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Vitality for Life                      ®                                                 ®CELL-WISEKey Antioxidants forOpt...
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Vitality cellwise


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Vitality cellwise

  1. 1. Vitality for Life ® ®CELL-WISEKey Antioxidants forOptimal Health Live a healthier life when your body gets what it needs to protect itself at the cellular level. This 3-vitamin/4-mineral combination of nutrients helps safeguard your entire system, giving you In 1954, D. Harman, protection that goes Ph.D., launched the free radical theory by showing that subjects cell-deep.* who were fed a variety of antioxidants extended their life spans.*†Proven Effective Protects Cells & Tissues Synergistic Formula• Includes vitamins E, C, beta • Protects the health of cells, • One antioxidant is not enough: carotene, selenium, and sustains immune function, these nutrients work together, more—all proven powerful and increases resistance—best “recycling” each other to antioxidants to help sustain results when taken with The increase overall effectiveness.* good health.* Vitality Pak.®* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug For optimal health, take The Vitality Pak, Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, Cell-Wise, and PROVEXCV® daily. cure, or prevent any disease.† “An Interview with Dr. Denham Harman,” Life Extension Magazine, January, 1998.
  2. 2. V I T A M I N S A N D M I N E R A L SY our health is under constant Combined Benefits:attack—by an enemy When these vitaminsyou can’t even see. and minerals interact, Other Benefits of These Nutrients: 1) VITAMIN C: Helps form collagen, which is essential for healthy bones, ligaments, and blood vessels. 3 More Reasons to Take Cell-Wise •Food is often harvestedScientists call it the they provide a Promotes a healthy immune systemfree radical. You can powerful synergistic and helps absorb iron.* before it is ripe,think of it as a 2) VITAMIN E: compromising the amount antioxidant effect thatrebellious ping-pong Essential for normal cell structure of antioxidants present.ball bouncing from gives the body broad and for the formation of red blood •The body’s ability to absorbcell to cell inside protection against free cells. May boost immunity and slowyour body. A by- radicals. In fact, certain nutrients declines as the aging process.*4-5product of your own research is revealing 3) BETA CAROTENE: we processes, this that for these vitamins Used by the body to manufacture •Medications can interferemolecule lacks to successfully remove vitamin A. Essential for proper with the way our bodies usestability within itself, free radicals from the vision. Helps protect integrity ofso it careens around body, they must recycle nutrients. cells; assists function of white bloodyour tissues causing each other, working in cells.*6damage. Experts a type of chain 4) ZINC, SELENIUM, COPPER, ANDhave linked free- MANGANESE reaction.1 Which Form ofradical damage with Combine with enzymes to form thethe aging process, poor immune function, and body’s own defense of natural Vitamin E?abnormal cellular activity. antioxidants. Zinc fosters the normal The technical term for this damage is functioning of the eyes, liver, • Choose natural E or“oxidation.” In regular language, you can kidneys, and reproductive organs. man-madeimagine your cells—including your brain Selenium protects red blood cells and • Natural E is extractedcells—taking thousands of free radical hits a cell membranes. Copper helps deliver from vegetable oilsday. Smoke, pollution, poor nutrition, energy, and manganese is involved in • The alternative is man-radiation, and more increase our susceptibility bone development and protein madeto these dangerous molecules. metabolism.*6 • Recent research shows natural E may performAntioxidants to the Rescue Cell-Wise: Proven Protection better than that of theCell-Wise gives you an exclusive combinationof powerful antioxidants that have been Cell-Wise can help protect you against the alternativeproven, in scientific studies, to safeguard your damaging effects of free radicals as well as • W. Willett of thesystem. Vitamins C, E, and beta carotene maintain the healthy functioning of many Harvard School ofwork together to significantly protect the cells body systems. Combined with a good diet and Public Health says youin your body, neutralizing free radicals before regular exercise, Cell-Wise promotes efficient can take either and gainthey can cause damage. Then four minerals— cellular function while helping to guard your health benefitszinc, selenium, copper, and manganese—help overall health—providing protection that goesboost the body’s own supply of protective cell-deep.*nutrients. Using these antioxidants together 1 “Health Notes,” Catalyst, August 1997.can have several health benefits. For example, 2 Nurses’ Health Study published in May 1993—90,000 women were observed for eight years. Referenced in Vitamins and Minerals, A Harvard Health Letter Getting all the Special Report.numerous scientific studies have shown thatindividuals who took more vitamin E, beta 3 Study conducted by University of California-Los Angeles School of Public Health, published in Vitamins and Minerals, A Harvard Health Letter Special nutrients we Report.carotene, or vitamin C had overall healthier 4 Harvard Health Letter Volume 22, Number 1, 1996.hearts2-3 and more resistant cells.* 5 Study conducted by the National Institute on Aging, referenced by the Counsel for Responsible Nutrition at need from our 6 Vitamins and Minerals, A Harvard Health Letter Special Report. diet may seem Excellent Good Fair Poor Comments Most Americans are at the low ideal, but it is Vegetables end of recommended 3 to 5 rarely realistic servings daily, and average only 1/3 a serving of dark green and deep yellow vegetables. for most people. Fruits Only 24% of Americans are eating the minimum recommended 2 servings a day.This information is designed for educational This information sheet is intended only for use in the United States. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Foodpurposes only and is not intended to be The material contained herein is written in compliance with U.S. & Drug Administration. This product is not intendedprescriptive. Should you require advice for requirements. Please use only those materials that have been to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.any particular health reason it is advised specifically approved for marketing this product in your country.that you consult your physician. Printed in the USA 03/02 VFL120U