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WomenTeachingWomen is an international organization devoted to empowering women by providing them with the skills and opportunities to become economically self-sufficient.

Our mission is based on the belief that women who are financially independent not only provide for themselves and their families, but they are also
responsible and active community leaders.

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  1. 1. WomenTeachingWomen EMPOWERING WOMEN TO CONTROL THEIR OWN DESTINIESWTW is dedicated to the mission of empowering women with the skills and toolsthey need to take charge of their lives, reach their goals and becomecommunity leaders.WTW is devoted to promoting this mission and to working with otherorganizations to reach this common objective.WTW is an international organization helping women all over the globe who arein need.WTW is founded on the belief that women who are financially independent notonly provide for themselves and their families, but they are also responsible andactive community leaders.
  2. 2. A Rural Village in Tanzania
  3. 3. A Rural Village in Cambodia
  4. 4. A Typical Kitchen
  5. 5. Seaweed Farming In ZanzibarEarns Less Than One Dollar A Day
  6. 6. Subsistence Farming To Feed Their Families
  7. 7. The Evening Meal Typically Vegetables From The Subsistence Farm
  8. 8. WomenTeachingWomen SERVICES Business Institute Micro Finance Training Institute•Training in •Assistance getting •Training in design, agriculture,business, management and microloans automotive and health/wellnessleadership skills •Business and Marketing skills•Connection to micro-loans and Plans •Women’s Design Cooperativesother financing sources •Assistance in •Marketing of products produced•Entrepreneur mentorship maintaining accounts by Women’s Cooperatives and•Re-organization and strategic and recordkeeping other core areasplanning for existing businesses •Risk Management and •Special Projects & collaborations•Networking opportunities oversight •Mentorship•Access to global markets•Crisis management Operations Financial Development •Day to Day Administration •Private Fundraising •Budget Development •Major Fundraising Events •Budget Oversight •Volunteer Program •Strategic Planning •Creative Projects •Program Development •Special Initiatives •Internet and Technology •Grants and Fellowships
  9. 9. WomenTeachingWomen Business Institute• Provides business, management and leadership skills training• Connects graduating students to micro-financing and other financing sources• Facilitates entrepreneur mentorship• Oversees re-organization and strategic planning for existing businesses• Develops networking opportunities• Develops access to global markets• Crisis management
  10. 10. WomenTeachingWomenTeaching Business Skills In Zanzibar
  11. 11. WomenTeachingWomenTeaches Business Skills In India
  12. 12. WomenTeachingWomenTeaches Business Skills In Kenya
  13. 13. WomenTeachingWomen Training Institute• Training in specific core areas: Agriculture, Technology, Sewing, Fashion, Restaurant and Hotel Management• Women’s Cooperatives in skill areas• Facilitates international marketing of creative projects completed by Women’s Cooperative• Facilitates international marketing of products produced in core training areas• Online store promoting and selling merchandise produced in training center• Develops relationships and special projects with international retailers and designers• Helps with warehousing, shipping and fulfillment of all orders• Creative collaborations
  14. 14. WomenTeachingWomenTeaches Farming Skills In Tanzania
  15. 15. WomenTeachingWomenStarts A Women’s Cooperative In Kenya
  16. 16. WomenTeachingWomen Teaching Sewing SkillsIn A Rural Village In India
  17. 17. WomenTeachingWomen Micro Financing• Assist graduates of the Business Institute in getting micro loans and/or other types of financing• Help develop and write business plans and marketing strategies• Assist in maintaining accounts and recordkeeping• Risk Management and oversight
  18. 18. WomenTeachingWomenAssists A Woman In Getting A Micro-Loan To Expand Her Fabric Business
  19. 19. WomenTeachingWomen Volunteer Program Provides opportunities for individuals to volunteer at WTW programs around the world Volunteer commitment is for two-week intervals (that can be extended for two week intervals) A specific assignment is developed for the volunteer based on the their skills and the needs of the women they will be working with The volunteer experience is enhanced by a program of workshops and seminars Volunteers will be provided with a volunteer assignment, a place to stay, three meals a day and supervision
  20. 20. WomenTeachingWomen Sends Volunteers To The Neediest PlacesIn The World To Help People Start Businesses
  21. 21. WomenTeachingWomen Outcomes Women around the world have successfully started their own businesses and are financially independent Women are taking care of their families providing nice places to live, healthy meals and responsible parenting Women are making sure that their children get an education Women are speaking up in their communities making them better places to live Women are becoming leaders in their family, community and country
  22. 22. On ZanzibarA Women Starts A Laundry Business Marketing To The Resort Hotels
  23. 23. In TanzaniaA Women Uses Her Cooking Skills To Start A Fish Restaurant
  24. 24. In CambodiaA Women Uses The Produce From Her Rural Farm To Start A Fruit Stand In The City
  25. 25. In IndiaA Women Uses Her Sewing Skills to Start A Dress Making Business
  26. 26. In KenyaA Women Turns Her Subsistence Farm Into An Agriculture Business
  27. 27. Women Who Are Financially Independent Can Take Charge Of Their Lives
  28. 28. Women Who Are Financially Independent Educate Their Children
  29. 29. Women Who Are Financially Independent Become Community Leaders