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Capturing Memories through Blogs

By Mr Lam Chun See, goodmorningyesterday, Singaporean Bloggers

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  • WNR.sg - Capturing Memories through Blogs (Mr Lam Chun See)

    1. 1. About my Nostalgia blog, Good Morning Yesterday Lam Chun See
    2. 2.  Why I started Good Morning Yesterday  Stuff I blog about  Impact
    3. 3. Reminisce about theReminisce about the ‘‘good old days’good old days’ Reminisce about theReminisce about the ‘‘good old days’good old days’ Educate the youngerEducate the younger SingaporeansSingaporeans Educate the youngerEducate the younger SingaporeansSingaporeans Why I StartedWhy I Started GoodmorningyesterdayGoodmorningyesterday
    4. 4. What triggeredWhat triggered goodmorningyesterdaygoodmorningyesterday A Trip to Myanmar, Sep 2005
    6. 6. LINK: Seven Wonders of Spore Bras Basah Road The Esplanade
    7. 7. Link: Tribute to a humble profession
    8. 8. Toys Were Us
    9. 9.  Exactly 5 years old  More than 400 articles – many by guest bloggers  Several other nostalgia blogs started  Many young people ‘connected’  Many requests from students for help in their projects.
    10. 10. Joys of BloggingJoys of Blogging FunFun Fame ..Fame .. A little maybeA little maybe Connecting with the YoungConnecting with the Young FriendsFriends ConfidenceConfidence in ITin IT
    11. 11. FOYERS – Friends of Yesterday.sg
    12. 12. Here are some gratifying comments that young people left at my blog
    13. 13. Thank you for this site. I grew up in the 1980's and am quite clueless about our past. I have always been intrigued by life in the 60's and 70's and what it must have been like growing up in such robust times. As much as i follow the advancements in technology, i sometimes pause and wonder what it was like to actually be a part of laying the foundation for all the technology we see now. Your blog proves to be an invaluable insight for me and many others im sure. Once again, Thank You for sharing your memories with us. - Ingrid.
    14. 14. Hi! I think your blog is great, let me as a new young kid in Singapore know more about history of Singapore. I am a 15 year old guy living in the east and do find your blog really interesting. Blog more! Let us know more about the pass of Singapore history!!! :) -Cockroach. (You are in "Our Blogger Heros" list in http://bilingualfingers.blogspot.com/)
    15. 15. I wish my parents were more like you! I used to try to persuade them to at least attempt to learn how to surf the net, etc. but they're quite resistant to absorbing new information. As it is, I still have to go over and programme their VCR for them! Thank you so much for this blog, especially all the great photos. You've reminded me of just how different Singapore and Singaporeans were just a few decades ago. I shall remember to only show my mom photos with people in them from now on. :) Oh, and please keep this blog going! I want to show it to my daughter when she's old enough! (She's 2.5 years old now.) .... Terminalcase42
    16. 16. uncle!!!! i like ur blog!!! actually my papa also born in the same year as u... i will show him your photos and tell him about your blog (he dont understand english in words...) see what reaction he gets =P i read some of your entries, and one of it is about catching eels (zhuo ni qiu) i heard my dad talking about it before, but i was captivated by the way you blog about it. so real.. im 22 by the way, and wish i was born in ur era hehehe... anyway, i really, really love your blog, because it made me understand so much more about the olden singapore, i hope more posts will be up... and i will get my dad to comment (i translate) hehe.. i would really like to know more things that happened in the past so please dun stop blogging! your site is a gem. :) - EteL (www.simplyetel.com)
    17. 17. I absolutely love your blog!! I am neither young nor old (I am the same age as your colour photo); I was a kid in the 70s but unfortunately can't remember all that much about the old days. I am amazed at how much you can recall! My dad who is about 10 years your senior also likes to tell stories about the old days and I am always fascinated by his tales so I'm really glad that someone is actually blogging on this topic. I've told my dad about your blog; I'm sure he will enjoy it. Keep it up! - fuzzoo
    18. 18. wahhhhhh!!!!!!! Uncle!! YOU ROCK!!!! (yl)
    19. 19. Young people do like to listen to our stories. But we must find the right channel to tell them. I found Blogging.