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Draft ppt wo ca


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Draft ppt wo ca

  2. 2. Founded in XXX, WoCA began as a premium wine import company boasting an impressive portfolio of locally sourced Chilean produce. In 2010, WoCA introduced wines from Argentinaand today our portfolio has grown to include the finest wineries of the Latin world, representing the best winemakers from South America and Spain. Our mission is to establish ourselves as a leading importer of the finest Latin wines with a rich and diverse portfolio for the most exigent palates. WoCA proudly represents some of the mosthighly-respected brands in global markets and achieves the highest recognition in international competitions.Our portfolio provides us with a wealth of expertise in the Latin wine industry as well as in-depth knowledge on authentic beers/spirits of South America. As a company we are striving to assistAustralian businesses satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demand of consumers with a growing interest in these amazing regions.
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  5. 5. Few places in the world are as suited to the production of fine wine as the Maipo Valley in Chile which has a firstclass reputation. It is here that the De Martino Family set up their vineyard over 70 years ago. Four generationslater, the De Martino family continue to make fine, handcrafted wines, sourcing grapes from the best terroirs acrossChile.347 Vineyards W’Sale LUC 148.00 15.91**********************************************************************************************************************************************Single Vineyard W’Sale LUC************************************************************************************************************** De Martino Wines is proud to have been the first Chilean winery to export Carmenère. Nowadays their Carmenère wines are ambassadors around thePremium W’Sale LUC world and travel to more than 30 countries, enjoying international prestige. Their terroir in Isla******************************* de Maipo provides the perfect conditions for this variety, which is reflected in Alto de Piedras Carmenère.
  6. 6. Viña Valdivieso dates back to 1879 when Alberto Valdivieso founded Champagne Valdivieso, the first winery in SouthAmerica to make sparkling wine. Today, the company is also recognised for its wide selection of still wines crafted in theCurico Valley.
  7. 7. Ultra premium Bordeaux Blend philosophy applied in Chile. This single estate vineyard is located in the Alto Cachapoal, inthe foothills of the Andes Mountains, 600 meters above sea level. It comprises 178 acres where only the best grapes are chosento produce their two elegant red blends: Altair and Sideral.
  8. 8. Founded in 1880, in the area of Alto Jahuel, Maipo Valley. From the very beginning, Santa Rita introduced fine Frenchvarieties and the most advanced winemaking techniques. Today, Santa Rita is one of the largest exporters and is highlyregarded around the world.
  9. 9. William Fevre is the most important producer of Grand Crus de Chablis. In 1991, he decided to search for better terroirs andhis expertise led him to the country with the greatest winemaking potential - Chile. William Fevre has joined one of theoldest Chilean winemaking families to make fine wines in the Maipo Valley.
  10. 10. A unique ‘boutique winery’ established in 1991, aiming principally to produce fine wines with the identity and expressionof the Alto Maipo, Perez Cruz has selected the most suitable grape varieties for this single estate vineyard. With limitedproduction and a series of awards in international winemaking competitions, Perez Cruz has become a favouriteof wine connoisseurs the world over.
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  13. 13. SPAINBosque de Matasnos
  14. 14. Benjamin was fascinated with wine and vineyards at a young age as he grew up in theXXX Valley, Chile.His first position in the wine industry was during vintage with XXXX. Following asuccessful vintage he decided to study Oenology at XXXX University in Santiago.Cuevas joined WoCA in XXX when he decided to migrate to Australia. He was alwayspassionate about the South American wine regions, especially the two most famousgrapes from Chile and Argentina, carmenere and malbec.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  15. 15. Contact UsPO Box 716, Cherrybrook NSW 2126, Australia T: +61 (2) 9872 3601 Email: