Come Join the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team


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The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team uses open source and open data techniques to provide free geographic data in times of crisis and in disaster risk reduction programs.

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Come Join the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

  1. 1. What is the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team?Applies the principles of opensource and open data sharing towards humanitarian response, disasterpreparedness, and economic development though OpenStreetMap
  2. 2. Where We Are Working on the Ground in 2012
  3. 3. Haiti
  4. 4. Work so Far Project to Map St. Marc and Train Team of30 Youth Mappers Continued Support of CommunityOpenStreetMap Haiti (COSMHA) Looking Toward Other Projects in OtherAreas This Year
  5. 5. IndonesiaHeld Workshops in 5 Universities, 12LocationsTaught 100s of People About OpenStreetMapSoftware for Using OpenStreetMap to DoPoverty MappingOpenStreetMap Tasking Manager Createdfrom this Project
  6. 6.
  7. 7. FutureCreating an OpenStreetMap Training TeamWorking with Local Governments in 6Provinces to Create Disaster PreparednessMapsExpansion of LearnOSM Website to IncludeAdvanced Topics and Materials for Trainers
  8. 8. Senegal
  9. 9. So Far In Partnership with OSM-fr & the World Bank Three Week Trip with 3 People from HOT inJune Nicolas Chavent attended TechCamp-Senegal Volunteer Heading to Senegal for Six Monthsin November
  10. 10. EUROSHASupporting European Youth VolunteersLead By France VolontairesFOCSIV, Diaconia, ECCB, Sloga, GroupeURD, ACRA, People in PerilPartnership between OSM-fr and HOT
  11. 11. Remotely Workflow with US State Department toRequest Imagery Through the US GovernmentLicense (NextView) Remote Tracing for Preparedness Uganda andIndonesia Remote Response All Over
  12. 12. Getting Involved Join the Mailing List and Jump InMap things at tasks.hotosm.orgPatch SoftwareTranslate DocumentationVolunteer for MissionsPerform Outreach…..
  13. 13. Membership• By Nomination through the Existing Membership• Members can Vote for the Board of Directors• Are Considered First for Work/Internships
  14. 14. Remote Mapping
  15. 15. Software DevelopmentAdding Features to Existing Software for LowBandwidth EnvironmentsPatch Software HOT Initially DevelopedOther New Projects?Help Make Software Easier for Deployment
  16. 16. Documentation
  17. 17. Outreach
  18. 18. HOT “Vacations”Volunteering somewhere that HOT works for2 or 3 weeks.Teach new skills to peopleLearn about the work HOT does when we goto a countryOther ideas?
  19. 19. InternshipsTraining for Eventually Leading HOTWorkshops and MissionInternship Does Not Mean You Have to Be aStudentThis Year We’ve Had 4 Such Positions (2 inSenegal and 2 in Indonesia)HOT Covers Travel Costs
  20. 20. JobsContract Positions for Set Periods of TimeMost Are Entirely TravelSometimes Are Other Opportunities forDocumentation and Software Development asWellPublished to and themailing list
  21. 21. Step 1 to Get Started?
  22. 22. @wonderchook