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A sneak peak at our Rad manifesto. Come work with us!

Rad Culture Deck

  1. Hi, we’re Rad Campaign.
  2. Here’s the first thing you need to know about us:
  4. And slightly less important…
  5. We work with nonprofits, foundations, advocacy groups, and socially responsible businesses to spark and spread movements that create real social change. We are activists, coders, designers, entrepreneurs, social change makers, marketers, social mediaists, artists, musicians, feminists, progressives, writers, bikers, sandwich maker pros, bakers, and animal lovers.
  6. EVERY DAY WE TEAM UP WITH ORGANIZATIONS TO: Transform websites into sites that tell compelling stories and that inspire people to take action.
  7. EVERY DAY WE TEAM UP WITH ORGANIZATIONS TO: Craft creative social media and online marketing campaigns that focus on meaningful engagement, not vanity metrics. 
  8. EVERY DAY WE TEAM UP WITH ORGANIZATIONS TO: Solve problems by experimenting, testing, and learning from failing quickly. 
  9. WE ARE: Open source advocates.
  10. WE ARE: Activists who champion issues we believe in, and launch initiatives like Women Who Tech, Nonprofit 2.0, and the DC Underground Film Festival.
  11. WE ARE: Brutally honest about the latest trends and shiny objects impacting the nonprofit world. We constantly assess the effectiveness of the latest apps and measurement tools for advocacy, recruitment, engagement, and fundraising. We tell it like it is, even if our friends built the product.
  12. WE ARE: Always speaking our minds. You can read our opinions, analysis, and lessons learned on the Rad blog, Care2’s Frogloop blog, TechPresident, Fast Company, Huffington Post, or hear us speak at SXSW, NTC, and Personal Democracy Forum. Oh, and our co-founder co-wrote the book Social Change Anytime Everywhere, which became a nonprofit and web marketing bestseller on Amazon. Go Allyson!
  13. WE ARE: Picky about the organizations we work with and the people we hire. We prioritize organizations’ missions over profits – ALWAYS!
  14. WE THINK: Facebook is killing design and privacy. We want to fight like hell to change this.
  15. WE THINK: Everyone should be empowered to make decisions to get the job done. No one is too good to do anything – that includes throwing out the garbage or webbing someone’s desk as a Halloween surprise.
  16. WE THINK: We are picky about the organizations we work with. Every staffer gets a say in the organization and the projects we take on.  
  17. WE THINK: We are even picker about the people we hire. We consider you family, so we don’t work with jerks no matter how freakin’ talented you are. PS: The same rule applies to clients. 
  18. OUR TEAM: • Is pretty tight. • Is obsessed with Game of Thrones. • Loves to talk and share stories – like really good stories. And sometimes we, um, over share. • Is an opinionated bunch. • Gets shit done. • Has a life outside of the office and has flexible office hours. • Has unusually high retention rates. We work our asses off to keep people happy, empowered, and challenged. • Feels loved!
  19. OUR BENEFITS RAWK. WE INVEST IN RADSTERS: • 8 weeks paid time off; • Health Insurance - PPO; • Flexible Spending Account; • Quarterly Bonuses; • Matching 401K; • Commission on new business; • Conferences and training;
  20. WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE RADSTERS WHO LOVE: • Open source • Design that inspires • Simple and straight-forward processes • Having fun • Data, analytics, and testing • Social media and apps • Crafting creative online campaigns • Doing things wrong quickly • Sharing ideas • Cooking potlucks together • Retreats where you are pampered, have fun, and don’t work • Playing or hearing guitars in the office • The Pixies • Being effective
  21. AND WE WANT PEOPLE WITH HEART*: • Humble • Effective • Adaptive • Remarkable • Transparent * Hat tip borrowed from Hubspot – We could not have said it better ourselves.
  22. PLUS WE'RE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO, LIKE RADSTERS, DISLIKES: • Secret algorithms • Klout and similar apps that are meaningless • Vanity metrics • Endless meetings • Drama • Churn and burn • Cocky – know it alls • Brogrammer culture • Stuffy office culture
  23. Oh, and one more thing:
  24. KITTENZ!
  25. We are hiring an Account Manager, Technical Manager, and Junior Web Developer. Send over your resume, samples, and introduce yourself here: apply@radcampaign.com We’re excited to meet ya! This deck was inspired by Hubspot, the Valve Employee Handbook, and 10 years of learning to build a rad firm filled with the raddest people we know.