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JPVF University: an inconvenient truth


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Business
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JPVF University: an inconvenient truth

  1. 1. an inconvenient truth Team Adventure presents Lifestyle | Commerce | Leadership
  2. 2. Lifestyle 9/19:  An inconvenient truth. 9/26:  What drives people? 10/3:  Great stories don’t happen by accident. 10/10: Are you qualified and unqualified? Commerce 10/17  Owning the means of production. 10/24:  Operating above the noise. 11/7:  Promises made, promises kept. 11/14:  Moving from good to great Leadership 11/21:  The paradox. 11/28:  Who’s got your back? 12/5:  A brighter way. 12/12: When providence shifts… Success, Fulfillment, Contribution YOU Personal Growth Building a Team Becoming a Leader
  3. 3. Jim Rohn … a few errors in judgment, repeated every day, over time can produce profound disappointment and failure Said in the affirmative …a few powerful distinctions, repeated every day, over time can produce profound success and fulfillment an inconvenient truth
  4. 4. SKILLS CHALLENGES CONTRIBUTION S U C C E S S FULFILLMENT Do you want smaller challenges or greater skills? F E A R an inconvenient truth 3, 12, 39, 50, 100 CLUB capacity g r o w t h
  5. 5. SKILLS CHALLENGES a timeless principle an enduring value Personal Growth an inconvenient truth
  6. 6. SKILLS CHALLENGES P e r s o n a l G R O W T H B u i l d i n g a T E A M B e c o m i n g a L E A D E R
  7. 7. SKILLS CHALLENGES P e r s o n a l G R O W T H CONTRIBUTION S U C C E S S FULFILLMENT The inconvenient truth, timeless principle and enduring value, of your Juice PLUS+ Business is that it is a roller-coaster ride of “Personal Growth”. Be a student of it and enjoy the adventure.
  8. 8. Lifestyle <ul><li>Keep an ongoing list of all the “Personal Growth you’ve experienced and are applying in your life and business. </li></ul><ul><li>Is PG in your lifestyle? Are you a student of it? </li></ul><ul><li>What are you doing, everyday, to habituate it? </li></ul><ul><li>Reach out to your mentor or somebody you admire and ask for timely and appropriate PG “resources”! </li></ul>Action Steps Lifestyle Commerce Leadership