WOMMA UK event: WOM and SEO


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WOMMA UK event: WOM and SEO

  1. 1. [client   logo]   Nice to meet you. Simon McDonald, InSites Consulting, with many,©  InSites  Consulting   Prof. Steven Van Belleghem, InSites Consulting @Steven_insites InSites Consulting beliefs - © 2010 1
  2. 2. [client   logo]   It is time to re-invent marketing. Because power has shifted to the consumer.©  InSites  Consulting   InSites Consulting beliefs - © 2010 2
  3. 3. [client   logo]   NEW MASS MEDIA AVAILABLE TO EVERY CONSUMER TURNING WORD-OF-MOUTH INTO WORLD-OF-MOUTH CONSUMERS TRUST EACH OTHER MOST SHIFTING POWER FROM MARKETERS TO CONSUMERS MAKING IT THEIR BRAND, NOT YOURS SO INVOLVE THEM IN WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LEARN HOW TO LET GO Power has shifted to the consumer.   Get  used  to  it  and  understand  how  to  lead  instead  of  how  to  control.  ©  InSites  Consulting   InSites Consulting beliefs - © 2010 3
  4. 4. [client   logo]         So what does it take to   consumer insights?       We believe it takes conversations and stories.   Embracing  them  in  a  smart  way  is  a  major  source  of  business  growth.  ©  InSites  Consulting   InSites Consulting beliefs - © 2010 4
  5. 5. [client   logo]   Our belief is so strong that we wrote a book about it.    ©  InSites  Consulting   InSites Consulting beliefs - © 2010 5
  6. 6. [client   logo]   1) CONNECT WITH THE MULTI-FACETED CONSUMER       2) KEEP AN ONGOING DIALOGUE WITH CONSUMERS   3) BRING THEM INTO YOUR REALITY     Taking research forward is serious business.   It  means  3  different  things  to  us,  all  of  which  are  key  for  future  growth.  ©  InSites  Consulting   6
  7. 7. [client   logo]   Methods embracing conversations.   What it takes to observe, facilitate and join.©  InSites  Consulting   Understanding  rational,  emotional,  unconscious,  and  social  decision-­making.   7
  8. 8. About SEO, Conversations & Elephants.
  9. 9. ©  InSites  Consulting   logo]   [client  9
  10. 10.  The paradox: SEO & Conversations.@steven_insites  
  11. 11. We help consumers in finding us.Great and helpful, but it is push model.
  12. 12. We help consumers in finding us.Tagging is a more natural form, which can be really powerful.
  13. 13. Conversations are a credible source.What if we would add some Conversation Management to SEO?
  14. 14. the room?
  15. 15. Social time becomes larger than Google time.
  16. 16. Content on social media increasingly keytraffic generator.
  17. 17. Google is integrating social &
  18. 18. Conversation Management part of SEO.Facilitate conversations internally & externally for better searchresults.@steven_insites  
  19. 19. Seeing the elephant brings you to the pot of gold.Imagine what happens with your search results if you can activate
  20. 20. 28%  On average: 28% of your customers is in this pot.
  21. 21. Client  experiences  
  22. 22. Sentiment engagement framework. How to react and respond to different people online.   Fans   Positives   Neutrals   Negatives   Haters   Success  stories   Acquisition   Prejudices   Action   Sentiment   Content   WIIFM   Perceptions   Bugs  &  Flaws   Temp  problems   It  is  great   I  want  to  make   It  could  be   It  should  be   It  cannot  be   it  better   better   better   better   Feed   Embrace   Engage   Neutralize   Isolate   Celebrate   Activate   Ignore   Learn  h  
  23. 23. Position your customer, not your brand
  24. 24. Make them look good, using your brand.
  25. 25. Stories  by  your  team.  
  26. 26.  We want our employees to be ambassadors.But we block them from all social media.
  27. 27.  Is social media allowed or blocked in yourcompany? Or a mix?
  28. 28.  56% has limited internet usage (InSites Consulting).
  29. 29.  Before we continue...I would like to take you back in time..... #flashback
  30. 30. Once  upon  a  time,   About  50  years  ago,     a  new  &  very  dangerous  technology  was  invented!       Companies  did  everything  in  their  power  to   keep  this  new  technology  out  of  their  premises.       It  would  decrease  efficiency  and  caused  a  serious  threat  for  the  securty  of  the  company.  
  31. 31.   our time.But have a quick stop 15 years ago..... #flashback
  32. 32. Once  upon  a  time,   About  15  years  ago,     a  new  &  very  dangerous  technology  was  invented!       Companies  did  everything  in  their  power  to   keep  this  new  technology  out  of  their  premises.       It  would  decrease  efficiency  and  caused  a  serious  threat  for  the  securty  of  the  company.  
  33. 33.   current world.Nothing changed, we are still afraid of change & innovation.
  34. 34.  Limited knowledge brings FEAR!We solve it by blocking people. Not the way to grasp opportunities.
  35. 35. And by the way, not just guessing. McKinsey proved that connectedenterprises experience faster growth than closed enterprises. #fact
  36. 36.  Help them in being proud about their own job.
  37. 37. You do it offline, now do it online as well.@steven_insites  
  38. 38. If  you  need  a  social  media  policy  in  which  you  tell  employees   what  they  can  and  cannot  do  on  social  media,   your  HR  strategy  has  failed         Prof.  Dr.  Rudy  Moenaert   Marketing  expert  
  39. 39. CommonWealth asked its employees to snitch their friends on social media.
  40. 40. Towards a searchable content strategy.Help your employees in three steps to use conversations. Observe   Facilitate   Join  
  41. 41. Towards a searchable content strategy.Help your employees in three steps to use conversations. Observe   Facilitate   Join  
  42. 42. Let you employees know what the conversational topics are to increase searchresults.
  43. 43. Observe what are relevant words in your industry.Let you employees know what the best terms are to be found.
  44. 44. Towards a searchable content strategy.Help your employees in three steps to use conversations. Observe   Facilitate   Join  
  45. 45. Formal   Informal     Central  content  creation.   Everyone  can  create   Created  by  a  central  team.   informal  content  but  within   One  voice  towards  the  world.   the  limitations.   Control  of  content  going  out.  Faciliate by offering shareable content and allowinginformal content.Make it easy for your team to share relevant stories. They can put in on theirFacebook & Twitter account to score better through social search.
  46. 46.  3 social media teams create formal content.
  47. 47. Towards a searchable content strategy.Help your employees in three steps to use conversations. Observe   Facilitate   Join  @steven_insites  
  48. 48. Here  you  can  write  stuff  in  more  than  140  characters.  You  can  use  multi-­media  and  you  can  put  employees  in  the  spotlight.    
  49. 49. A blog can be just about culture.Give  your  employees  the  possibility  to  show  the  world  that  they  love  your  company.  And  by  the  way,  recent  research  showed  that  blogging  employees  are  more  loyal  and  have  a  higher  productivity.  
  50. 50.  Facilitate & Join through corporate blog.Help in picking topics to increase search results & make it easy toshare for other people.
  51. 51. Join: Empower your employees in using common sense.Our  policies  are  made  to  avoid  people  taking  advantage  of  them.  Result:  they  are  not  taking  into  account  the  problems  of  95%  of  your  customers.  Bring  back  common  sense.  
  52. 52. Joining can lead to a long tail of relevant content.If  all  your  employees  join  the  conversation,  it  can  lead  to  a  mass  of  niche  content.  This  content  has  a  small  reach,  but  can  be  very  relevant.  
  53. 53. Conversation Management & SEO.Here is the real important stuff to remember.@steven_insites  
  54. 54. Client  experiences  
  55. 55. Touchpoint expectations management.Simple rule: Under promise & over deliver. @Steven_InSites  #cm48  
  56. 56. Stories  by  your  team.  
  57. 57. Create some cool & smart bed-time stories.Stories based on search facts, linked to company culture &objectives.
  58. 58. Create spotlights for your conversationalstories.
  59. 59. Spotlight strategy.Small act, but huge reach.
  60. 60. Stories  by  your  team.  The ideal SEO strategy.Combination  of  internal  and  external  conversations  create  a  boost  of  complementary   Client  experiences  information  for  consumers.  
  61. 61. Pre-marketing boosts success.If  you  hide  your  innovations,  the  result  is  simple:  nobody  will  know  about  it.  Claim  a  product  or  a  domain  before  you  actually  have  a  product  ready.  
  62. 62. Public co-creation is possible.  Yelo  was  launched  6  months  before  the  product  was  final.  First  users  did  not  have  to  pay  for  the  product.  Telenet  just  asked  for  feedback.    
  63. 63. Increase impact of SEO through naturalconversations. Help your team in three steps. Observe   Facilitate   Join  @steven_insites  
  64. 64. Look  forward  to  discussing  further   Simon McDonald     Business  Director   InSites  Consulting  UK   T      +44  (0)2078702573   E      simon.mcdonald@insites.eu     InSites Consulting t     UK Office 338 Euston Road London NW1 3BT