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  • You can mention to the group that the website community pages will be ready to use shortly once we have provided country officers with the user’s guide.
  • The dates for the sub regional meetings are as follows: April 30-May 1 (North Africa), May 3-4 (Levant) + May 5 for Iraqi Future Search, May 7-8 (GCC)
  • Alwane presentation

    1. 1. The ALWANE Coalition for theAdvancement of Women’s Leadership 2012
    2. 2. Working in emerging democracies and post-conflict regions around the world,Women’s Campaign International (WCI) advances opportunities for women to activelyparticipate in public advocacy, market, and political processes.Who is Women’s CampaignInternational?
    3. 3. What is ALWANE? The ALWANE Coalition aims to create a sustainable and active coalition of political, economic, civil society, academic leaders and youth committed to the advancement of women’s leadership in the MENA region. ALWANE stands for Active Leaders for Women’s Advancement in the Near East. In Arabic, “alwane” means “my colors,” a phrase which evokes both the ability to paint our own future and the power of diversity in leading change.
    4. 4. What is the ALWANE Coalition? The ALWANE Coalition Yemen Country CommitteeThe ALWANE Coalition includes men and women academics, activists, experts, entrepreneurs and youth committed to social change and gender equality.Working at both a national and regional level, this Coalition aims to generate discourse around pressing challenges to women’s full participation in society, as well as share intraregional success stories.
    5. 5. Program Objectives• Establishment of 17 Country Committees• Regional discourse and advocacy campaigns focused on women’s leadership• Regional Summit in Amman, Jordan• A Youth Mentorship System• An interactive Website• Policy recommendations focused on women’s rights
    6. 6. Country Committees, Advocacy and Policy Recommendations• Consists of 6-10 youth fellows and 6-10 leaders, experts, and academics• Committee Activities:  Identify an issue that is an obstacle to women’s leadership  Design and implement an advocacy campaign  Draft and disseminate policy recommendations to local and national policy makers and the international Tunisia Country Officer participates in community International Women’s Day event!
    7. 7. Online Platform• Each Country Committee will also be represented through an online community page on the initiative’s official website.• Share challenges facing women in your country through current news updates, videos, photos and live discussion forums on website and ALWANE Facebook and Twitter pages• Collaborate with likeminded active individuals across the region• Inform and engage the public in your activities• Contribute your knowledge, views and experiences and learn from others
    8. 8. Mentorship Program• Opportunity to mentor or be mentored and expand your personal and professional network.• In your mentorship pairings, you will work together to ensure that you have ongoing support and guidance in your advocacy efforts.• Mentorships will develop to sustain and grow past the completion of your committee work and will hopefully expand your own growth and development.
    9. 9. Regional Collaboration• Opportunity to collaborate with other countries in your region• Sub-regional meetings in late April/early May will take place in Amman, Tunis, and Dubai to bring together committees from the Levant, North Africa and GCC• Gatherings will focus on teambuilding, strategic planning and capacity building and will give you the chance to network and collaborate with other coalition members.• November 11-12, 2012 a Regional Summit in Amman, Jordan will gather five members from each committee providing an opportunity to present committee work, participate in social/new media and leadership trainings, and the drafting and signing of Constitutions for the Advancement of Women’s Leadership in the region. WCI Iraq Country Officer Essam’s YDI program with women and youth in Iraq
    10. 10. Welcome to ALWANE! Be ready to get informed, getinvolved and share your voice!