Vitality access performance bar


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Vitality access performance bar

  1. 1. Vitality for Life ® ®FAT CONVERSION ACTIVITY BARThe Great-Tasting Bar ThatHelps You Burn Fat!Burn more fat, enjoy moreenergy, recover faster, andexperience less musclefatigue with Access.It’s the only bar of itskind scientificallyproven to help you get In studies, intake of thebetter results from Access bar enhancedyour workout! sustained aerobic activity by 50%! Because of its uniqueness Access, was granted a U.S. patent.*Only Melaleuca Energy without Helps YouHas It Soreness Lose Weight!• Patented formula developed • Eat one bar at least 15 • Use Access to help you burn by L. Wang, Ph.D.; the result minutes before activity— more fat and an Attain shake of years of research into you’ll have more energy and or bar to cut calories—and body metabolism. less muscle fatigue. lose the weight!*Wang L.C.H., “How Does the Access Bar Work?” 1994, Melaleuca, Inc.
  2. 2. N U T R I T I O N A L F O O D SN Access Body Fat o matter what your activity or The Life’s Work of a exercise, you’ll get more out of it During Exercise World-Renowned with Access. Based on breakthrough When you eat an Access Bar approximatelyresearch on fat metabolism, Access’s patented Scientist 15 minutes before you begin your activity,formula actually sends a message to the cells your body will react more like that of a The man whoin your body to stop storing your fat and trained athlete—it will burn less glucose and developed ourstart using it for energy. Access helps you more fat. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete breakthrough,burn more fat! or a sedentary individual who’s beginning an patented exercise program, Access allows you to burn formula isUsing Fat more fat, exercise longer, and experience less Larry Wang,Unfortunately, the body cannot simply put fatigue and pain. Ph.D. Dr.stored fat to immediate use. It must first Wang is a professor at theconvert it to the more user-friendly fatty University of Alberta inacids. As long as this process continues, the 1 Wang L.C.H., “Mammalian Hibernation: An Escape from the Edmonton, a member of themuscles have sufficient fuel to work. Cold,” Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology Royal Society of Canada,However, during increased activity, the body 2, Gilles R (ed.), Springer Verlag, Berlin (1988), 1-45. and recognized around thealso produces adenosine—a natural by- world as an authority on fatproduct.1 Dr. Wang, the developer of Access, metabolism.discovered that it is this compound that Access More Muscle Fibers During Activity Through his research, Dr.hinders our ability to continue to use fat Wang discovered thatefficiently, and is one of the reasons why we No matter how strenuous your activity, with Access you can access more muscle fibers adenosine, a chemical by-cannot use our stored fat on command. during exercise. This means you’ll: product of activity, blocks • perform better access to fat stores. Dr. WangAdenosine Trouble • burn more calories concluded that the blockingAdenosine hinders fat conversion by effect of adenosine causes theinhibiting the action of the nerve and the 4 Great Flavors! human body to burn glucose,enzyme required for fat to be used. It also Peanut Double Mint Mocha before fat, as fuel duringpromotes the conversion of glucose into Butter Fudge Chocolate Praline exercise. To counteract thislactic acid—which is why you may effect, he discovered a naturalexperience muscle aches after exercise. food substance that inhibits The food ingredients present in the the effects of adenosine,Access Bar contain elements which can zap enabling faster fat utilizationaway some of adenosine’s power. This during exercise. Thatrelease of adenosine’s stranglehold is substance is the basis ofcompared by Dr. Wang to the release of a Vitality for Lifes patentedhand-brake that has been left on in a fast- Access Fat Conversion Activitymoving car; the body engine can now fully Bar. It is the only fitness foodexert its potential power to achieve peak of its kind.performance. The result is more endurance, If you’re ready to lose more weight or if you want to With Access energy, enhance your athletic and performance, then get your More Fat Burned more hands on Access. This great- fat Why It’s Difficult to Lose Fat tasting bar gives you the Less Glucose Burned being without Exercise unique opportunity to burn burned. When you don’t get enough exercise, your more of your excess fat, metabolism slows and your ability to burn fat become leaner and healthier, The Benefits of Access diminishes. This results in unhealthy fat and thus decrease the risk of deposits. serious illness. Nature • The only bar of its kind! Excess fat is linked to heart disease, stroke, provided all of the • Soft, fresh texture diabetes, and cancer. Yet less than 40% of ingredients; brilliant • Patented fat-burning technology Americans exercise 20 minutes or more three scientists guided the • Low-fat, no cholesterol times a week. This is a lifestyle habit that must creation, and only Melaleuca • Maximizes endurance be modified if optimal health is your goal. makes Access—the only • Reduces muscle discomfort Using Access, you can get enhanced fat-burning benefits with even modest activity, such as fitness food of its kind— • Enhances athletic performance mowing the lawn or walking. available to you. This information is designed for educationalThis information sheet is intended only for use in the United States.The material contained herein is written in compliance with U.S. purposes only and is not intended to berequirements. Please use only those materials that have been prescriptive. Should you require advice for anyspecifically approved for marketing this product in your country. particular health reason it is advised that you consult your physician.Printed in the USA 05/02 VFL300U