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Ball possession 1 4v2


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Ball possession 1 4v2

  1. 1. Practical Coaching Session Planner TOPIC / THEME Ball Possession – Keeping the Ball in a 4 v 2 Practice DESCRIPTION OF PRACTICE (TECHNIQUE / SKILL) 2 Yellow Defenders plays ball into 4 Red players, who try to keep possession of the ball For a set number of passes, duration, points scored, until defender wins ball ORGANISATION 15m x 15m ( Flexible – Age and Ability dictate ) 4 Reds v 2 Yellows 3-4 Footballs Cones to mark Area(s) KEY OBSERVATION 1. Support – Angle & Distance 2. Width 3. Depth - Penetrate 4. Decision Making 5. 5.Body shape To receive NOTES Very important to give incentives to both Attackers and Defenders May need to start with Very Passive Defender or None May need to alter Grid Size Coach needs to observe closely, praise, challenge, and motivate the players