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Vitality ProVexplus


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Vitality ProVexplus

  1. 1. Vitality for Life ®PROVEX & ® ®PROVEX-PLUS Super Antioxidant Protection for Healthy Organs and Tissues* Help ensure your long-term health with ProVex, the super- antioxidant that supports normal circulation, visual acuity, skin elasticity, healthy organ function, and the strength of blood vessels.* Like ProVex, ProVex-Plus helps maintain blood vessels—yet it adds additional powerful Low Cost Per Dose! antioxidant ingredients. It’s ideal for those Up to 60¢ savings per day over other leading brands. who want extra ProVex power.*Healthy Circulation Protection Inside Out Natural Sources• Helps maintain the strength • Powerful antioxidants protect • Only certain approved and cohesiveness of blood you from harmful effects of species of grapes are used, vessel walls, promoting pollution, radiation, extracted in a patented healthy circulation.* pesticides, smoke, and other process that ensures purity environmental elements.* and quality. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  2. 2. P R E V E N T A T I V E H E A L T H S U P P L E M E N T S Y our blood vessels ProVex-Plus: The ProVex Difference carry oxygen and nutrients to every with Additional • Proanthocyanidins from grape seed, the most potent sourcecell in the body. Over High-Quality • Only grape seed proanthocyanidinstime, they can become Extracts contain gallic esters, with powerfulless efficient. Like ProVex, ProVex-Plus antioxidant action*Proanthocyanidins, the provides proanthocyanidins • ProVex-Plus offers a blend of antioxidants*active ingredients in • Compare for yourself: ProVex is moreProVex and ProVex-Plus, to protect against free radicals, strengthen economical than other leading brandsare unique compoundsthat help strengthen connecting tissues, and fortifyblood vessels. These capillary wall structure. In benefits, one of which is acting as powerful antioxidants.proanthocyanidins also addition, ProVex-Plus is One of the most beneficial groups of plant flavonoids areact as super powerful the proanthocyanidins available in ProVex and ProVex- bolstered by the highest-antioxidants, helping to Plus.* quality extracts of ginkgofight off free radicals biloba, for enhanced mentaland contribute to health, as well as bilberry and More than Antioxidantsoverall health.* Proanthocyanidins have many other benefits to the body, grape skin for stronger in addition to acting as powerful antioxidants. Studies antioxidant protection.* show that they attach themselves to important proteinsFree Radicals that make up the walls of arteries, veins, and capillaries.Free radicals are small, yet destructive, unstable molecules Thus, they help keep them strong and healthy.1 The resultthat can damage cells and tissues, contribute to the aging is healthy blood vessels, which help to maintain optimal Grape Seed Extract —process, and negatively affect the immune system. The circulation, visual acuity, and cardiovascular health. The 95% Proanthocyanidinsincidence of free-radical activity in our bodies is smoother appearance of skin is also a benefit.*compounded in our industrialized society where pollutants, Several studies have also shown that vitamin C is The extract from graperadiation, toxic chemicals, and the stress of daily living more effective in the body when joined by seeds and pine bark arecontribute to the production of these health enemies. proanthocyanidins. In fact, one study showed that when leading sources of The defenders against free-radical damage are known proanthocyanins were added to the diet, less vitamin C proanthocyanidins. Grapeas antioxidants. Found naturally in the body and in foods, was needed to maintain overall health.*2 seed extract—the extractthey help neutralize free radicals before they can causedamage. A body rich in antioxidants is sufficiently present in both ProVexprotected and less likely to be harmed by free radicals.* For Better Health and ProVex-Plus—is more Vitamins C, E, and In today’s world of increased pollution, industrial solvents, smoke, and radiation, our bodies need more protection potent, delivering 95%beta carotene have proanthocyanidinsalready been established from free radicals to maintain optimal health. As powerful antioxidants and efficient supporters of the blood vessels, compared to pine barkas effective antioxidantsin addressing certain ProVex and ProVex-Plus are beneficial additions to any extracts which vary fromhealth issues. However, health program.* 80%-85%in the ongoing search for 1 Tixier JM, Godeau G, et al., “Evidence By In Vitro and In Vitro Studies that Binding proanthocyanidins. In of Pycnogenols to Elastin Affects its Rate of Degradation by Elastes,” Laboratoire denew and more powerful Biochimie du Tissue Conjonctif, Université de Paris, 25 june 1984. addition, only grape seedantioxidants, flavonoids 2 Laparra J, Michaud J, Masquelier J, “Action Des Oligomeres Procynidoliques Sur le Cobaye Carence en Vitamine C,” Travaux originaux, Université de Bordeaux, 1976. extract contains thehave emerged as super proanthocyanidin gallicantioxidants. Flavonoidsare compounds naturally A complete and The Benefits of esters which are the mostfound in fruits, vegetables, unhindered blood flow is ProVex & ProVex-Plus:* active scavengers of freewine, grape juice, and tea. one of the most essential • Fortifies blood vessels, leading to improved radicals.* Plus, grape seedThey have many health functions of the body. circulation for: extract comes from a very - Healthy tissue and organ functioning renewable and Assists Vitamin C - Healthy joints - Skin elasticity and smoothness commercially available Studies show: vitamin C is more resource so it does not - Improved visual acuity effective in the body when joined • Powerful antioxidant activity require the destruction of by proanthocyanidins. • Assists vitamin C in the body trees and forests.This information is designed for educational This information sheet is intended only for use in the United *These statements have not been evaluated by the Foodpurposes only and is not intended to be States. The material contained herein is written in compliance with & Drug Administration. This product is not intended toprescriptive. Should you require advice for U.S. requirements. Please use only those materials that have been diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.any particular health reason it is advised specifically approved for marketing this product in your country.that you consult your physician. Printed in the USA 03/02 VFL180U