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Rural Women Breakout - Angela Hansen Dahlberg


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Rural Women Breakout - Angela Hansen Dahlberg

  1. 1. #bwffconf Global Innovations to Promote Financial Inclusion: Rural Women Breakout Session Angela R. Hansen, Partner Director of Agriculture & Food Security Practice Dalberg Global Development Advisors #bwffconf @angelarhansen, @DalbergTweet Building Women-Focused Finance
  2. 2. #bwffconf Dalberg is a strategic advisory firm dedicated to helping clients solve the world’s toughest problems CORPORATIONS UNITED NATIONS NGOs & FOUNDATIONS DEVELOPMENT FINANCE INSTITUTIONS GOVERNMENTS & GOVERNMENT AGENCIES [+ other confidential clients] Building Women-Focused Finance 2
  3. 3. Dalberg’s 2012 report raised awareness of the financing needs of smallholder farmers and motivated the creation of a new Initiative #bwffconf • Initiative to build the essential R&D infrastructure and demonstrate progress in ‘pathways’ for smallholder finance • A time-bound 3 year effort housed in the non-profit Global Development Incubator and guided by a Steering Committee of sponsor funders and key actors • Three main phases of work focus on 1. Research and design (6-12 months) 2. Pilot and implementation (18 months) 3. Evaluation and policy (12 months) • The goal of the Initiative is marked progress toward closing the gap between smallholder financing demand and supply Building Women-Focused Finance 3
  4. 4. #bwffconf The Initiative examines smallholders activity in a number of value chains; noting they can be classified into four typologies Value Chain Typology A) Exportable cash crop B) Captive global buyer value chain C) Organized local staple Aggregation Point Producer organization (e.g., cooperatives or associations) Contract or out-grower Warehouses or local organization (e.g., traders processer or buyer) Value Chain Power Supplier power (at producer organization) Buyer power % of farmers Less than 10% of farmers are in typology A or B* D) Un-organized local staple No Aggregation Light buyer power (or None (likely regulated government regulated) by government) Vast majority are in typology C or D Market • Export • Export Characteristics • No alternative market • Organized local market • Limited formal markets Crop • Price incentives for Characteristics quality • May be perishable post-harvest • Durable post-harvest • No price incentive for quality Examples Coffee, Cocoa Fruit & Vegetables, Cotton, Dairy Tree nuts (in India), Maize (in Kenya) Rice (in Nigeria) Financing Models Direct to producer orgs. Internal value chain Warehouse financing or Agriculture (e.g., social or financing (e.g., through local trader financing microfinance commercial lending) buyer or processor) * Estimated figure based on average ratio of agriculture export value to production value in select countries (FAO Stat) Note: The chart above does not include farmers that produce primarily for on-farm consumption (i.e., only includes traded crops) Source: Interviews with social lenders and technical assistance providers; FAO Stat; Dalberg analysis Building Women-Focused Finance
  5. 5. The typologies map to five ‘growth pathways’ and pose interesting gender related questions Relevant Typology Growth Pathway 1 Replicate and scale existing social lending models A) Exportable cash crop 2 Innovate new social lending products beyond short-term trade finance 3 B) Captive global buyer value chain Finance out-grower schemes of multinational buyers 4 C) Organized local staple Finance through alternate aggregation points 5 D) Un-organized local staple Finance direct to farmers Building Women-Focused Finance #bwffconf Gender Balance Hypothesis
  6. 6. #bwffconf Thank you! For more information contact: Angela R. Hansen, Partner Director: Agriculture & Food Security Dalberg - Global Development Advisors 25 Owl Street, 13th Floor, Johannesburg, South Africa 2092 Tel: +27 (0)11 482 7431 | Skype: angelarhansen | @angelarhansen E: | | @DalbergTweet The 2012 Report “Catalyzing Smallholder Finance” is available for download on the Dalberg website. Building Women-Focused Finance