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Ainsdale Village Church Community Garden


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The Community Garden was intended by the church from the beginning as a piece of urban parkland where people could go to enjoy the garden, sit and reflect and that it would be a focal point for the village. The church would be offering hospitality for the people of Ainsdale and would remove the sense of barrier between church and village property.
As time progressed, the garden has become a focal point of the village and has won a number of awards from the Royal Horticultural Society “Neighbourhood in Bloom” scheme including being classed as “outstanding” for the past 3 years.

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Ainsdale Village Church Community Garden

  1. 1. Ainsdale Village Church Community Garden
  2. 2. This is where it started….. 2008 and some new tarmac is laid, the land having recently been cleared. A group of elders, together with Revd Robert Shallcross, the (then) minister and the landscape contractor, Joe Wright.
  3. 3. Barren Land Once the paths had been laid, we were left with land to start planting. It took a lot of work to get to this stage – clearing rubble, removing trees, roots and undergrowth. This was done by a contractor.
  4. 4. Busy planting Following the clearing of the land and laying of the paths, working parties set about the initial process of planting. An ongoing process!
  5. 5. Fundraising 1 Funds were raised from a variety of sources. A cheque from Silcocks, a family owned firm that runs the pier pavilion.
  6. 6. Fundraising 2 Support from the Ainsdale Horticultural Society. They have provided expertise, and funding. They have an ongoing financial commitment to the garden.
  7. 7. Sefton Coast and Countryside Service Part of the council leisure services, they made and installed the trellises and seats. They also provide work experience for people with learning disabilities.
  8. 8. Early days By this stage the garden was open, but not fully established. Plants had not grown up the trellises.
  9. 9. Early days featuring the trellises Trellises were based on ones in Bodnant gardens in North Wales. The opportunity is taken to have al fresco coffee mornings! (see right distance).
  10. 10. Planter maintained by local school Involvement was sought from a variety of sources including a local school.
  11. 11. Donated Planter Planters and seats were constructed by Sefton Coastal and Countryside service but financed by various individuals and organisations. Some in memoriam.
  12. 12. Wildflower border An experiment with wildflower seeds. It was a success!
  13. 13. In bloom 1 A view of the garden and church in the summer.
  14. 14. In bloom 2 Across the garden
  15. 15. In Bloom 3
  16. 16. A place to rest and enjoy People often sit in these seats, enjoy the view, have a quiet moment or enjoy lunch.
  17. 17. In bloom 4
  18. 18. In Bloom 5
  19. 19. A misty November morning 2015 Even in the late autumn, an atmospheric view shows how attractive the garden remains.
  20. 20. At the Neighbourhood in Bloom Awards Ceremony The Royal Horticultural Society holds annual awards ceremonies at the Conference Centre in Southport. The garden has entered 4 times in its own right. 9Originally it was part of Ainsdale in Bloom). It has been awarded Outstanding 3 times in a row!
  21. 21. The latest award Recognition of all the hard work
  22. 22. Open air service A “Songs of Praise” service held in the open air.
  23. 23. Summer Fair open for business Part of the village street fair, the church summer fair does brisk business – part of the church offering hospitality to the village.
  24. 24. Glutton for punishment! The minister gets drenched.
  25. 25. We will Remember Them Crosses to remember the fallen following Remembrance Sunday 2015
  26. 26. Work in Progress A typical Tuesday morning with volunteers hard at work.
  27. 27. Renewing the border The work is never done!