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HRF - Holistic Rescue Framework powered by Earth Obersevation Data


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The HRF merges user generated live data with earth observation data to establish a rescue system, where all the affected parties can push and pull related information.

In a disaster scenario EO data visualizes the trigger for a disaster, but is not able to showcase the real human impact of the catastrophe. It is possible to calculate the amount of affected housing, but not how many people are really affected by the cause.

We merge the eo-data with user generated data from the ground. Through an sms or mobile service affected people can get updates on the ground and give feedback to the system about the current situation on the ground to improve to rescue activities.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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HRF - Holistic Rescue Framework powered by Earth Obersevation Data

  1. 1. Rocketminds presents
  2. 2. How to rescue the world ...
  3. 3. ... in 90 seconds.
  4. 4. Goal: Turn data into action  
  5. 5. DATA INFORMATION ACTION •  Sentinel-1 •  Sentinel-2 •  Sentinel-3 •  Sentinel-4 •  Sentinel-5 •  Sentinel-6 •  Ice •  Fire •  Flood •  Earthquake •  Storm •  Dust •  Pollution •  Rescue a user" •  Prevent from a disaster
  6. 6. Holistic Rescue Framework
  8. 8. SRSLY?
  10. 10. The Product •  individual •  relief agency •  local administration •  government •  global ngo
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