Awareness Support in Scientific Events with SETapp


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Awareness Support in Scientific Events with SETapp

  1. 1. Awareness Support in Scientific Events with SETappWolfgang Reinhardt, Tim Messerschmidt, Tobias Nelkner University of Paderborn, Germany1st Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Learning Networks at the 2011 European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning
  2. 2. Awareness ...•“is [an] ambiguous and unsatisfactory” term and “hardly a concise concept by any standard” (Schmidt 2002)•CSCW research largely focused on groupware in order to•broader meaning in networked communities (Reinhardt and Mletzko 2011) •trends, experts, network properties, knowledge awareness, history of connections, longitudinal evolvement
  3. 3. ... in scientific events Reinhardt et al. (2011b)• Who’s (gonna be | already) there?• What’s next?• Is this the latest version of the schedule?• Where do I know this guy from?• What else is he doing?
  4. 4. Goal of this research•explore the usability of NFC in the context of scientific events•develop a prototypical Android application•compare performance of NFC with QR codes•user evaluation (acceptance, satisfaction)
  5. 5. NFC?
  6. 6. Near Field Communication•wireless data exchange•fast linking of devices (< 0.02s)•short transmission distance ( < 2cm)•very high fault tolerance•NFC tags with up to 1MB storage•active and passive standard
  7. 7. Near Field CommunicationMifare classic tags 1024 bytes usage QR code
  8. 8. Selected Use Cases•follow / plan to attend events•check in to events and talks•get additional data about posters•exchange researcher profiles•send / receive messages•browse contacts and their publications (Mendeley)•share publications
  9. 9. Testbed •Google’s reference platform •first Android phone equipped with NFC •runs Android 2.3.4 •provided by Samsung Germany (thanks again)Samsung Nexus S •Google App Engine as backend
  10. 10. Dependency onreliable Internet connection a go od not cte l1 1 at #e i dea
  11. 11. Starting the application
  12. 12. Home screen
  13. 13. Exchanging profiles
  14. 14. Messaging
  15. 15. Attendance | user profile
  16. 16. Share publications
  17. 17. NFC vs. QR codes•QR codes need optimal conditions Run QR NFC •good camera 1 2 4,730ms 910ms 5,300ms 1,920ms •fast auto focus 3 5,400ms 2,320ms •good light 4 7,800ms 1,620ms conditions 5 4,710ms 2,260ms •application has to 6 5,540ms 2,160ms be started first Mean 5,580ms 1,865ms NFC 3x faster
  18. 18. User interface and NFC 4•user evaluation with 11 people 3•perception of NFC: fast or very answers 2 fast (82%)•clear preference of NFC over 1 manual activity (82%) 0 manual NFC•steep learning curve 7 6•high satisfaction with the UI 5 4 answers•ActionBar and Dashboard were 3 2 rated best 1 0 very slow very fast
  19. 19. Future research•connection to the ginkgo event management system•wait for NFC introduction in iOS•research towards NFC application in workplace learning and higher education •scan books and receive recommendations •personal identifier on mobile, get suiting job offers from personal advisor
  20. 20. wolfgang reinhardt university of paderborn social media snatwitter recommendations awarenessresearch networks bibliometrics artefact-actor-networks ginkgo research 2.0 @wollepb @wollepb @wolfgang.reinhardt @wollepb @wollepb @wolfgang.reinhardt @wollepb @wollepb @wollepb
  21. 21. Food for discussion•Would you use such a tool?•Reviewers said: is there really an information overload in the context of scientific events? What do you think?•Meeting history is trigger for reflection?
  22. 22. Literature• Reinhardt et al. (2011a): Reinhardt, W., Mletzko, C., Drachsler, H. & Sloep, P.B.: Awareness Issues in Research Networks. Manuscript in preparation.• Reinhardt et al. (2011b): Reinhardt, W., Maicher, J., Drachsler, H. & Sloep, P.B.: Awareness Support in Scientific Event Management with ginkgo. In: Proceedings of the 11th Intl. Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies (i-Know 2011), pp. 40:1-40:8, 2011.• Reinhardt and Mletzko (2011): Awareness in Learning Networks. In W. Reinhardt and T. D. Ullmann, editors, Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Personal Learning Networks, Southampton, UK, July 2011.• Schmidt (2002): Schmidt, K.: The problem with awareness. Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 11:285-298, 2002.