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33. ball possession 1 5v5 game


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33. ball possession 1 5v5 game

  1. 1. TOPIC / THEME Ball Possession – Keeping the Ball in a 5v5 Game DESCRIPTION OF PRACTICE (TECHNIQUE / SKILL) Simple 5v5 match (including Goalkeepers) – Keep Possession of the ball If Possession is of a good quality, can we try to score? ORGANISATION 40m x 30m ( Flexible – Age and Ability dictate ) 5 Reds v 5 Yellows 6-8 Footballs Cones to mark Area(s) KEY OBSERVATION 1. All Round Support – Angle & Distance 2. Width 3. Depth 4. Decision Making 5. Penetration 6. Mobility Practical Coaching Session Planner