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  1. 1. HEALTH: The Best way to live a Healthy life The basic necessity of life is living healthy. Wealth and knowledgecannot be compared to having good health. The human health is basically the condition of a person’s mind or body. Itis the state of how well and effective the physicalbody and mind functions. The world health organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of diseases and deformity. The implication of this is that a healthy person enjoys a robustlife with the energy needed to engage in certain satisfying pursuits or endeavors. A healthy person enjoys emotional fulfillment and self esteem which are signs of positive mental health and the person is also able to formclose personalrelationships. The human physiologicalsystemis a combination of different organs, each with a unique feature that all work together to enable the human body function properly. For example the heart organ in the left side of the chest pumps blood in and around the entire human system. As we know, the human blood essentially flows through our body and keeps us alive. Whatever we eat or take into our systemaffects or are being affected by our blood. Physically, if you are concerned about avoiding illnesses and diseases in your body then you need to consider the kind of things that go through your blood vessels. The human blood is very important in sustaining the life of a person. The easiest way to contact illnesses and diseases is through the direct infection of the blood. Oncethe human blood is kept clean fromexternal influences, it would definitely be difficult for such a person to contact any formof sickness or disease(except in some rare extreme cases). For example, the reason why people get infected with HIV is because their blood has come in contact with other blood or vices (blades, needles) that possess the HIV virus. Therearemany other common blood related ailments and sicknesses thatoccur in the human body, someof which are:  Hepatitis: An injury or infection to the liver caused by viruses, bacterial infections or continuous exposureto alcohol, drugs or toxic chemicals, such as thosefound in aerosolsprays and paint thinners. These infections affect the blood before causing an inflammation of the liver.
  2. 2.  Malaria:This is a diseaseor sickness caused by infection to the blood through parasites like mosquitoes. Severecases of malaria can result to death if left untreated properly.  Typhoid fever: This is an acute infections disease caused by the typhoid bacillus salmonella typhus. The bacillus is transmitted by milk, water or solid food contaminated by feces of typhoid victims or carriers, that is, healthy person’s who harbor typhoid bacilli without presenting symptoms. Itis obvious fromthese few examples of health illnesses that the human blood plays a major role in the health of a person. Whatever substanceis taken into the human body (either through the mouth, nose or even skin) is always transported through the blood, and if such ingested substanceis infected so also is the body vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. The importance of a healthy life to a person cannotbe overemphasized. Healthy living produces physicalstrength, long life and even mental stability. The mental state of a person is based on how balanced and reasonablesuch a person can think, feel and act in relation to physicaland social changes. The human brain is the essential organ that is responsiblefor emotional feelings and physicalactions. The human society is so complicated that sometimes it may be virtually impossiblefor a person to avoid been infected with some illnesses and disease. In Nigeria for example, it is not everybody that has access to good food and clean water. Some people are even unfortunateto be living in dirty environmental conditions because of the government’s negligence towards its lower class citizens. In such cases some people cannot control how they should properly live because of conditions beyond their control. Itis necessary to note the importance of the human mind to such situations. The human mind (brain) is a strong intellectual forcethat can change the course of any action or situation once the human being can put it into full operation. In life whatyou believe in and act towards will always work for you. Your feeling at times determines what is about to happen to you. People live healthy because of their adequate knowledgeon the requirements for healthy living. If you have a
  3. 3. good idea on what to eat and drink per time with moderation, it will go a long way in sustaining your healthy status. Our social environmentis blessed with so many different consumablegoods (foods, drinks, body detergents and cosmetics) that are needed daily in our lives. The problemhere is that a lot of production companies have started producing too much of these consumablegoods without controlled regulations. In this casethere are a lot of consumableproducts that have even become harmfulfor human consumption all becauseof the selfish greed of someof these production companies. An example is the influx of chemically canned food that is not properly processed which has replaced the need for naturally grown agriculturalfood stuffs. Thefact that somepeople have the money to always purchasewhatever they wanthas caused them not to be cautious in regulating the kind of consumablegoods they use. In this casewhen there is no control over what the body receives then there is the high risk of illness and diseaseinfection. The human mind in this case is needed to instill a formof discipline on whatever we use in or to our body. In life it is difficult to eat your cake and also have it at the sametime. This means if you wanta good healthy and sickness freelife you need to consciously reduceor avoid somethings you think you are enjoying. For example, a smoking addict will never realize the harmthe cigarette or drug does to the body while smoking. Itis the consistent usageovertime that affects the blood rate and essential functions of the person’s organs. In mostcases the negative effect of smoking may startmanifesting some years into the habit, and in such cases it gets too late to have a medical intervention. The human systemis like a set of coordinated mechanism. The infection of one particular organ in the body can affect the whole function of the human system. Itis necessary for us as human beings to carefully access what goes into our bodies if we are concerned about living healthy. People also learn by examples and experience. In this casean individual should always try to avoid activities that causes repetition of bad and painful health experience as it may result into an untreatable illness if not properly controlled. As we discussed earlier, the human mind is a strong intellectual and energy force that can change the courseof any action or situation once the human being can put it into full operation. The question that many people may want to ask is “how
  4. 4. do I deal with untreatable or incurable diseases?” This question can only be answered based on how strong the feeling of such a person is towards good health. Pain is the only reason why people remember they have a particular illness or disease. Pain can be defined as a feeling of hurt based on too much pressureand a state of discomfortin some particular areas of the body. The human brain receives the signal of pain fromthe body and relays it back to the area of concentration. In this caseif the consciousness of pain can be suppressed by the human mind (brain), it goes a long way in helping the individual’s healthy life. Health is not only aboutphysicalsymptoms in or on our body. Health also involves our feelings and how confident we are in our approach to life. Some AIDS patients live long becauseof the positivethoughts they accommodate in their mind. Even sicklecell patients live healthy because of their positive approach to life. In this case they think less of the pain they feel and think more of other issues that make them happy. If you are experiencing any health related problem, what you do is to focus your mind solely on whatmakes you happy. You could even go a step further by surrounding yourself with people, issues or things that specifically make you happy. This is the best way to suppress any kind of pain you feel and subsequently produces a basis for your positivehealth development. For example if you are experiencing stomach ache as a footballer, you could put on your T.V and watch good football to take your mind off the stomach upset. It may not be easy but at least that is one of the few things you can do by yourself to help your health condition. In conclusion, the best way to live a healthy life is by consistentand conscious awareness of whatwe eat and apply to our body and how we carry out daily activities. Every individual wants to be healthy, but it takes discipline and commitment to the rightvices for anybody to experience a healthy life. Daily exercises are also necessary to regulate whatwe ingest into our body through commitment and discipline. Religious people live longer and healthier. The mind sharpens what it perceives into reality.