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Frankfurt Collective: Project Brief


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Wth an existing network of non-profit events we provide a creative sandbox for kids, individuals & entrepreneurs to explore the future in non-conventional environments. Now we aim to leverage the quantity and quality of inspiration coming from Frankfurt.

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Frankfurt Collective: Project Brief

  2. 2. The Problem Thanks to the Internet the access to knowledge has been simplified, but still works best on a personal level. Traditional learning systems don't offer the opportunity to meet like-minded people on a local basis, learn new things and develop new ideas in a collaborative way. The Solution Frankfurt Collective is a set of different learning environments. TEDxRheinMain offers inspirational short talks from outstanding personalities via an annual conference. OpenTechSchool adds an intense ideation and learning experience within small project groups. FabLabFFM provides the necessary production facilities to realize new ideas arising from that. Rocketminds is an online magazine and serves as content and news distribution platform to support the assets of Frankfurt Collective and strengthen the community. TEDxRheinMain OpenTechSchool Rocketminds FablabFFM Frankfurt Collective
  3. 3. Example Young Peter gets invited to a local TEDx conference. A scientist talks about the impact of drone technology on the future of mobility. He gets interested in the possibilities and reads referring articles on the Rocketminds blog to get more insights. Joining the drone group at the OpenTechSchool he learns the basics of programming by hacking an existing drone. As things develop he realizes that he could improve the hardware. At the FabLabFFM he builds his first prototype for a Kickstarter campaign and gets promoted at the Rocketminds blog. After becoming a successful entrepreneur he presents his story from zero to hero at a next TEDxRheinMain conference. Impact Since 2011 the team members are involved in the small but vivid digital and creative scene of the Frankfurt. We are the driving force behind many user groups, barcamps and other initiatives. TEDxRheinMain is a well known conference series with 8 events during the last 3 years visited by over 3.000 attendees and attracting a community of over 5.000 fans. Rocketminds was launched in 2014 as a blog to support the event at the ESA Darmstadt and is already followed by over 1.500 visitors each month. OpenTechSchool was launched this year as a local branch of the global initiative and already hosts an international community of over 100 people interested in learning, collaborating, networking and socializing. FabLab is still in the planning stage but the global growth of maker movement and supportive statements by US government have proven that it will have an impact on the local community.
  4. 4. Full Impact Potential The idea behind Frankfurt Collective is to set up a blueprint for starting and maintaining a local network of collaborators creating a positive impact in the community. We strongly believe that change evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose - Curiosity. We offer a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities. Joining our diverse community of members and collaborators will inspire, connect and enable every citizen to enjoy and benefit from learning in a new contemporary way. Sustainability Plan Frankfurt Collective has already access to a local community of over 5.000 people. We are connected to the local start-up and creative scene as well as other European hubs already looking for synergies. We´re searching for partners to financial support the needed infrastructure of the different content assets. We don’t want to generate direct profit from our activities as we want to ensure that everyone gets the possibility to participate. Marketplace There are no creative hubs in Frankfurt like Betahaus in Berlin, Campus in London or Citizen Space in San Fransisco. Existing initiatives like co- working- or hacker-spaces only reach a niche audience and are not conceptual linked together. We aim for a public funded and non-commercial status for Frankfurt Collective which i.e makes partnerships with local public schools a promising option supporting them on a project driven base with work-shops and infrastructure necessary.
  5. 5. Founding Story Frankfurt Collective was founded in the late nineties by LAB75 to give local artists and entrepreneurs a platform to exchange and develop ideas and products. The studio is running three design and innovation hubs in Frankfurt, Berlin and Zürich by today. The workforce around Marco Bahn and Wolfgang Weicht consists of an international multidisciplinary team covering all aspects of an integrated industrial design process. During the last 3 years this turned into a vital design, technology and education centric community running on a local non-commercial base. Now we want to open our sandbox to a broader local audience. Team Explanation Team members come from the area of business, marketing, design and technology covering all ages. We are working on this project at the moment interdisciplinary and collaboratively in a small team to ensure the project development speed. Once the infrastructure and the framework of Frankfurt Collective have been established we will expand the team to cover the sub projects.