FSLN12 Introduction Paderborn


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FSLN12 Introduction Paderborn

  1. 1. #fsln12Future Social LearningNetworksSummer term 2012University of Paderborn, Computer Science Education GroupDr. Wolfgang Reinhardt 1
  2. 2. Who areyou?Briefly introduceyourselfWhy did you choose FSLN? Whereare you from? Interest in mobilelearning? 3
  3. 3. Overall theme of #fsln12Gamification.Mobile Learning.Contextualized information support. 4
  4. 4. Core research question:How can we best support students’ learningwith contextualized information using smartdevices to engage them in mobile learning? 5
  5. 5. Core research question:How can we best support students’ learningwith contextualized information using smartdevices to engage them in mobile learning? 6
  6. 6. Goals of the seminar learn something new by using it instead of hearing of it in head-on lectures interdisciplinary, intercultural cooperation use social media purposeful active analysis of the seminar’s topic development of designs and working prototypes presentation and defense of ideas have fun 7
  7. 7. Organisation 8
  8. 8. Teams14 teams in totaleach one of you will be part of one team http://imhotep.cs.upb.de/blogs/fsln12/teams/interdisciplinary and international mix of skillseach group is mentored by a lecturer 9
  9. 9. #fsln12 partners 10
  10. 10. The other studentsHolon Institue of Technology and Levinsky TeacherCollege started in IsraelBeuth University started two weeks agoBraunschweig starts next weekDüsseldorf in JuneFirst introductory videos are available http://vimeo.com/groups/fsln12 11
  11. 11. Co-organizersMoshe Leiba University of Tel Aviv, IsraelIlona Buchem Beuth University of Applied Sciences, GermanyTimo van Treek Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, GermanyAlexander Perl University of Braunschwei, Germany 12
  12. 12. Overall schedule 13
  13. 13. 14
  14. 14. Your role in the project ideas for a mobile application that helps you learn provides information when needed makes use of the special features of smart devices brainstorm, discuss, present, mockup, showcase implement the prototype(s) 15
  15. 15. Milestones20.04.2012 extended version of idea04.05.2012 full requirements for ideas18.05.2012 1st prototype 16
  16. 16. Milestones01.06.2012 second prototype15.06.2012 final prototype06.07.2012 1st evaluation results20.07.2012 project end 17
  17. 17. Meetingsinternal team meetings as often as you need it only studentseach week meeting with mentoropen office at UPB (Fridays, 10-11)4 meetings of the whole group (1st in May)final meeting for presentation of results 18
  18. 18. Deliverables #fsln12 Social Bookmarks (Delicious) of relevant web content Relevant papers in Mendeley Tweets about ideas, interesting links, questions ... Blog posts of mature content Framework intros, Idea descriptions, other app intros, ... PBworks for internal documentation, idea description, feature selection and description, seminar paper, ... 19
  19. 19. Technology for the prototype 20
  20. 20. well... 21
  21. 21. 22
  22. 22. Tools and Frameworksthere are so many...it is your choice what you want to use for yourprototype native Android? Fine native iOS? Fine Sencha Touch? jQuery mobile? Kendo UI? Phonegap? all fineSame is true for backend (python, rails, java, PHP) 23
  23. 23. this is no programming course 24
  24. 24. read the documentation get in touch with the developersask on Twitter or blog about the issue ask your peers for help 25
  25. 25. ... for the mockups there are so many... (again) Balsamiq Mockups (my favorite) Microsoft Visio OmniGraffle Photoshop stencils ... you’ll need to be able to put them online (PBworks, Wordpress) 26
  26. 26. Your next steps - ONECreate accounts for Twitter - http://twitter.com Delicious - http://delicious.com Mendeley - http://mendeley.com Wordpress - https://en.wordpress.com/signup/?user=1follow the other #FSLN12 people, so you stay aware 28
  27. 27. Your next steps - TWORequest access to Wordpress and PBworks of yourteam http://imhotep.cs.upb.de/blogs/fsln12/teams/Join the FSLN group in SALAMI (our tool for learninganalytics) URL to follow (tool is currently broken) 29
  28. 28. Your next steps - THREEPost a video about yourself in the Vimeo group http://vimeo.com/groups/fsln12“Register” yourself as a FSLN12 student http://goo.gl/9dt9zRegularly (daily) check the Twitter stream andorganizers blog http://imhotep.cs.upb.de/blogs/fsln12/ 30
  29. 29. Q&A 31
  30. 30. wolfgang reinhardt university of paderborn social media snatwitter recommendations awarenessresearch networks bibliometrics artefact-actor-networks ginkgo research 2.0 www.isitjustme.de www.ginkgosem.com @wollepb @wollepb @wolfgang.reinhardt @wollepb @wollepb @wolfgang.reinhardt @wollepb @wollepb 32 @wollepb