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Volunteer mentoring as an efficient and effective adult learning strategy romania


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Volunteer mentoring as an efficient and effective adult learning strategy romania

  1. 1. CENTRAS CONSTANTZA – THE VOLUNTEERING CENTRE Sharing Experience Workshop: "Volunteer Mentoring as an Efficient and EffectiveAdult Learning Strategy – Lessons Learned and Best Practice from Romanian Experience" Constantza Grundvig Learning Partnership 2010/11 Romania 1-3.06.2011 participants registration sheet 1 – 3 June 2011 project nr: LLP/AT-430/132/10
  2. 2. Sharing Experience Workshop• The workshop is a mobility action organised by CENTRAS Constantza within the Grundtvig Partnership Programme which involves staff, organisations and learners from Romania, Austria, UK, Estonia, Greece and Germany.• The goal of this workshop is to promote volunteer mentoring as an efficient and effective adult learning strategy.• The seminar will present the mentoring approach of CENTRAS by using young volunteer mentors, and will point out the differences and similarities between the mentoring system used by CENTRAS and other mentoring systems and practices.
  3. 3. European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women - Womentor)• Established in 2008, in Austria• 13 members from 11 different countries - „Projectoffice for innovative social policy“(Austria), “NGO Öökull” (Estonia), „German Association of Women Engineers“(Germany), “Greek women´s engineering association” (Greece), „International Zonta Jelgava Club (Latvia), „Regional Centre for Sustainable Rural Development” (Romania), „Inova“ (United Kingdom), People to People International – Chapter Plovdiv(Bulgaria), Club Young Scientists ( Bulgaria), Association Filia (Czech Republic), Mädchenzentrum Café Dauerwelle ( Germany), Euro-net (Italy) and Balkaya Youth And Sports Club Associate( Turkey).• MISSION: Promoting gender equality through mentoring.
  4. 4. NGO REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE Constantza CONSTANTZA VOLUNTEERING CENTREMissionSupporting development of the civil society in RomaniaMain target groupsNGO representativesIndividuals and informal groups in communities, includingyoungstersServicesInformation disseminationTrainingConsulting and technical assistanceNetworking
  5. 5. NGO REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE Constantza CONSTANTZA VOLUNTEERING CENTREWHAT THE VOLUNTEERING CENTRE DOESYearly campaigns to promote volunteerismRecruiting around 100 volunteers each yearTraining volunteersProviding NGOs with volunteer human resourceSupporting volunteers’ initiatives
  6. 6. NGO REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE Constantza CONSTANTZA VOLUNTEERING CENTRE Youngsters empowerment-Helping youngsters to acquire a self-confidence,so that they are able to join / to take part / to getinvolved / to take action in the benefit of thecommunity -training -counselling -mentoring
  7. 7. Who are our volunteers? Survey of 300 young volunteers
  8. 8. Our volunteersWhy youngsters want to volunteer• The desire to help other people• The opportunity of testing their future job• Improving their CV• Achieving experience in a certain field• The opportunity to meet other people and to make new friends• The opportunity to put in practice their ideas and values• The opportunity to travel (even abroad)
  9. 9. NGO REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE Constantza CONSTANTZA VOLUNTEERING CENTRE male Male 5% 5% female Female 95% 95%
  10. 10. NGO REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE Constantza CONSTANTZA VOLUNTEERINGCENTRE The sector from which the volunteers come the business the public sector sector other 3% other 3% sectors 2% 11% unemployed 2% retired students in 2%high schools 34% students in universities 43%
  11. 11. NGO REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE Constantza CONSTANTZA VOLUNTEERINGCENTREHours available for volunteering more 2-3 timehours / available day 3% 25% 1 hour / day 72%
  12. 12. NGO REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE Constantza CONSTANTZA VOLUNTEERING CENTREPeriod of time available for volunteering longer termavailability 1 to 6 31% months 34% 6 to12 months 35%
  13. 13. NGO REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE Constantza CONSTANTZA VOLUNTEERING CENTRE Field of activity the volunteers are interested in International Volunteering cooperation Other and 10% 1% philantropy 8%Human rights Environment 8% Religion 11% 4% Art, Health and Education / entertainment social 12% training services 14% 32%
  14. 14. Our volunteers Foreign language skills Other 22% English 47% French 31%Other languages:German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian
  15. 15. YOUNGSTERS IN ORPHANAGESMain issue:Youngsters lack motivation for life
  16. 16. No. of organizations 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 lac we ac k of k inf for or m ma al tio an n low d se inf l 64.3% fe or ma ste em l ed lac uc k ea at of nd io n ma ne g 50% te at ria l me ive se lac a f k ns im of an ag qu df e al 50% if ic ina at nc ion ial an re d so pr ur o ce fes s sio 35.7% nalac l in k te of g ra inv tio ol ve n m 35.7% en dis t in cr th im ee ina co tio n Main problems and needs of girls and young women no m ic 21.4% life an d po l itic s 21.4% fa m ily vi o len ce 7.1% pe rs o n tra fic k ing 7.1%
  17. 17. No. of organizations to t al no .o fo la rg 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 ck an of iz fin at an io ns c ia la lr es 100% ck of ou qu rc es al la if ie ck la d ck m 57.1% of ed of en uc su to pp rs la at o ck io rt of n p 28.6%la pr er ck th og so e r nn of in am m vo s e l ot lv fo iv w em rm at ea 21.4% io n k to en en fo pr to r om fp rin g pa ot ub rti io lic ci n au pa of 21.4% tin m th g en or iti in to es ed r in uc g at pr io og 21.4% n/ ra tra m la in s la ck in ck of g of tra pr 14.3% a la in og or ra ga ck er s m ni of fo s za in rm tio te 14.3% na rs en ls ec to to rin tr a ria g te lc gy oo th pe 14.3% at Problems and needs of the organizations providing mentoring services ra in tio cl ud n es m 14.3% en to rin g 7.1%
  18. 18. No. of organizations 10 12 14 16 0 2 4 6 8 total no. of organizations 100% equality 71.4% promoting girls and young women 28.6% developing theentrepreneurship 28.6% personal development for 85.7%social integration by the providing organizations Principles and values promoted personal development for professional 64.3% integration Situation of mentoring social change 7.1%
  19. 19. CENTRAS’ mentoring system CENTRAS’ mentoring system is designed to copewith the main issue the youngsters in theorphanages are facing:Youngsters lack motivation for life because they lack life skils