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CF Marble Falls Advocare

  1. 1. FOUNDERS DREAM SCIENTIST’S MISSION Robert Hackman, Ph.D. Research Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of California at Davis; Fellow, American College of Nutrition; Member, American Society for Nutritional Sciences and American Society for Clinical Nutrition; International Lecturer and Consultant in Nutrition, Phytochemicals and Human Performance; Author, Numerous Research Papers; Doctorate in Nutrition, University of California at Davis.1 Create the World’s Finest Nutritional Products The AdvoCare Advantage Latest Cutting Edge Science Highest Quality Ingredients & Highest Amounts2 Use the Direct-Selling Model to Distribute Them of Active Ingredients Vitamins and Minerals meet USP standards Provide An Opportunity For3 Independent Testing for Potency and Purity, Ordinary People To Do Free from Contaminants Something Extraordinary
  2. 2. The Science Behind the Products “We search the world for the most recent, most significant findings and use this data collectively to formulate products that are second to none.” Dr. Mark MillerVisit
  3. 3. Hundreds of Endorsers Choose AdvoCare: NFL, NCAA, NBA, PGA, WPS, USA Olympics, professional entertainers and many moreGold Medalist and Cleveland Quarterback Milwaukee Guard ESPN Football AnalystChicago MidfielderWorld Champion New England Recording Artist San Diego Bobsledder Running Back Outfielder
  4. 4. Drew Brees, a Former AdvoCare Endorser, isNow AdvoCare’s National Spokesperson. The MVP of the 2010 NFLWorld Championship Game and New Orleans quarterback is sure to elevate AdvoCare brandawareness through national marketing efforts. Visit
  6. 6. Average Daily Costs of Working Americans• $9.00= Average cost of food• $1.50= Average cost of beverage (coffee, tea, soda)• $1.00= Average cost of a bottled water• $11.50 per day (this is a bare minimum figure!) 24 Day Challenge Daily Costs Retail Customer Wholesale Customer Advisor $7.51 $6.00 $4.50
  7. 7. If nothing else... • Get people started on • Metabolic Nutrition System (Max E or C) • and Spark! Average Daily Cost for MNS and SparkRetail Customer Wholesale Customer Advisor $4.70 $3.77 $2.82
  8. 8. Brandon & Sarah EndicottNoblesville, IN Sarah went from a size 12-14 to a Before size 2-4 Brandon went from 205-215lbs to 175 lbs  After Before After
  9. 9. Before Tried EVERYTHING- AFTER Constant Dieting- Lost 90 pounds in 1Battled Weight Problem Most of Life year From a size 22 to 4 Nancy Before Nancy After 90 POUNDS LIGHTER!
  10. 10. Business Owners andJen & Brian Cummings Busy Parents earning over $1,500 per Honolulu, HI month – part time! es ults! R Jen has lost 90 pounds and Brian has lost 70!
  11. 11. J.D. Schuyler, Eaton, Ohio Super nutrition has JD feeling GREAT!Before After
  12. 12. The 24 Day ChallengeThe First 10 Days...Herbal Cleanse Phase vThe Next 14 Days...Max Pack Phase Choose Max E or Max C 24 Day Challenge Total: $190.25
  13. 13. Metabolic Nutrition System Comparison Chart Appetite Product Energy Control Max E 10 7-8 Max C 7-8 10 Max 3 5-6 5-6
  14. 14. Maximize Results with one or both of these products… Retail: $31.50 Retail: $31.95 Distributor: $25.20 Distributor: $25.56 Advisor: $18.90 Advisor: $19.17 Builds Lean Muscle Mass 1 Serving Burns 200 Calories! Fights Fat
  15. 15. 1 2 Max Pack Cleanse Pack (14 days) (10 days) 10 days of detoxing 14 days of product-to get fast results 3 products to enhance results Detox and mental clarity All day energy, full vitamin/mineral profile, 1 meal, muscle toning, appetite control and much more.
  16. 16. Johnny & Weslynne Loper, -Olive Branch, MS Silver Leadership Level Averages $11,685 AdvoCare Start Date: Oct. 9th 2010 Over 100 of his Professions: clients are Currently on theJohnny- Business Owner- Jay lo Fitness 24 Day 1st -3mo. Over $35,000 Challenge! Including 3 Rookie Bonuses$6000,$6000, $6000 and $4000 Earned Paris Trip!
  17. 17. Al & Lara Shumaker Start Date: July 23, 2010 Saw opportunity and went straight to advisor. 1st check= $94.25 1st month= $1233.30 Total Earnings= $11,46 Averaging a little over $2000 month On the 24Before Day Challenge After Al lost 16lbs Total of 23lbs lost!
  18. 18. Todd and Shannon Varvel Tipp City, OH School Teachers Busy parents with 5 children Joined AdvoCare 7 months ago Earned over $60,000 Car & Credit Card Paid Off Look who’s going to Paris…Todd & Shannon Varvel First Distributors to $100,000 volume
  19. 19. Jason & Angela Pannell –Franklin, TN 9 Star Emerald Leadership Level Averages $256,938 AdvoCare Start Date- November 16, 2008 Stay at Home PARENTS! Before Advocare Jason- Pastor 10 yrs Angela- Teacher Working 5 jobs between The 2 of them. Since Advocare First Month- $5,900 $148,000 earned in first year Now Average- $10K-$15Kper mo Total Earnings Over $250,000
  20. 20. Earns over $160,000 A month!Over $18 Million to Date
  21. 21. THE BENEFITS OF JOINING ADVOCARE DISTRIBUTOR ADVISOR $79.00 Distributorship Fee $79.00 Distributorship Fee Benefits: Benefits: Earn Income 2 Ways Earn Income 5 Ways 20-30% Discount 40% Discount For Life Earn 20-30% Profit on Retail Sales Earn 40% Profit on Retail Sales Earn Wholesale Commissions Earn Wholesale Commissions Earn 2 Types of Residual Income Eligible for Rookie Bonuses Eligible for Trips & ContestsTwelve bottles of Business Owner MindsetAdvoCare Slam® *Just by becoming an Advisor… Ten packets of the average Advisor in AdvoCareAdvoCare Spark® earned an extra $2,149 in 2009
  22. 22. Level Your Profit Investment Retail Value Discount40% $900 max $2100 $3000+ *40%30% $450 max $1050 $1500-$3000 30%25% $125 max $375 $500-$1499 25%20% varies varies $0-499 20% With the current promotion you can reach Advisor with 16 24 Day Challenge Bundles Best Way to Advisor Become an Advisor immediately by placing a qualifying order like the example below: Potential Profit: $900 Investment: $2100 Product You Receive: $3000 *Original inventory is purchased at a 30% discount The Advisor above you will earn a 10% commission of $300 All orders thereafter are at the top discount level of 40% In placing an Advisor order, we recommend that you get help from your sponsor in choosing the right products that move quickly