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Social Media: You're Probably Doing it Wrong


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What happens when big brands, national nonprofits like the NRA or Susan G. Komen ignore their community or influencers lash out when they did not like what people had to say? This presentation explores some of these failures so you can avoid this pitfalls.

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Social Media: You're Probably Doing it Wrong

  1. 1. #C2Webinar Social Media: You're Probably Doing it Wrong Presented by: Allyson Kapin, Rad Campaign and Amy Sample Ward, NTEN Moderated by: Justin Perkins, Care2 May 9, 2013
  2. 2. #C2Webinar Social Media Diagram
  3. 3. #C2Webinar Don’t Be Old School!
  4. 4. #C2Webinar Don’t Be Old School! Old School Professional New School Professional We operate in a closed environment. We don’t share much publicly. We are open and transparent and welcome conversations with our community. Any type of PR is good PR. Bad PR will have negative consequences for our brand and how we are perceived. Shy away from criticism. It will fade away. We must address criticism immediately or it will erupt. If we don’t know the answers to questions – don’t say anything or spin it. Thank people for their question and let them know we are looking into it if we don’t know the answer.
  5. 5. #C2Webinar Automated Social Media Updates =‘s Bad Idea
  6. 6. #C2Webinar
  7. 7. #C2Webinar Automated Social Media Updates =‘s Bad Idea
  8. 8. #C2Webinar Don’t Insult Your Followers
  9. 9. #C2Webinar Don’t Insult Your Followers
  10. 10. #C2Webinar Never Make Assumptions
  11. 11. #C2Webinar Silence is NOT Golden on Social Media
  12. 12. #C2Webinar Apologize When You Mess Up!
  13. 13. #C2Webinar Don’t Chastise Your Community When They Speak Out “We are dismayed and extremely disappointed that actions we have taken to strengthen our granting process have been widely mischaracterized. – Nancy Brinker, Susan G. Komen, Founder
  14. 14. #C2Webinar GreenpeaceUK Takes on Nestle Campaign Goal
  15. 15. #C2Webinar Greenpeace UK Takes on Nestle
  16. 16. #C2Webinar GreenpeaceUK Takes on Nestle
  17. 17. #C2Webinar Nestle’s Initial Response? Nestle Forced YouTube to remove video for copyright infringement.
  18. 18. #C2Webinar After more multichannel pressure…
  19. 19. #C2Webinar
  20. 20. #C2Webinar Slactivism: Good or Bad? 44K+ views since April 18th.
  21. 21. #C2Webinar Craig Newmark’s #Squirrels4Good
  22. 22. #C2Webinar Create a Communications Map
  23. 23. #C2Webinar Step 1: Content Program or service updates/changes Staff announcements Jobs Volunteer opportunities Fundraisers Upcoming events Event results/wrap-ups
  24. 24. #C2Webinar Step 2: Goals Increase visibility of the organization Increase participation Raise funds Build leadership Find sponsors or partners Recruit volunteers Build community
  25. 25. #C2Webinar Step 3: Outlets Newsletter or mailing Email newsletter Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Website Blog
  26. 26. #C2Webinar Content Planning Template Get this template!
  27. 27. #C2Webinar Communications Map Courtesy of the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Totally Baldacious campaign.
  28. 28. #C2Webinar Social Media Handbook Personal vs Professional: Don’t be afraid of customer service Plan for the future Don’t be afraid to say no to friends Share knowledge regularly
  29. 29. #C2Webinar Social Media Handbook Guidelines to consider: Assume personal use and prepare staff Focus on things to say, not things they can’t say Be honest and transparent Use a disclaimer
  30. 30. #C2Webinar Social Media Handbook Guidelines to consider: Be a good ambassador Engage with the audience and build relationships Safeguard the organization’s name and content Give credit when credit is due
  31. 31. #C2Webinar Social Media Handbook Guidelines to consider: Respect confidentiality and keep security in mind Be responsible and use best judgment Separate opinions from facts Know that the Internet is permanent
  32. 32. #C2Webinar Social Media Handbook Create your own Social Media Policy: .php onal-Social-Engagement-Guidelines-2-0
  33. 33. #C2Webinar 5 Social Media Tips
  34. 34. #C2Webinar 1. Try to change a number.
  35. 35. #C2Webinar 2. Thank people for engaging.
  36. 36. #C2Webinar 3. Let staff hear how their content works or doesn’t.
  37. 37. #C2Webinar 4. Ask for feedback, and listen.
  38. 38. #C2Webinar 5. If something works, repeat it.
  39. 39. #C2Webinar
  40. 40. #C2Webinar Order The Book
  41. 41. #C2Webinar thank you! questions? contact us! Allyson Kapin @womenwhotech @radcampaign Amy Sample Ward @amyrsward Justin Perkins @elperko