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Mobile rage


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Mobile Rage - What causes it & how to fix it
Most of us have been there. That website you want to use, from your mobile device, that just refuses to cooperate. From the Flash-only, to the can't f**king log in, to the redirect-to-mobile-and-stay-there sites, there's more than enough websites out there to invoke Mobile Rage.

Although we all know that the best mobile development strategy is "mobile-first", we also all know how many sites and applications out there were designed and built by people who didn't imagine how fast mobile would take over.

Come learn about the common mistakes most people make for mobile, and some of the simple solutions you can use to help reduce Mobile Rage, without having to do a complete rewrite.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Mobile rage

  1. Mobile Rage Lori Olson The WNDX Group Inc
  2. Lori Olson• The WNDX Group Inc• Independent contractor• Used Rails for since 2005 (0.13?)• Mostly oil & gas apps
  3. Mobile Gadgets• since... Windows CE• Palm/Treo• iPhone/iPad
  4. Mobile Rage• What is it?• Who experiences it?• Why has it become such a problem?• How do we go about fixing it?
  5. What?
  6. It’s that feeling ofintense frustration youexperience, when usingweb applications or websites from your mobiledevice, and they JUSTDON’T WORK RIGHT.
  7. Who?
  8. Overall smartphone ownership is up by 13%in the past six months in Canada, accordingto Ipsos Reid. Now, more than one-third ofCanadians own smartphones—up from justone quarter in August 2011. - Techvibes marketshare-2012-04-20
  9. Why?
  10. How?
  11. Mobile First!
  12. Responsive Design!
  13. Problem Areas• Landing• Advertising• Navigation• Forms
  14. Landing
  15. Psst! Did you knowyour app is slow on mobile?
  18. Javascripts• jQuery/UI • could be replaced by Zepto.js• Top loading • Bottom Loading
  19. CSS
  20. Images
  21. Asset pipeline!
  22. Pre-Rails 3.1 apps?
  23. Landing Strategies
  24. Flash-only
  25. Options?
  26. Full Site
  27. Forced redirect
  28. Mobile walled garden
  29. Limited function
  30. No “Full Site” link
  31. Mobile detect... FAIL!
  32. Calgary Herald
  33. Apps
  34. Default! Save!
  35. Advertising
  36. Popovers
  37. National Geographic
  38. Redirects to ad
  39. Navigation
  40. Size matters
  41. Spacing matters too
  42. How much?
  43. Phone Finger
  44. Forms
  45. signin
  46. text_field(:user, :email, :size => 60)email_field(:user, :email, :size => 60)
  47. signup
  48. text_field(:user, :account_name, :size => 20)text_field(:user, :account_name, :size=>20,:autocomplete => off, :autocapitalize => off)
  49. profile
  50. urls?
  51. text_field(:user, :home_page, :size => 120)url_field(:user, :home_page, :size => 120)
  52. numbers?
  53. text_field(:user, :cell_phone, :size => 20)phone_field(:user, :cell_phone, :size => 20)
  54. In retrospect• There WILL be more mobile users than not, if you haven’t already got there• Old applications cause lots of rage• Applications inducing mobile rage aren’t good for the bottom line• If you can’t go back & do it the right way, go and do all the little things, because they DO make a difference
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  56. Thanks!• Lori Olson• @wndxlori•• Questions?