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Disrupting the Startup Brogrammer Culture


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Launching a startup is one of the toughest jobs you will ever love. But do women face more roadblocks than your average male startup founder? This thought-provoking panel at the Women Who Tech TeleSummit focused on how women launching startups can disrupt the startup “brogrammer culture” and issues such as:
– Lack of funding networks
– Imposter syndrome
– Sexism and/or harassment
– Ageism
– Being labeled as too bitchy or too meek

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Disrupting the Startup Brogrammer Culture

  1. Disrupting the Startup Brogrammer Culture POWERED BY Need help? Chat the chairperson or call Ready Talk support at 1 (800) Lynne d. Johnson, Consultant, Shireen Mitchell, Women’s Media Center, Nicole Sanchez, Vaya Consulting, Amy Vernon, PANELISTS MODERATOR Allyson Kapin, Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign
  2. 2 The Business Case • When we create products, we create it for the masses – not just for white men. Diverse tech teams and leadership make better products! • Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are more likely to outperform and have higher financial returns than other companies by 15%. • Ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform. • Women-led tech companies have a 35% higher ROI and 12% higher revenue. • Organizations with inclusive cultures have 39% higher customer satisfaction.
  3. In Your Earliest Days
  4. • Building the business case for diversity in YOUR company and socialize this understanding now. • Not settling for a GENDER-ONLY lens. • Building the need for diversity and the commitment to it into EVERY JOB DESCRIPTION. • Deciding that TIME is not your enemy. • Interrogating investors on their understanding of how diversity fits into YOUR company. Vaya Consulting, 2015 Focus On…..
  5. But What If Your Startup Has Been Around?
  6. What Does Your Startup Look Like?
  7. What Does Your Startup Look Like? Women comprise 56% of all professionals in the US but only 25% of tech workers. • Asian Women – 4% • Black Women – 3% • Latinas – 1%
  8. 8 What Does Your Culture Really Look Like? Is It Sexist? Is It Welcoming? Is It Inclusive? Is It Toxic?
  9. 9 What Does Your Culture Really Look Like? Forcing People To Fit In Because They Hold The Money And Power
  10. Who Dishes Out The Money? Silicon Valley Claims It’s A Meritocracy, Says They’re Not Color Blind. • Women comprise only 11% of partners at venture capital firms and about 13% of angel investors. • Silicon Valley executives who are women – 11% • Investors who are African American or Latino* - 2% *2011 self reported survey by National Venture Capital Association Who Gets Invested In?
  11. Williams, Joan C., Katherine W. Phillips, and Erika V. Hall. Double Jeopardy? Gender Bias Against Women in Science. Rep. San Francisco: UC Hastings College of the Law, 2015.
  12. How Should Startups Recruit?
  13. First, Ask Yourself These Questions! ● Does your startup have access to diverse networks? Is the door really open? ● Is your startup rushing to hire? ● Do employees experience bias & unfair treatment at your startup now? If so, how?
  14. First, Ask Yourself These Questions! What imagery do you use on your website? How do you describe your startup, its mission and culture? What language do you use in your job descriptions? • Ninja • Hacker • Rock Star • Live and breathe code 24/7
  15. Slide by Adria Richards -
  16. Slide by Adria Richards - failing-to-attract-female-engineers
  17. Don’t Be Tone Deaf!
  18. Additional Resources • Hire More Women In Tech - • Marie Curie Cartoon - • Interview with Cham at AlwaysON conference - by Shireen Mitchell • Recruiting Women Engineers – by Adria Richards - tech-companies-are-failing-to-attract-female-engineers/
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