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Presentation shown at SoCal SPUG @ the Gardena Quickstart on 8/27/2009. The full PowerPoint slide deck with notes can be downloaded here:

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  • SharePoint performance is often not very good (slow response times). Slow response times can frustrate users and in case of customer facing applications, you can even lose customers and as a result direct revenue.

    SharePoint performance problems occur primarily due to the following reasons:
    - BLOBs overwhelm SQL Server
    - Too many database trips for lists

    You can dramatically improve SharePoint performance if you use a few of intelligent techniques. They are:
    - Externalize Documents (BLOBs)
    - Cache Lists and BLOBs

    How does StorageEdge help?
    StorageEdge combines all the things discussed above and automatically improves SharePoint performance and scalability for you. Here is how it works:
    - Install StorageEdge
    - Configure BLOB Externalization
    - Configure BLOB Caching
    - Configure List Caching
    - Monitor SharePoint Performance improvements
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SharePoint 2010 Preview

  1. 1. From a consultant’s point of view Henry Ong Senior SharePoint Specialist 6th Street Consulting
  2. 2. The old vs the new
  3. 3. …for the Business and End Users?
  4. 4. Enhanced User Interface Contextual Ribbon! Inline “Web Edit” Upload and resize images from the browser!
  5. 5. User Defined Themes Import a theme generated from PowerPoint Configurable color schemes
  6. 6. Visio Services (Kind of like Excel Services!)
  7. 7. …for the IT Pros and Administrators?
  8. 8. Improved Central Admin UI Ribbon Action Server 2008 Style UI
  9. 9. Runs on a Timer Job with Configurable Rules Best Practices Analyzer Repair Auto- magically?!
  10. 10. Logs & Reporting to the DB Developers will have access to the DB Schema.
  11. 11. Large List Throttling No more 2000 item limit voodoo talk! Configurable List Throttling And Thresholds List throttling controls forces end users to create more efficient views with < x number of items.
  12. 12. Granular Backup/Restore Options
  13. 13. Less Abrasive Upgrade Process Enables compatibility check before committing.
  14. 14. …for the Developers?
  15. 15. Visual Web Part Development! Drag and drop your web part controls here. Shortens development cycle.
  16. 16. Web Part Performance Dashboards
  17. 17. Lists to Front End LOB Data
  18. 18. Other noteworthy changes  Combination of XML + Javascript Development & Features  Dedicated classes for working with Powershell  Use InfoPath to design List Forms  More information (SharePoint 2010 SDK Preview) - milyID=94afe886-3b20-4bc9-9a0d- acd8cd232c24&displaylang=en
  19. 19. Things to do before you upgrade to SharePoint 2010
  20. 20. 64-bit Everything!
  21. 21. 64-Bit Infrastructure  Windows Server 2008 x64  SQL Server 2005/2008 x64  Anything else?
  22. 22. PreUpgradeCheck Utility Install WSSv3/MOSS 2007 SP2 Get it for Free! 
  23. 23. Contact Information  Henry Ong    