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Projects Colman2010 Part2

  1. 1. Additional projects Ideas Colman 2010 Shai Wolkomir (Due to some students requests, am adding some more ideas that came to mind ....)
  2. 2. Share-A-fi
  3. 3. Share-A-fi Share your wireless connection, but do it smart Ever wondered what you wireless router is doing when you are not home .... Not a lot :-) Why not make it worth while ... If you router could give out free internet to everyone around ( in its proximity ) and in the process, maybe make you some money in the process Make your wireless router work for You !!!
  4. 4. The Idea is simple Whenever your not home ( your wireless router can detect it VIA you mac address connection ) You open it for every one But, since you are giving them free internet (neighbors, people in the near coffee shop, etc ), they will need to “pay” something Since you are “seeing” all their browsing activity, every now and then (not aggressively) you can add a smart advertisement on top of the website they are browsing to
  5. 5. why will it work ? Its “green” - less boxes, more usage of what we have its efficient its cool :-) personalized ads are crucial in todays era Seeing everything a man is looking at ( and not just one site will give you a great edge )
  6. 6. what’s in it for you you will program on an open source linux os on a wireless router and create a NAT program to control all the traffic and embed relevant ads High relevance ad placement is very important today, setting a foot in this territory will gain you great knowledge and a clear edge !! Suitable for a strong group ( of at least 4 ) Hard work
  7. 7. PhisheO
  8. 8. PhiseO - Detect Phishing with SEO and more Ever wondered how you catch a phishing attack Well, there are lots and lots of ways, most of them do retain to the content analysis of the page it self Which is good ... but not enough Phiseo will add a new layer of detection using meta analysis on the website and of the its surrounding ingredients (anything but the content)
  9. 9. If its a bank, its domain should be high ranked in a search engine ? (as apposed to a fraud site) How much time has the site been up Is the server located in ... “Normal” Zone Etc ... Learning all of these takes time, but it provides a new and interesting way to analyze Phishing The good think is that there are a number of data sets in the public domain that we can analyze
  10. 10. This project is all about thinking and experimenting outside the box Finding a good formula that will add even 10-15% more visibility of weather a site is phishy or not, will have great affect for any security company Focus on new ways to see if a site if Phishy or not, anything but the content analysis (Boring ....)
  11. 11. Why will it work Security companies are always on look out for an additional security detection technology ( even if it gives them 10% factor - believe me its a lot !!!! ) You are trying out something new (thats said - it might not work :-)) Phishing is a big problem today ( and will grow bigger ) I think you will enjoy the research part, it will be very interesting
  12. 12. Whats in it for you Security , Detection ,innovation (we will be brian storming a lot together) Harvest multiple samples of phishing sites to analyze and find their common factors Develop a SaaS solution that any company can send you a site, and you will give them a “RiskScore” as for how Phishy it is (given your unique analysis)
  13. 13. Reputation2.0
  14. 14. Reputation2.0 Your Reputation personal alert engine The web is a great place but a dangerous one as well For each job interview in the US, people are goggling you !!! What if the find that photo from you know when ... in that party ... on that beach ... with that .... (Oh never mind, you know where this is going to !! ) What you would like to do is KNOW before they do and then have the power to do something about it !
  15. 15. Introducing - your online personal googler, it will keep you inform and alert you on every bit and bytes that google finds on you in almost real time why ? Cause its important Challanges ? Google has a lousy API , but we can Use Yahoo’s and make some clever stuff to overcome some of the issues there
  16. 16. So again the scenario is simple You don’t google yourself everyday and see what new posts are there related to you on the web Reputation2.0 will do just that and alert you VIA email Now you know first, and you have the time to do something if you find it ... offensive remove that photo call that website editor anything you see as relevant Remember - knowledge is important, real time knowledge even more :-) The focus in this project is on the “find” and not on the “remove”
  17. 17. RealTwend
  18. 18. One of the basics problem of today’s messaging is the tinyURL , its that short url, people are seeing everywhere that later on correlates to a “real” Url Another interesting subject people are trying to explore is trends .. what are people talking about, what is interesting, what is being digged, etc .... Can we combine the two and solve a bigger problem ? (answer in the next slide)
  19. 19. Obama : Yes we can !!!! What if we would search the twitter stream m in very short intervals and gather all the tiny urls there and then convert then to real URL’s and see the real pictures We can then find out what URL’s are really re - twitted, talked about and are in the heart of the conversation It will make trend , and URL relevancy much clearer
  20. 20. Why will it work Trends are cool Everybody wants to know everything before everyone Twitter is a realtime stream that uses an obfuscating tool that “hurts” its capability of being a real trend analyzer ( you can fix that)
  21. 21. Whats in it for me Twitter API Stats and realtime URL match conversion Client and server side work done here Use what ever server side you want (ASP, PHP, etc ...) Working on trend’s and the “real time” internet will make you an internet Ninja !
  22. 22. StopSpweet
  23. 23. If you didn't get it, then : Spweet = Spam Tweet Tweeter is growing and so is Spam Well, thats the main idea : if something is that good someone will find a way to abuse it !!! There are a number of ways in which you can provide a means to stop spam tweet And there are a number of potential customers you can sell you gazzilion dollar company to End users Twitter itself Etc ...
  24. 24. Therefor it could be ( and should be ) implemented differently depend on the end Goal The good news - there is no real good solution today It means yo can solve the problem to just a specific segment in the market and still regain GLORY :-0
  25. 25. Main detection idea - build reputation and a formula around the users, their friends, their retweets, their time of posts, their posted URL’s (and tiny url’s), etc .... As you might gather this project too has a very unique approach in the security domain The good thing is that you don't have to take the security internship to do this project
  26. 26. Whats in it for me Twitter API Security experience Will it work - i think so, mainly because the market is dying for a solution !!!! (60% of tweets are junk anyway ....) Will it make you a gazzilion dollars ? Depends ... you need : 10% Work hard 10% Be brilliant 80% Have luck !!!
  27. 27. Segmentor
  28. 28. What is the hardest part about making a survey ? Creating the questions ... Nope ! I don't think so ... Analyzing the answers .... Nope ! common 1+1 = 2 ... Duh ?!?! Finding the right people to ask them the relevant question !!! ... YES
  29. 29. Lets say that you are celcom and you want to make a survey for new billing programs for soldiers ( ages 18-20 ) So what will you do ? you need to drive to a base and put out a stand to ask soldiers questions But what if you want to target married women in the age of 30-35, that have babies ? Much harder isn’t it ?
  30. 30. To make a survey relevant and actual you got to make it relevant to the segment at hand Companies are paying a lot of money for other companies to find the relevant people to ask them the relevant questions We can make it much faster and easier
  31. 31. Consider the following scenario : I’m working in a job and want to make some money “on the side” if possible I go the segmentor website, i connect VIA facebook connect Now the segmentor knows details about me ... and can put me in a very relevant segment Tomorrow Celcom turns to the segmentor and pays them a 2,000 US $ to find 150 people that have studies in colman between 2000-2008 and are married (I don't know why , and i don't care)
  32. 32. the segmentor takes the relevant survey / questions and forward them to the relevant applicants (VIA facebook/twitter, etc ...) The applicants get’s payed 10 US$ per survey (150 students * 10 US = 1500 US$) The segmentor gets 500 US $ for being the negotiator
  33. 33. Why will it work You are solving a real problem !!! finding the right people to answer the relevant question is hard, if you got facebook on your side its much easier (think of it, people are sharing everything about them selves there, making them “segmantable”) The companies that charge celcom today, takes much more then 2K US $, you can do it for much less, cause technology is at your side !!! Its cool Its a win-win - everybody wins ! The end customer gets more money to answers surveys at the end of the day Celcom gets a cheaper and better (more precise) solution
  34. 34. Whats in it for me API (facebook twitter) Build a segment function (which people fit to which ) Needs at least 3 students (a big project ) Startup potential Find one company to pay and 300 facebook applicants that will participate and i will give at least 99 as your final grade !!!
  35. 35. For more Questions i will be this Thursday in Colman Try to catch me then Or VIA email