14 Factors That Cause Female Sexual Dysfunction!<br />Diabetes<br />Results show that Type 1 Diabetes causes decreased lub...
14 factors that cause sexual dysfunction in women
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14 factors that cause sexual dysfunction in women


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Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) basically refers to problems with sex.

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14 factors that cause sexual dysfunction in women

  1. 1. 14 Factors That Cause Female Sexual Dysfunction!<br />Diabetes<br />Results show that Type 1 Diabetes causes decreased lubrication leading to sexual dysfunction. Depression seems to be a significant predictor in these cases. It could also be a side effect of prescribed medications. <br />Arthritis<br />More often than not, the pain related to arthritis is one of the major causes of sexual dysfunction in women. This can be taken care of by adequate exercise and medications to reduce joint pains. <br />Vaginal Atrophy<br />This is a condition caused due to decreased blood flow to the vagina, decrease in estrogen levels and decreased lubrication in the Vagina. <br />Cervical / Ovarian / Other Cancers <br />The treatment of cancers causes sexual dysfunction rather than the cancer itself. Treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation to cervix, vagina or uterus, surgery for cancers in the pelvic area and side effects of the medicines used to treat cancers, all of which may cause sexual dysfunction in women. <br />Heart Disease<br />Hypertension as well as heart medicines are known in many cases to cause female sexual dysfunction. <br />Neurological Disorders<br />Neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, cause sexual dysfunction in women due to the nerve supply to the genitals being interrupted. <br />Urinary Problems<br />LUTS or lower urinary tract symptoms causes’ urinary urgency and frequency, overactive bladder syndrome, and interstitial cystitis leading to sexual dysfunction in women. <br />Headaches<br />Coital Cephalgia or sex headaches are rare but a sure phenomenon. Women also have something called hormonal headaches. Sex headaches are more common in women who already have migraines or tension headaches causing female sexual dysfunction. <br />High Cholesterol Levels<br />High levels of cholesterol cause plaques to form in the arteries to the genitals causing female sexual dysfunction.<br />Hypertension<br />Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in women of the same age, is twice due to hypertension than due to normotensiveness.<br />Smoking<br />Smoking cigarettes causes reduced blood flow throughout the body and obviously to the sexual organs too causing female sexual dysfunction.<br />Alcoholism<br />Alcohol is certainly known to invoke sexual desire but works in reverse as far as sexual performance is concerned and is considered to be a cause of female sexual dysfunction too. <br />Drug Abuse <br />Drug abuse is also largely associated with depression both of which are harmful to a woman’s sexual health. <br />Gynecological Diseases<br />Since a woman’s sexual dysfunction is considered to be more complex than of a man, for obvious reasons, any problem related to any gynecological part of a woman can cause female sexual dysfunction. <br />