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Vitality luminex

  1. 1. Vitality for Life ® ®Naturally PromotesEmotional Health andPositive Mood*How well we cope withtoday’s fast-paced world mayhave nothing to do withcharacter—for many, it’s allabout the amount ofcertain chemicals presentin the brain. Luminex is anexclusive, dual-actionalternative that naturallysupports emotional health St. John’s wort hasand positive mood— demonstrated thehelping you deal with daily ability—in the combined results of 23stresses without uncomfortable studies—to support a positive emotionalside effects.* outlook.*Dual-Action Formula Purified Extracts 100% of• Combines the mood- • Delivers the highest-quality Important Vitamins sustaining abilities of St. natural extracts—each • Folic acid and vitamin B-12 are John’s wort with the measured to meet industry provided at 100% daily value regenerating action of standards and scientific because of their reputation for griffonia seed.* recommendations. helping sustain good mood.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  2. 2. P R E V E N T A T I V E H E A L T H S U P P L E M E N T SM any times we may feel STUDIES SHOW: overwhelmed, worn out, unmotivated, and just unable to 1) GRIFFONIA SEED: Helps promote normal levels of mood-handle everything life throws our way. enhancing neurotransmitters, sustainingLuminex is a dietary supplement specifically positive mood and emotional outlook.*formulated to help maintain emotional 2) ST. JOHN’S WORT:health. A unique combination of St. John’s Takes over where Griffonia seed leaves off,wort, griffonia seed, folic acid, and vitamin helping to maintain normal levels of neurotransmitters.*B12, Luminex works with the brain’s own What we may not 3) B-12 AND FOLIC ACID:natural systems to help you deal with daily Naturally support the activities of brainstresses and life events.* messengers, providing additional realize is that maintenance for neurotransmitters.*The Brain’s chemicals in the African plant called Griffonia simplicifolia) isCommunication System brain can affect the natural source of a compound called 5-The brain is made up of ten billion to a HTP. This compound has been shown, in our ability to dealtrillion nerve cells, many of which are known numerous studies, to help naturally promoteas neurons. These nuerons are constantly with life’s stressful normal levels of certain neurotransmitters,sending messages back and forth, using sustaining positive mood and emotionalmessengers known as neurotransmitters. There events. outlook.*3are many such messengers traveling through And finally, folic acid and vitamin B12the brain at one time, but the one that affects supply neurotransmitters with a majormood is called serotonin. Referred to as the component—S-adenosyl-brain’s own mood-elevating and tranquilizing methionine—that assists in Dir ection of messagedrug, serotonin has been found in low levels their normal function.*4 Ain those individuals experiencing stress or daily serving of Luminexdown moods.1 contains 100% of the NeuronSt. John’s wort, Griffonia Seed, Recommended Daily Cell Value for both of theseand B Vitamins vitamins.Luminex’s exclusive formulation of three Messengernatural ingredients works to maintain the Bring the Light (serotonin)health of the brain’s communication system. Back into Your Life is releasedFirst, St. John’s wort, scientifically named Combined with a balanced diet andHypericum perforatum, has demonstrated the consistent exercise, Luminex can Luminexability—in the combined results of 23 provide the body with the tools to deal helpsstudies—to support a positive emotional with the stresses and events we have to sustain theoutlook.*2 Best of all, it is well-tolerated by health of face. And it does so with naturalthe body, with practically no reports of side serotonin ingredients that work together with theeffects.3 Second, Griffonia seed (from an in the body’s own systems. Try Luminex, and brain* you should see results within four weeks: 2-in-1 a healthy feeling of being able to handle whatever life throws your way.* Message is Di rect received from ion of messenger Only Luminex gives you Murray M., Pizzorno J., The Encyclopedia of Natural 1 message Medicine (California: Prima Publishing, 1998). 2 “Should You Take St. John’s Wort?” Health News the dual action of St. John’s 3 (April 20, 1998). Harrer G. and Schulz V., “Clinical Investigation of the Antidepressant Effectiveness of Hypericum,” wort and Griffonia seed. 4 Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology 7, Supplement 1 (October, 1994): S6-S8. Grellin R., Bottiglieri T., Reynolds E.H., “Folates and Psychiatric Disorders: Clinical Potential,” Drugs 45 (1993), 623-36.Persons taking prescriptions for heart This information sheet is intended only for use in the United States. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Foodtransplant, AIDS and birth control The material contained herein is written in compliance with U.S. & Drug Administration. This product is not intended toshould check with their doctor before requirements. Please use only those materials that have been diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. specifically approved for marketing this product in your country.taking Luminex. Printed in the USA 03/02 VFL260U