Carpets care and maintenance


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Carpets care and maintenance

  1. 1. Carpets – Care and Maintenance Clean carpets are essential for keeping the indoor environments of your home and office clean and hearty. After carpeting installation, the next important step that you need to do is take proper care and maintenance of the carpets. Carpet cleaning is the first step towards carpet care and maintenance to prevent the wear and tear of carpets and increase the life of the carpets. Here are a few carpet cleaning steps required immediately after the Carpeting Installation from Philadelphia, PA, Montgomery companies: • Vacuum cleaning the carpets is the first important thing that you should be doing. After carpeting installation, it is very necessary that you vacuum clean your carpets 2 to 3 times every week, specifically concentrating on the areas that are more prone to the heavy footing and regular walking. • Install door mats at the entrances so that the amount of dirt which reaches and percolates in the carpet is minimized. • Make sure that you keep your kitchen area clean, completely free from grease and oil. If you do not clean the kitchen area, grease and oil will gradually find its place on the carpet area. • When you make entry to the living room or bedroom, make sure that you remove the shoes at the entrance. In this manner, you will keep the carpet clean and organized for long time. • In case there are any spots and spills in the carpet, you should immediately vacuum clean it, or remove the stains in order to prevent the damage. • If you are using stain removing product, make sure that you test the color fastness of the stain removal product by applying the stain removal in the unseen area. • Make sure that you use vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, which will prevent the dust from being circulated into the air and finally gaining entry into our lungs.
  2. 2. • When you are removing the stain on the carpet, keep in your mind that you do not scrub or rub the carpet area, or else the carpet area will get permanently damaged. The best way to clean the stain is to blot the stain from outside and then gradually moving in. • Rearrange the furniture and readjust it to different location, as this would change the traffic area and also prevent the piling of dust in a particular area. When you rearrange the furniture over a carpet area, you’d automatically change the traffic movement area. • It is necessary that you get the carpets cleaned professionally at least once in a year by utilizing the hot water extraction method. The method is used for deep cleaning of the carpets. Follow these methods and keep you home and office rugs and carpets clean and the environment completely fresh and breathing. For more details about Carpets visit: