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  1. 1. Online Fundraising Today and Best Practices Presented by: Allyson Kapin, Rad Campaign and Women Who Tech ZooGooder November 7, 2010
  2. 2. How Much Money are Nonprofits Raising? • In 2008 an estimated $300 billion was raised. – Giving USA • 75% was raised through individuals donating money to their favorite charity. • In 2009, overall giving decreased between 9% to 11%. BUT nonprofits raised 20% more online in 2009 according to a study by Network for Good, though the eNonprofit Benchmark study said that nonprofits in their study only raised 4.5% more online. • Recurring gifts account for 20% of donations. •The average donation is $81.33. – eNonprofit Benchmark study. • Median revenue per donor for multichannel supporters was $339 compared to $88 for offline. - Blackbaud • First year retention for multichannel donors was 51%. - Blackbaud
  3. 3. How Old is the Average Online Donor? Jack Benny - “Still looking good after 39 years.”
  4. 4. Average Response Rates for Online Fundraising Appeals? .13%  Activists are seven (7) times more likely to donate, compared to supporters who did not previously take an online action for the organization – Blackbaud 
  5. 5. Three Ingredients for Successful Online Fundraising
  6. 6. Don’t Make Me Think! Have a clear call to donate button! Stat: 49% of online mid-level and major donors will always visit a nonprofit's website before making a first-time gift online or offline. - Convio
  7. 7. Understand the 1-2 Punch What are the most important elements of raising money online?
  8. 8. Landing Pages • Gives compelling reasons to donate money? • Clear gift information with options for recurring donations. • Pie charts quickly show how money us being spent. • After this call, give two of your friends $10 and ask them to donate money to your website. Ask them to share their experiences with you. Tell them to be brutally honest.
  9. 9. Year-End Fundraisng Stats • 40% of online donations come in the month of December. • Only time of year you can send your email list 8 to 10 appeals and not burn out your list. • The last three days of December will bring in 10% of online Donations – Network for Good
  10. 10. Why this Fundraising Campaign Could Have Performed Better?
  11. 11. Why this Fundraising Campaign Could have Performed Better? • Good storytelling! • Donate ask should have been moved up!
  12. 12. Why this Fundraising Campaign Could Have Performed Better?
  13. 13. Why this Fundraising Campaign Could Have Performed Better? 7 Days Later and No Thank You Email from Nonprofit! Always Thank Your Donors Within 24 Hours! Nonprofit Provided No Updates on Facebook Fanpage! Keep Your Donors in the Loop!
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Contact Info Allyson Kapin: Rad Campaign, Women Who Tech Email: Allyson@radcampaign.com Website: http://www.radcampaign.com Twitter: @womenwhotech and @radcampaign @care2frogloop Blog: http://www.frogloop.com and http://www.radcampaign.com/blog About Rad Campaign Rad Campaign is an award-winning agency that provides web design, web development, online marketing, fundraising, and strategy to nonprofit organizations and political campaigns. http://www.radcampaign.com