#&()*+,-%$&-* 7B#?,*8(<?#/-()*
  36. 36. Na^onal  Disaster  Management  Agency  (BNPB)  Regional  Disaster  Management  Agency  (BPBD)  United  Na^ons  Office  for  Coordina^on  of  Humanitarian  Affairs  World  Bank  AusAID  –  Australia-­‐Indonesia  Facility  for  Disaster  Reduc^on  Humanitarian  OpenStreetMap  Team  University  of  Indonesia  
  37. 37. 267  Villages  3  Maps  for  Each  Village  Lots  and  lots  of  prinCng…  Lots  and  lots  of  students  
  38. 38. Impor^ng  of  Data  and  Tracing  of  Satellite   Imagery  for  Somalia  
  39. 39. Samoa  Simula^on  
  40. 40. Responders  
  41. 41. Victory
  42. 42. Draft Workflow for Satellite Imagery and OSM Data Draft Imagery Release Process from USG Lead Federal Agencies to VTCs under the NEXTVIEW License !EQ 8.4 in Sumatra @ 1336 GMT! USG requests satellite vendors for imagery VTC!Request!Schema! under NextView or! 1. Supported!Operation! license! 2. Geographic!Bounds! 3. Temporal!Bounds! Humanitarian 4. Reason!for!Use. What LFA requests that OpenStreetMap HOT create vectors for analytical problem needs to Team (HOT) DG and GeoEye post-EQ imagery and be solved?! requests imagery collect imagery of damage, IDs key AOIs ! 5. License!for!derived! from Broker! remand! affected AOI ! works. Will the data be a public or orivste good?! 6. Partners. Who will Broker ensures benefit?! request is valid ! 7. Objective: how will the data be used to do what! remand! Broker forwards NGA receives imagery request to LFA! VTC!Request!Evaluation! from DG and/or Criteria! GeoEye! 1. Goverment Interest. Is the request in the interest of the LFA evaluates USG?! requests against VTC 2. Gap. What information criteria! gap will be filled?! 3. Trust. Does the USG trust this VTC with data?! LFA forwards request remand! 4. Host nation. Does the to NGA! host nation have issues with
  43. 43. Ques^ons?  @hotosm