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sukwon - Sputtering system Korea.

Suwon is specialized in sputtering system and vacuum monitoring system.

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sukwon - Sputtering system Korea.

  1. 1. SUKWON Co., Ltd. Gumi Headquarters / R&D Center 78-32, Cheomdangieop 5-ro, Sandong-myeon, Gumi-Si, Gyeongsangbukdo KOREA Tel. 054-474-8416, 8418~9 Fax. 054-474-8421 E-mail. / Snadong Factory 25, Donggok 3-gil, Sandong-myeon, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea Tel. 054-476-4711 Fax. 054-475-4712 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지1 MAC-8
  2. 2. TOTAL SPUTTERINGSYSTEM Sputtering Equipment Manufacturer for Display and Digital Application 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지2 MAC-8
  3. 3. SUKWON Co., Ltd Toward WORLD TOP 10 Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer! Ever-lasting company with CREATIVEMAN-POWER In 1998, SUKWON Co., Ltd. was founded as a display and digital systems manufacturer under the slogan, “Creating something from nothing.” Using its thin film sputtering technologies, the company has supplied systems to large TSP manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, as well as several other small and medium companies, over the years. In addition, the company has also continuously increased its exports and entered into supply agreements with global companies like China’s NMC and U.S.’s GE Group. SUKWON Co., Ltd. has spearheaded innovation efforts to cope with the rapidly changing environment of the high-tech industry. Through continuous technology development, the company has developed vacuum sputtering systems and technologies and become the fi rst Korean company to commercialize the ITO sputtering system for which the industry was heavily dependent on imports, and cemented its competitive edge by acquiring costsaving technologies. To strengthen core capabilities in its businesses and expand its competitive advantage, the company created a management system, which provides an innovative response to the changing markets and business environment. Furthermore, the company will become a global leader in the 21st-century by making further inroads into international markets. SUKWON Co.,Ltd. will continue its efforts to become a total sputtering systems company leading the 21st century by creating the best value and getting recognized for its outstanding technology through new technology development, key human resources development, and contributing to society. CEO of SUKWON Co., Ltd. LeeJong-Yun Company Introduction 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지3 MAC-8
  4. 4. 02 | 03 With the aid of continuant investment for the new technologies and researches We will take risks to build a new world and share our growth with our customers. HISTORY PeriodofGrowth 1998~2008 PeriodofSpring 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 SwitchthecompanynameasSukwonCo.,Ltd. DevelopanddeliverhighefficiencyforwidespaceCathode ISO9001certified RegisterasCooperativeFirmtoLGHausys RegisterasCooperativeFirmtoGEEnergy(USA) SelectedasPotentialExportAnticipatedSmall-MediumCorporate AwardedasmodelSmall-MediumCorporate (Technology&Innovationcategory) AwardedasExcellentSmall-MediumcooperateoutofVenture companiesfromtheAdministratoroftheSmall-Medium CorporationsRegisterasCooperativefirmtoLGChemical Awarded5MUS$exporttower AwardedPrimeMinister’scitationoftechnologyfieldfromKorea IndustrialTechnologyAssociation AwardedasExcellentTechnologistfromINNOBIZAssociation RegisterasKoreaDisplayIndustryAssociationasR&Dunionmember CertifiedasRootIndustry SelectedasGoodCompanytobeemployed CommendedfromGumiChamberofCommerce&IndustryonC&Iday SelectedasglobalStrongandSmallCorporate AwardedfromtheSecretaryofCommerce,Economy,andIndustryfor thecontributionofre-developmentofexcellentresource Certifiedasexcellentbraincompetencyspecializedcorporate CertifiedforexcellentHumanResourcesdevelopmentfirm OpenSandongFactory 2009~2015 1998 1999 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Establish Sukwon Engineering Register as Cooperative Firm to Samsung Corning Conclude the Contract as Korea Agent with AURION GMBH, Germany Register as Cooperative Firm to LCD Business Unit of Samsung Electronics Establish Corporate Affiliated Lab. Certified as part material specialized corporate Awarded 1M US$ export tower Signed technology agreement with TFC, Germany Develop and deliver the RTR Sputtering System for Touch Panel ITO evaporator, 1st time in Korea Develop high efficiency TCO board manufacturing technology for solar cell 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지4 MAC-8
  5. 5. SUKWON Co., Ltd Toward WORLD TOP 10 Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer! Through continuous Investment in Technologies and Unceasing Efforts by an Outstanding Research Team, We research and develop a variety of technologies to meet customers’ needs. 2. SputteringEquipmentandFilm Sputtering One of the technologies to evaporate thin film affiliated in the physical vapor deposition. The technology to vaporize deposition the materials by the movement of the ion and the electron in the vacuum by using plasma. Sputteringequipment An equipment to vaporize materials on film or glass using Sputtering method. The film and glass vapored by this equipment will be utilized to produce the displays for TV and cell phone, etc. FilmCoating According to the customer’s need, the materials will be vaporized on the expected board using Sputtering equipment. The vaporized film will be used in the various display products group after post-process by the customer. R&D INTRODUCTION Highqualitysurfaceprocessingtechnology(Sputteringdeposition) The high quality surface treatment technology using plasma (glass, metal, polymer material and all substances) means to influence and change the surface form and structure or to coat the new film, this thin coating on the material’s surface is called as a coating or deposition and sputtering method using plasma energy is the representative method. Display Application Other Functional Coating Application Sputtering deposition Natural plasma (Lightening) Thermal plasma (Solar) Discharge plasma Cold plasma of Sputtering Vacuum installed chamber (Ar, Ar & O2 and Ar & N2 plasma) 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지5 MAC-8
  6. 6. 04 | 05 Total Engineering Aiming at Global Top 10 Through our unceasing efforts to become the world’s best, we will deliver customer satisfaction. R&D INTRODUCTION DevelopmentofMagnetronSputteringandProcessSystemTechnologies •Development of In-Line and Roll To Roll Sputtering process system technologies •Development of high-quality coating formation process control technologies •Development of request outside sample coating deposition and processes DevelopmentofSputteringKeyComponentTechnologies, MagneticFieldandOpticalDesign •Designing optical coatings using the Essential Macleod Program •3D simulations and magnetic fi eld design using Maxwell 2D EmployeeTrainingonProcessTechnologiesandPatents EquipmentforR&DCenter •In-Line Sputtering System - Glass (Max. size 370*470) •Roll To Roll Sputtering System - Flexible Substrate (Max. width 300) - Rotary Cathode •Roll To Roll Sputtering System - Flexible Substrate (Max. width 500) - IMITO Sputtering - METAL SPUTTERING •Roll To Roll Sputtering System - Flexible Substrate (Max. width 1400) - Metal Sputtering - IMITO SPUTTERING •CFA Test Equipment - Glass (Max. size 600*600) - FTS Cathode •Smart film Vacuum Conditioner (SVC) - PET & ITO Film (Standard size of 1,450mm) - ITO Film Crystalize - Film Annealing 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지6 MAC-8
  7. 7. SUKWON Co., Ltd Toward WORLD TOP 10 Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer! MAIN BUSINESS RollToRollSputteringSystem The Roll To Roll Sputtering System is designed to manufacture functional films, such as flexible display films. As a sputtering system, it can maintain the thickness of coatings on thin films and allow high-speed deposition. ● System Type : 2 Drum ( Max. 12 Dual Cathode ) 1 Drum ( Max. 6 Dual Cathode ) ● Substrate : Flexible ● Target : Depends on products ● Substrate Size : Commercialized with fi lm width up to 1,600mm ● Application - ITO Coating in Touch Panel - Metal Coating in Electrode - Barrier Coating - TCO Coating in Solar Cell - Refl ective Film - Flexible Low-E Film In-LineSputteringSystem The In-Line sputtering system deposits thin films on flat panel glass substrates and is most suitable for continuous mass production. ● System Type : Vertical & Horizontal Type ● Substrate Size : Customer request ● Target : Depends on products ● Application - ITO Coating in Touch Panel - Metal Coating in Electrode - Filter Coating in PDP - Solar Cell Coating - Low-E Coating - Side Mirror Coating in Automotive 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지7 MAC-8
  8. 8. 06 | 07 BatchTypeSputteringSystem The Batch Type Sputtering System mounts substrates on a single chamber and is suitable for small quantity batch production. ● System Type : Vertical & Horizontal Type ● Substrate Size : Customer request ● Target : Depends on products ● Application - Case Decoration of Mobile phone - EMI Shield Coating - Optical Coating - Large area Glass Coating - Mirror & Lamp Coating in Automotive SmartfilmVacuumConditioner The Smart film Vacuum Conditioner(SVC) performs the pretreatment for PET film’s degassing and dehydration and heating the film under no tension to achieve the thermal contraction control of film and continuous crystallization of ITO layer. ● System Type : 3 Chamber Type, 1 Chamber Type ● Substrate : PET & ITO Film (Films protected from oligomer leaks after surface treatment such as HC) ● Substrate Size : Standard size of 1,450mm (size can be adjusted) ● Application - PET Films that require low water content, wrinkles-free, and fl atness - Production of uniform, stable, high-quality fi lms through pre-processing - ITO Films that require continuous crystallization and high productivity through the RTR process - Films that require ultralow heat shrinkage below 0.1% MAIN BUSINESS 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지8 MAC-8
  9. 9. SUKWON Co., Ltd Toward WORLD TOP 10 Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer! MAIN BUSINESS CathodeManufacturing SUKWON researches and develops cathodes, key components of Sputtering System, and manufactures and supplies cathodes optimized for Sputtering Systems. SputteringSystemRemodelingandRelocation Aside from the manufacturing of Vacuum Sputtering Systems, SUKWON implements upgrades and remodeling projects to improve system performance and productivity. Through system relocation projects, the company meets various customers’ needs. 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지9 MAC-8
  10. 10. 08 | 09 MAIN BUSINESS SecurityFilmLaminating ● Businessbackgroundandmarketprospect •The information in the modern society functions very important role. Before we know, we are used to the information flooded by internet, so-called sea of information, media, newspaper, and magazines. Under these circumstances, the information to the data users becomes very important part. •The ceaselessly addressed individual information leakage followed by the various crime phenomena become endless homework in the modern information-oriented society. •In fact, lots of people have done to cover with hands or move to the place having less moving people in order to avoid other people’s attention when using notebook, PC, smart phone, and they say information security is absolutely necessary •In order to secure such information protection, the necessity of security film which prevents certain viewing angle unreadable becomes more critical. •Current market is for Notebook, PC Monitor, Cell-phone, and tablet PC, but gradually to be expanded for ATM, Cashier counter, Ticket issuance, public monitor that deal with individual information. ● Productstructure The structure of the products are divided mainly in two ways, 2WAY(blocking viewing angles from left and right), 4WAY(blocking viewing angles from above, below, right and left), each functional film is laminated in front and back of the film and used as well as the basic security film. ● Kindoffunctionalfilm Anti-dazzling film / Anti-scratch film / Anti-finger printing film / Reduction of eye tiredness / Adhesive film / Anti-bacterial film FilmCoating ● Metal Mesh Film ● AR / AG / AF Film ● UV & IR rejection Film Anti Reflection Anti Glare Anti Finger 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지10 MAC-8
  11. 11. SUKWON Co., Ltd Toward WORLD TOP 10 Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer! EXPLANATION OF EQUIPMENT Item RTRLaminator Type Substrate Width Application Roll-To-Roll Film+Film ~1300mm Film + Film Binding Item STSLaminator Type Substrate Width Application Sheet-To-Sheet Plate(Glass,PC etc)+film / Film+Film 1498*890*8T (Max) Sheet+Sheet Film Binding / Sheet+Glass Binding Item STSLaminator Type Substrate Width Application Sheet-To-Sheet Plate(Glass,PC etc)+film 2400*1400*8T (Max) ~110” Sheet+Sheet Film Binding / Sheet Film+Glass Binding Item AutoClave Type Substrate Width Application Roll Film Press Air : ~15kg/cm2 / Temperature : ~80°C 2100*1000mm Eliminate bubble of binding products by high thermal vacuum and strengthen adhesive power Item RollPress Type Substrate Width Application Roll Film Press Plate(Glass,PC etc) +Film / Film + Film 1700*1000mm Forming process using wooden Roll Film s mold Roll Film Sheet Film Customers LG Electronics LG Chemical Samsung Electronics Hansol Technics Edge I&D Companyname Customer’sLogo 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지11 MAC-8
  12. 12. 10 | 11 DEVELOPMENT BusinessName National Strategic Tasks and Industry-Academy-R&D Shared Technology Development No. TaskName Totalevelopment period Formof work Remarks Gumi-si Core Parts, Materials technology development Project 1 Develop multi metal thin film sputtering cathode module ‘09.06 ~ ’10.03 Participation Successful Community industrial technology development project initiated by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy 2 Develop eco high penetration transparent conductivity thin film coating system ‘09.12 ~ ‘11.10 Leading Successful Field-tailored technology development support project by Korea Industrial Complex Corporation 3 Develop flexible large space C.I.G.S process equipment for solar cell ‘10.03 ~ ‘11.02 Leading Successful Technology innovation (Practical) project by Ministry of Small-Medium Industry 4 Develop high density magnetic rotary Cathode module ‘10.06 ~ ‘11.05 Leading Successful R&D (Source) development support project by Gyeongbu Science and technology promotion 5 Commercialize C.I.G.S solar cell process technology development (2nd stage) for In-line Sputter ‘10.07 ~ ‘13.06 Participation Leading Successful Project to support activating the Industry-Academy-R&D cooperation system 6 Research for large scale alumina plate manufacturing technology applied by the pressurized injection for formed wheel method ‘11.06 ~ ‘12.12 Participation Successful Shared community project by Industry- Academy-R&D technology development 7 Develop material and parts for air-conditioning sterilizer ‘12.06 ~ ‘13.05 Participation Successful Develop R&D equipment utilization technology8 Develop equipment stable for large scale reaction process of vacuum sputtering using Supercomputer ‘12.06 ~ ‘14.06 Shared Successful Technology development support project of field- tailored technology for Industrial Complex 9 Develop doped VO2 thermal color change thin film cutout window board manufacturing technology ‘14.07 ~ ‘15.05 Leading Successful Energy development project for Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation 10 Develop technology for ICT based smart windows system ‘14.12 ~ ‘17.09 Participation On-going Kind Technology(Name) Registration Number Dateof Registration Intellectual Properties No. Patent Registration Transparent conductivity film and touch panel used by transparent conductivity 10-0926284 2010.05.261 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Patent Registration Enhancedtransparentconductivityfilmandtouchpanelusedbytheenhancedtransparency 10-0961253 2010.06.26 Patent Registration Liquid thin film sputtering system 10-1019097 2011.02.24 Patent Registration Sputtering coating glass fixing equipment 10-1042975 2011.06.14 Patent Registration C.I.G.S thin film sputtering process by solar cell 10-1234056 2013.02.07 Patent Registration Manufacturing method of C.I.G.S thin film solar cell used by using Sputtering 10-1261509 2013.04.30 Patent Registration Equipment of both-sided Sputtering vacuum and method 10-1272461 2013.06.03 Patent Registration Air-cleaner having sterilization function 10-146782 2014.11.26 Patent Registration Cylinder cathode for Sputtering 10-1320491 2013.10.15 Patent Registration C.I.G.Ssolarcellmanufacturingmethodappliedbytransparentboardforsolarcell 10-1541856 2015.07.29 Patent Application Both-sided Sputtering vacuum equipment and method 2013-0127103 2013.10.24 Patent Application Equipment of low-thermal shrinking film and the method to manufacture 2015-0006758 2015.01.14 석원_12p_영문_최종 2016.4.25 6:57 페이지12 MAC-8