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The Greening Wingrove Project

The project focuses on saving energy, recycling, keeping the area looking tidy, holding sessions to show how to grow vegetables in the back yard or on the balcony. It has become a community focus and holds regular events which are well attended. The church has also benefitted – its members have saved money on their electricity through community switch and the hall at the church has been insulated by Greening Wingrove to show the difference insulation can make to energy bills.

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The Greening Wingrove Project

  1. 1. GREENING WINGROVE PROJECT Newcastle uponTyne
  2. 2. RSM Fenham
  3. 3. Ward committee meetings are an excellent source of information and can point in the right direction for what concerns local residents
  4. 4. Small projects, making connections – getting your name known as a church willing to take part in community interventions
  5. 5. Greening Wingrove website – a move to bigger things!
  6. 6. More people involved in environmental projects in the Wingrove ward.
  7. 7. Greening Wingrove were looking for somewhere to be a “Green Gem” – to show how insulation can help – and RSM had a very cold hall
  8. 8. Work to make the hall warmer
  9. 9. Look around Find out what people care about Help a group to do something about it Tell everyone what you’ve done Get some more people together BINGO!