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Combinations progression 5 – overlap


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Combinations progression 5 – overlap

  1. 1. TOPIC / THEME Individual Attacking Techniques - Combinations Progression 5 – Overlap DESCRIPTION OF PRACTICE (TECHNIQUE / SKILL) THE OVERLAP – 1 V 1 (+1) Two players combine to make An Overlap to complete a successful Attack against One Defender. Practice involves a good first pass – good control to receive - movement ORGANISATION Players play in a 15 x 12 metre grid With two 5 metre end zones 1. Red player in end zone plays pass into partner, to control – receiver start more central rather than wide 2. Zone player runs into central area to support team mate 3. Central receiver attacks defender to draw them in 4. Support player times run - & distance –to make an Overlap 5. Player in Possession has a Decision to make, depending on defenders decision – pass to runner or dribble – Exploit space KEY OBSERVATION 1. Starting Positions – see defender and see ball 2. Pace & Angle of first pass - gives time to receiver to control & assess def position 3. Dribble at Defender - take the ball inside – angle and distance of dribble 4. Commit Defender – disguise your intentions – dribble or pass? 5. Create space -- make space for a pass to overlap Player to exploit 6. Decision Making – Continue dribbling (1v1) OR Pass to Supporting Overlap player NOTES Coach good counter movement to create space and time to get a good angle to receive Show open body position – head up to assess defenders position 5m 5m 15 x 12m Practical Coaching Session Planner
  2. 2. Decision making – Positive Attitude to “take defender on” – go at them Quality of dribble – Timing, Distance, Pace and Disguise of Overlap - Accelerate